Juilliard School in 2022

Juilliard School in 2022
Juilliard School in 2022
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Juilliard School in 2022;- Internationally famous performing arts college Juilliard School, previously Juilliard School of Music, is located in New York, New York, in the United States. It now serves as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts’ professional education division. The Juilliard School offers postgraduate degrees in music as well as bachelor’s degrees in dance, theater, and music.

Juilliard School in 2022

Juilliard School in 2022
Juilliard School in 2022

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The Institute of Musical Art was founded in 1905, marking the start of the school’s existence. Augustus D. Juilliard, a textile businessman, left a sizable legacy to the Juilliard Musical Foundation, which was established the following year, upon his death in 1919. The Juilliard Graduate School was established in 1924 by the foundation, which aimed to enhance musical education in the US. The Institute of Musical Art and the Juilliard Graduate School were placed under the control of the same board of directors in 1926, and in 1946 they were merged to form the Juilliard School of Music. Dance was introduced to the curriculum in the 1950s, and the Juilliard School name was modified in 1968 to reflect the school’s expanded offerings, which included acting classes at the institution.


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Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Aug 13 (Mon) First semester tuition, room and board fees due
Aug 21 (Sat) New International Student Orientation
Aug 22 – Aug 29 (Sun – Sun) New Student Orientation and Registration
Aug 30 (Mon) Fall Semester Classes Begin
Sept 6 (Mon) Labor Day (school closed)*
Nov 2 (Tue) Election Day (no classes)
Nov 24 – Nov 28 (Wed – Sun) Thanksgiving Recess
Dec 1 (Wed) Second semester tuition, room and board fees due
Dec 17 (Fri) Fall Semester Ends
Dec 18 – Jan 9 (Sat – Sun) Winter Recess (no classes)
Jan 10 (Mon) Spring Semester Classes Begin
Jan 17 (Mon) Martin Luther King Day (school closed)*
Feb 25 – Mar 4 (Fri – Fri) Entrance Auditions (Dance and Music)
Feb 26 – Mar 13 (Sat – Sun) Midterm Recess
May 3 – May 6 (Tue – Fri) Jury Week (Music)
May 13 (Fri) Spring Semester Ends
May 20 (Fri) 117th Commencement

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