Check Your SASSA SRD Status 2022 and Renew Your Membership

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Check Your SASSA SRD Status and Renew Your Membership;- Your SASSA SRD membership is an essential piece of your security service provider (SCP) infrastructure. Without a valid SRD membership, your team will not be able to access the SNMP or SORs. You need to check your SRD status and renew your membership if it’s expired.

Check Your SASSA SRD Status and Renew Your Membership

It’s not worth it to keep your SRD membership open for renewal if you don’t have an active SRD account. You’ll be required to re-submit your SRD membership when your SRD account is renewed. Check your SASSA SRD status and renew your membership here.
In case you missed it, we talked about the different types of security service providers (SASSA) on and how to choose the right one for your organization. This article explains how to check your SASSA SRD status and renew your membership.

What is the status of my SASSA SRD?

The initial phase of the SASSA standard includes 10 distinct types of devices: sensor, gateway, host, firewall, VPN, WAN, switch, and router. Of these, sensor and gateway devices fall under the category of non-invasive sensors. These devices are generally connected to the internet and comprise the majority of your devices.
The gateways and hosts connect to the sensors. All other devices in the system are non-invasive and include the devices selected to complete a task. Any device in this group can be used as a security device. Most organizations use sensors to collect data about their environment, such as temperature, humidity, and sound levels. These sensors are often connected to the internet. SASSA SRD Status 

How to Check your SASSA SRD Status?

Your SASSA SRD status is determined by a combination of your organization’s hardware and software. Make sure to run a diagnostic test on all of your equipment as part of your regular maintenance. If your equipment is located in an Uncle Sam’s warehouse, you’re in luck. The SNMP and SORs are both available online. If you’re located in an agency or business that uses a specific software platform, check that platform’s website to see if it’s supported on your equipment.
If your equipment doesn’t use a specific platform, you can still access the SNMP and SORs through the web-based management interface or through your control system. Depending on your hardware and software, access to the SNMP and SORs may be restricted. Check your documentation to see if this is the case.

How to Renew your SASSA SRD Membership?

If you haven’t used your equipment for a while, don’t worry. You don’t have to take a huge refresh to get started. You can access the SNMP and SORs through your control system. You can also access the SNMP and SORs through the web-based management interface or through your control system.
Accessing the SNMP and SORs through your control system allows you to manage your devices through the system. This includes updating the device’s information, monitoring the device’s health, and deleting devices. You can also create new devices through the system.

What happens when you renew your SASSA SRD Membership?

You’ll need to check your hardware and software inventory to see if the devices you select to complete a task are included in your new account. If they are, you can proceed with the new account. If not, you can either purchase more equipment or take the time to understand why the devices you selected aren’t working for your organization.
Contact your customer support team if you need assistance. Most organizations choose to take a moderate refresh every 3-5 years. In order to maintain your membership, check to see if you need to pay a yearly fee. Most don’t.

How do I know if Sassa SRD is approved?

Follow the following process to check your Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant application approval online.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your ID Number.
  3. Enter your Cell Phone Number.
  4. Click on Send.

How do I check my R350 grant balance online?

You can use the srd website or the Whatsapp option. The website allows srd applicants through the sc19-status page to get their latest update. For WhatsApp applicants can send a message to 082 046 8553; type “SASSA” and then type “Status” and follow the message prompts.  SASSA SRD Status 

Bottom line

The best place to start when it comes to protecting your business is by installing a device. There are many types of devices that can protect your business both physically and operationally. By installing a device, you can protect your data and gain insight into your environment.
The only way to stay ahead of your security threats is to monitor your devices and your environment. Install a device, and keep it charged. If you do, you’ll be able to protect your data and provide insight into your environment.

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