20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded
20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded
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Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded;-The need for higher education in environmental themes has increased as society becomes more conscious of the complicated problems facing our world. We looked into small campus communities that are particularly involved in Earth advocacy when producing this list of the 20 top institutions for the environmentally conscious student. Additionally, compared to other universities with a similar size and specialization, these colleges have a lower net pricing.

Points were given for the availability of several environmental study options, steadfast “green” campus activities, opportunities for fieldwork outside of the classroom, numerous financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and any other features that improve the student experience. Among institutions with a maximum enrolment of 7,000 students and a net price of (according to College Navigator) $0, the 20 colleges included below received the top ratings.

In the event of a tie in points, the schools with the lower net price are rated higher. The colleges detailed below are listed in the order of points obtained. The information provided here is a resource for ecological students looking for the best degree possibilities.

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

1.Green Mountain College

Poultney, Vermont

15 points
Registration: 833
Tuition/Net Price: $23,275

One of the most well-known colleges for living in harmony with environment is Green Mountain College, which is located on a secluded, picturesque campus near Poultney, Vermont. The Princeton Review’s “Environmental Honor Roll” list gave this college a perfect score, and in 2014, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) gave it a gold grade. The college also continues to win awards for its environmentally friendly operations. Green Mountain College also achieved complete climate neutrality, making it the first institution in the country, thanks to a system of sustainable energy, regional carbon offsets, and other related measures.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

2.Willamette University

Salem, Oregon

14 points
Student body: 2,780
Tuition/Net Price: $30,672

The first university in the western US was founded in 1842 and is now known as Willamette University, a small liberal arts college in Salem, Oregon. Environmentally conscious students will find this college’s consistent leadership in global sustainability programs to be appealing. The entire campus is dedicated to green measures, some of which include building construction that has earned the LEED Gold certification and a sophisticated energy management system that aims to cut usage in half by 2020. Ridesharing programs are encouraged for all students, and free bike loans help cut down on emissions from cars.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

3.Colby College

Waterville, Maine

14 points
Student body: 1,847
Tuition/Net Price: $18,477

Colby College, a renowned college in Maine, is well-known throughout the country for its rigorous curriculum. For students who want to investigate the many intricate concerns facing the globe, the environmental studies program offers a comprehensive major. Climate change, the depletion of natural resources, biodiversity, and other pertinent issues are a few of the environmental issues discussed. Students are also urged to take advantage of chances for off-site research. The environmental science professors at Colby are experts in their subject and are very interested in the particular goals of each student.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

4.Colorado College

Colorado Springs, Colorado

14 points
Student body: 2,067
Tuition/Net Price: $24,141

Colorado College is a learning atmosphere perfect for students wanting a specifically structured education, and it can be found in the energetic town of Colorado Springs. Students can fully commit to one course at a time thanks to the college’s “Block Plan,” which also provides time for independent learning and extracurricular activities. The environmental program is very well-liked by the student body, and its majors study science, policy, chemistry, environmental physics, and other subjects. The minor in environmental concerns offered by the department is an excellent complement for a broad education in the subject.

5.University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin

13 points
Registrants: 6,927
Tuition/Net Price: $11,937

A four-year public university, the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay was established in 1965. Initially emphasizing environmental sustainability, the college has recently expanded the range of degree programs it offers. Because of its consistent dedication to environmentally friendly campus procedures and planet advocacy, UW-Green Bay has earned the moniker “Eco-U.” The school created the Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) to provide a structured way to enhance the university’s leadership in environmentally conscious activities and programming. The influence of EMBI extends throughout the neighborhood, encouraging Green Bay’s companies to change their practices to be more environmentally friendly.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

6.Western State Colorado University

Gunnison, Colorado

13 points
Student body: 2,584
Tuition/Net Price: $14,792

Western State Colorado University is a small university with a large effect that the Princeton Review has ranked as one of the “Top Environmentally Friendly Schools.” For the student who is concerned about the environment, there are many educational options, including the Environment & Sustainability degree. Environmental issues, natural sciences, politics, environmental economics, and other relevant subjects are all included in this program. Students conducting field-based environmental studies at Western State benefit from the picturesque Rocky Mountain setting outside of the classroom. WSCU has also created five distinct scholarship possibilities based on academic success in environmental studies.

