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Best Insurance Companies in South Africa |Insurance is not anyone’s favorite topic, but everyone will likely need to deal with it at least once in their life. Whether you need to insure your valuables or possessions or get life insurance, insurance companies in South Africa give you the best coverage.

Although insurance is often quite expensive, it can be a lifesaver in unwanted situations, and you never know how badly you need it until you stumble without it. Best Insurance Companies in South Africa

Don’t get caught up in this predicament, check out the best insurance companies in South Africa to see which one suits you best.

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Best Insurance Companies in South Africa 2022

As you can see, there is a great choice when looking for insurance, but since you are confident that these companies will support you when things go wrong, it is essential to choose the right one for you.

There are many things to consider when making this decision, such as the type of coverage they offer and the price of their premiums versus how much they will pay for it. It’s also wise to test their customer service, as you don’t want to be stuck in a crisis without anyone answering the phone.

Below we tried to analyze the top 10 best Insurance companies in south Africa:

King Price

King Price offers all types of insurance. They have insurance policies for everything from your car and home to your favorite golf clubs or mountain bike. They really aspire to be the “Kings of Insurance” and as such have very competitive rates.

One of their most attractive products is their R1 insurance, which claims to cover valuables under R1 per month!                      Best Insurance Companies in South Africa


Sanlam offers comprehensive coverage for any unexpected incidents that may occur such as illness, theft, accidents or even death. Have peace of mind when your health and money are secured at one of the best insurance companies in South Africa that provide you coverage for any shortfall.

1st for women

The first-time winner of the Short-Term Service Excellence Award for Women’s Insurance was selected in the 2017 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards, South Africa’s largest and most recognized standard of service excellence.

They focus on putting women first (hence the name) and offer additional services like Guardian Angel on Call and Handbag Cover, all with South African women in mind. Best Insurance Companies in South Africa

Old Mutual

Old Mutual’s direct short-term insurance product, iWyze, offers comprehensive car and home insurance. They have over 160 years of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry and use this wealth of wisdom to provide you with the best coverage.


OUTSurance has always strived to stay above its competitors, offering new and innovative ways to give its customers the best insurance coverage ever. They pride themselves on making sure their customers always get something. The popular OUTBonus program rewards customers with cashback, provided they do not claim it for a certain period of time.


Budget offers insurance that covers all aspects of your business. From your work car to your office and all its contents, as well as the money in the building. Budget is designed for any business, from a small coffee shop to a large establishment.


MiWay offers a range of business insurance packages. From comprehensive coverage, to covering different aspects of your business like every plant, machinery and goods on the way. This means that you are able to secure individual parts of your business or include everything in one plan, depending on what works best for you.

Best Insurance Companies in South Africa
Best Insurance Companies in South Africa

Affinity Health

Affinity Health offers simple and effective medical insurance. They provide cover for those who can’t afford Medicaid’s exorbitant fee, while still giving their clients peace of mind that they are covered in case they experience a medical crisis. Best Insurance Companies in South Africa


Discovery’s health insurance is a union of its own. They have gone on to outperform every one of their competitors and remain one of the best insurance companies in South Africa. Designed for all different budgets and needs, their packages have built a trusted name for themselves. However, their prices can be quite exorbitant for a South African.


Liberty Life Insurance offers you a life coverage plan that you can simply sign up for over the phone, in addition to a traditional coverage plan. The phone life insurance program allows you to take cover without any forms or medical examinations and will pay a lump sum to beneficiaries upon your death.

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