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Search and find the list of registered universities in Kenya-List of Best Private Universities in Kenya 2022| look at the top universities in Kenya that will be suitable for you to study, Strathmore University, KCA University, University Of East Africa Baraton.

Now days,  private universities are taking the lead and making headlines by graduating the best graduates in specific industries. The government of Kenya has introduced a system by which sponsored students can apply to private universities as well. This has enabled those who cannot afford the fees in Kenyan private universities to have equal opportunity as those who can and also ensure that every student receives a quality education. Best Private Universities in Kenya

List of Best Private Universities in Kenya 2022

1. Daystar University

It is one of the most reputed private universities in East Africa and also ranks among the top universities in the continent.

The university is known for producing the best graduates in the field of communication and journalism.

Coincidentally, quite a few media personalities in Kenya are from Daystar University.

Also when it comes to hiring most corporate communications professionals, most companies and NGOs prefer Daystar graduates.

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2. Strathmore University

Strathmore is undoubtedly one of the leading private universities in Kenya.

Since its establishment in 1961 as the first cutting-edge, multi-ethnic, multi-religious college offering science and arts subjects, the university has proven to be the best in the region.

It is ranked 44 in Africa by the Times Higher Education World University.

Also, Strathmore University was ranked as the best private university in Kenya in the 2015 Webometrics University Rankings system.

When it comes to courses, Strathmore University is known to produce the best finance and accounting graduates. Best Private Universities in Kenya

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3. University of East Africa Baraton

According to the university’s website, “Catechism is education that benefits the whole person through the development of mental, physical, spiritual and social faculties.

The graduates of this private, Christian-based institution are known for upholding the highest ethical standards regardless of academic qualifications, thanks to the institution’s spiritual background.

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4. KCA University

Best Private Universities in Kenya
Best Private Universities in Kenya

Officially known as the Kenya College of Accountancy, KCA University is also one of the top private institutions in the field of finance and information technology.

Some of the IT courses you can take at KCA include Bachelor of Science (Information and Communication Technology), Bachelor of Science (Information Technology), among others.

Just like Strathmore University, KCA is known for producing the best Finance and Accounting graduates.

Most employers prefer Bachelor of Commerce graduates from KCA because of the quality of training they receive which gives them an advantage over other graduates.

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5. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

The private university is known for its strict ethical teachings among its students.

As CUEA has become famous in the academic field, it promotes one of the most prestigious degree programs of the Faculty of Law and Theology.

University graduates are known for their high moral standing at work and in society.

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6. Mount Kenya University (MKU)

The silent giant quickly became a household name in Kenya’s academic field.

Mount Kenya University is a private university that offers a wide range of academic courses that can be taken through its various units.

University units include; Virtual learning, weekend classes, school and evening classes.

The university features a wide range of courses offered and a student-friendly environment.

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7. United States International University (USIU)

It is one of the best private universities in Kenya that attracts the largest number of international students. Would you like to study a course based on international relations?

USIU is the way to go. This is because the institution is known for producing the best graduates in courses related to international relations.

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