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Job Vacancy at World Vision Tanzania | Apply for Program Finance and Administration Officer at World Vision | Get a good Job with highly Salary at World Vision..

Job Vacancy at World Vision Tanzania –

JOB TITLE: Program Finance and Administration Officer

Technical reporting to the Senior Group Finance and Administration Officer (SCFAO), this position is responsible for disbursement and financial reporting at the program/project level through accurate and timely processing of accounting information, minimizing disbursement-related risks, managing and managing fixed assets, and supporting coordination of audits Internal and external, management reporting, cash flow management within AP

Communicate the Christian spirit of World Vision and demonstrate the quality of spiritual life that sets an example for others.

Main responsibilities

  1. Project Payments Management:
    • Create invoices in Coupa for all vendor payments and submit them to the group for payments
    • Check payment lists for all mobile money payments before participating with Cluster Payments
    • Process employee advances and work advances for AP employees in a timely manner

Timely payment to suppliers and employees at AP . level 10%

2. Money management:
• Prepare monthly AP funding requests including partner funding for submission to the group

Effective cash management and low level achieved at the project level 10%

3. Planning and Budgeting:
• Participate in the preparation of annual budgets for AP while working with technical potential clients
• Support in coding for AP budgets

Maintain effective and efficient project planning and budgeting process 10%

4. Asset Management: –
• Prepare and update the AP asset register on a monthly basis.
• Share the list of items for disposal at the AP level
• Perform semi-annual asset verification at AP level and ensure warehouses are managed efficiently
• Maintain an updated record of the stores in the cluster office

Accurate and up-to-date project asset register 10%

5. Fleet management;
• custodian of fuel cards and fuel coupons at AP . level
• Provide supervision to the driver and ensure that fleet management reports are sent on time and protect MVs and MCs
• Provide supervision of generator fuel management
• Reviewing ledgers before submitting them to the Cluster
• Supervises the repair and maintenance of MVs and MCs at the AP . level

Maintain effective and efficient AP fleet management 5%

6. Management support;
• Oversee office repairs and maintenance in the AP . office
• Ensure timely processing of utility bills

Smooth office operations of the project were maintained 10%

NOTE: Job Vacancy at World Vision Tanzania

7. Capacity building and evaluation;
• Conduct AP-level financial capacity assessments for partners
• Build the capacity of local partners and review and verify partner expenditures and submit expenditures to groups for payment
• Building the financial capacity of AP . staff

Strengthening the capacity of project staff in financial management 10%

8. Financial Reporting and Accountability:
• Prepare financial reports and ensure timely submission of all financial reports at AP level. PVs, JVs, DVs etc
• Ensure compliance with the LDR policy for all AP employees and provide coding to those without rights.
• Timely performance of balance sheet items such as advances to employees, retention, etc.
• Conducting FFR meetings for AP . staff

Accurate and timely financial reports for the project 10%

9. Audit
• Facilitate all internal and external audits in Aps.
• Implementation of AP audit recommendations

Implementation of audit findings in a timely manner. at AP . level 5%

Financial audits and field visits
• 1- Conduct field visits and ensure that ongoing activities such as constructions, seminars and items delivered in the communities are used for the intended objectives prior to payment at the AP level
• Identify vulnerabilities and report to Cluster Management to fix them

Monitoring the implementation of the project activity effectively 10%

• Raising the level of public relations for admin and follow-up related activities with no procurement management for items purchased at AP level
• Support the procurement of fixed office and consumables for AP

Timely project processing and procurement delivery


Required professional experience
• ACCA or CPA – Partial qualification required. CPA (T) preferred.
• Experience: At least one (1) year relevant experience in finance or accounting, managing donor funded projects preferably with NGOs.

Minimum Qualifications Required: Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting will be an added advantage

Favorite knowledge and qualifications:
• Excellence in Sun Systems Software is highly recommended.
• Excellent in other computer skills in Excel, Power-Point, Word is an added advantage.
• Good planning and organizational skills
• Tactics and diplomacy in dealing with issues related to personnel to the needs of the work environment
• Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of employees

Requirement • Travel: 30% Domestic travel is required. • On call: 10%

Physical Requirements: Physically fit

Language Requirements: Kiswahili and English language

Main business relationships

Contact (inside WV or outside of WV)

Reason to call

Contact frequency

Cluster Finance and Administration Office

This is a co-worker of the structure, but it is centrally located in the cluster administrator which makes it possible to coordinate the affairs of the group with the SCFAO.

On a daily basis


NOTE: Job Vacancy at World Vision Tanzania

Financial Group Office and Senior Management

This is the second line manager by the first technical supervisor of the program’s financial and administrative affairs officer

On a daily basis

Facilitators of the Ministry of District Program

This is the program manager for his project implemented within the region. For smooth operations, this personnel needs technical guidance in financial matters

Decision making

In consultation with the Group Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, he/she can take decisions on all matters relating to his areas of operations – (AP Level) based on the responsibilities identified above.

Core Competencies – For all positions, select the first three priority competencies from below. Click here for a quick overview of our core competencies.

☐ Be safe and flexible

☒ Submit results

☐ Building Relationships

☒ Be responsible

☐ Learn and Develop


☐ Partner and Collaboration

☐ embracing change

For management positions only, select the top 2 priority competencies from below.

☐ Self-management model

☐ Engage, influence and lead

and grow others

☐ Play an active file

The Agile Organization

☐ Organization Development


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