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A clinical officer (CO) is an official who is qualified and licensed to practice medicine. Clinical Officer Jobs

Clinical Director is a professional designation established by the government through the Council of Clinical Officials (COC) that has competence and responsibility for clinical officer training, registration and licensing.

A doctor can specialize in any other field he sees fit, not just clinical medicine. China also has an MSc in Clinical Medicine. In countries such as Tanzania, the United Kingdom and other countries, clinical medicine is considered a medical course and graduates are allowed to progress to a master’s degree in medical specialties.

Clinical Officer Jobs in Tanzania

In order to qualify as a clinical Officer you must have the following qualifications

  1. Study clinical medicine and surgery or clinical medicine and community health for three or four years
  2. Graduate from a government approved medical training college
  3. Sit and pass the government licensing exam
  4. Complete a three-year period of clinical supervision under a senior clinical officer or a senior medical officer
  5. Complete a training year in a teaching hospital
  6. Be registered as an officer A clinical For the public immediately
  7. Be registered as a clinical officer
  8. Have a medical practice licence
  9. Undergo an additional one or two years of specialized training (optional) and
  10. Become an instructor. Clinical Officer Jobs

What a Clinical Officers Do?

Clinical Officer Jobs
Clinical Officer Jobs
  • The Clinical Officer observes interviews and examines sick and healthy individuals in all disciplines to determine and document their health status and apply techniques, procedures, pathological, radiological, psychiatric, and societal outcomes needed to classify diseases and related health problems
  • Create an interim report or final diagnosis on the basis of which treatment is prescribed, initiated, implemented or terminated, or Treatment based on their specialist knowledge, skills and experience in clinical pharmacology,
  • Use of clinical guidelines, best practices, disease patterns as well as patient and community characteristics with pharmacological caution to prevent drug interactions, medication errors, side effects, toxicity, overdiagnosis, overscreening, Overtreatment, useless care, identification, minimization and management.
  • The Clinical Officer performs general and specialized medical duties such as diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, ordering and interpreting medical examinations, performing routine medical and surgical procedures, referring patients to other practitioners and managing health departments, institutions, projects and systems.
  • Clinical officers, medical officers and medical practitioners are the only officers who are gazetted and licensed to practice medicine. Clinical Officer Jobs

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Scope of practice For Clinical Officers

  • The clinical administrator performs the Hippocratic Oath and, depending on the jurisdiction, may be registered by the same legislature as physicians (in southern countries such as Zambia and Malawi) or a separate association (in eastern countries such as Kenya and Uganda). The broad nature of medical training prepares the individual to work at all levels of the health care system.
  • Most of them work in primary health care centers and clinics, casualty departments of hospitals where all common diseases, including serious and life-threatening ones, will be diagnosed and treated in all age groups; Stability and then acceptance, exit or referral for emergency cases.
  • In smaller hospitals, one can work as a hospital physician, while a clinical person provides advanced medical and surgical care and treatment such as administering anesthesia, performing general or specialized surgery, supervising other health workers, and other administrative duties.
  • The clinical officer’s scope of practice depends on the individual’s training and experience, jurisdiction and workplace policies. In Malawi, for example, the Clinical Officer performs all routine surgical and obstetric procedures such as exploratory abdominal surgery, emergency orthopedics and cesarean delivery. However, in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique, one has to undergo more specialized training in order to safely perform such major operations.
  • In rural and small urban health facilities, the clinical administrator is usually the highest-ranking medical provider and operates with the fewest resources, relying on traditional medical history and physical examination, often with little or no laboratory facilities, to make diagnosis and provide treatment.
  • In larger and better equipped facilities, the medical officer generally acquires superior knowledge, experience and skills and provides high quality and a wide range of services in provincial and district hospitals, national hospitals, universities and colleges, research institutions and private medical facilities. Clinical Officer Jobs
Female Clinical Officer
Female Clinical Officer

About Clinical Officers in Tanzania

In Tanzania, training is carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. There are many three-year clinical officer training schools and programs. Training is not required to register.

Experienced clinical administrators may enroll for an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Medicine that takes two years to complete. This qualification is considered equivalent to a first degree in medicine by universities and the UAE Ministry of Health. Graduates are known as Associate Medical Officers who are no longer around since 2017,

Clinical Officer can be promoted by studying a Bachelor of Clinical Medicine degree in any country in East Africa for three years or studying in Tanzania for four years and graduating as a doctor with an equivalent degree Masters in medicine even in salary and job opportunities or you can study Medicine (MD) which is a 5 year course plus 1 year of training which makes 6 years and you can add 1 year to become MBBS and MBBS if it is useful.

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