 7.Westfield State University

Westfield, Massachusetts

13 points
Student body: 6,321
Tuition/Net Price: $15,498

Westfield State University in Massachusetts is a prestigious academic institution renowned for turning out employable graduates. Students at Westfield receive an integrated education in environmental science where they develop a thorough grasp of how our social behaviors affect the sustainability of our environment. The entire campus is dedicated to living sustainably, and aspiring environmentalists can join the “Environmental Planning Club,” which is becoming more and more popular. Graduates of WSU’s environmental science program go on to successful careers in urban planning, scientific research, advocacy, environmental law, and many other fields. Most of Westfield’s most recent graduates claim that their degree provided a good return on investment.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

8.Allegheny College

Meadville, Pennsylvania

13 points
Student body: 2,023
Tuition/Net Price: $27,773

In Meadville, Pennsylvania, Allegheny College is a liberal arts institution that prioritizes community involvement and rural living. The environmentally conscious student will value Allegheny’s dedication to sustainable practices on campus and its plenty of opportunities to gain practical experience in the local natural environment. In addition to many other projects in this area, Allegheny has invested in the construction of LEED-certified buildings, geo-exchange heating and cooling, a successful composting program, rain gardens, and wind-generated power. The reputable Environmentalscience.org placed this college’s environmental science program second in the country.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

9.University of Redlands

Westfield, Massachusetts

13 points
Student body: 5,333
Tuition/Net Price: $30,543

The University of Redlands in California is an ideal college for any student who values the outdoors. It has a vibrant, vibrant campus culture. The University of Richmond calls itself a “green college” and has implemented a number of eco-friendly programs on campus, including three LEED-certified buildings, a cogeneration plant for less consumptive heating and cooling, recycling activities, a campus community garden, and more. Environmental Business, Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Science, and Environmental Studies are the four environmental studies programs offered by the University of Redlands.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

10.University of Washington – Tacoma Campus

Tacoma, Washington

12 points
Student body: 4,477
$9,410 (Net Price + Tuition)

A socially and environmentally responsible urban academic community can be found at the University of Washington in Tacoma. Environmentally conscious prospective students will value this college’s dedication to protecting the environment; UW is proud to be a member of two groups that are solely dedicated to environmental advocacy: the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. One of the many degrees offered by this university is a BA in environmental science, which combines humanities classes with an interdisciplinary science education (biology, geosciences, math, physics, and chemistry).

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11.Bemidji State University

Bemidji, Minnesota

12 points
Student body: 4,986
Tuition/Net Price: $13,488

Bemidji University in Minnesota is a tiny academic community situated on a stunning lakefront campus. The Center for Environmental, Economic, Earth, and Space Studies prepares the highly committed student for a variety of careers in environment protection and advocacy. For the environmentally conscious student, Bemidji’s Environmental Studies Program is a comprehensive degree in policy and sustainability practices. This college maintains close ties with the neighborhood and through teamwork, Minnesota has achieved GreenStep city status.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

12.Michigan Technological University

Houghton, Michigan

12 points
Student body: 7,099
Tuition/Net Price: $15,629

A renowned research university founded in 1885, Michigan Technological University is located in Houghton. Science, technology, business, and forestry degree programs offered by this college are some of the most well-known ones. A degree in environmental and energy policy is one of the several concentrations available to those who are interested in the environment.

The subjects covered in this specialized education include science, sustainability, social responsibility, and a holistic comprehension of how human conduct affects the environment. The Center for Water and Society, the Great Lakes Research Center, the International Society for Ecological Economics, and the US Society for Ecological Economics are just a few of the environmental organizations that MTU is glad to be associated with.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

13.University of Hawaii at Hilo

Hilo, Hawaii

11 points
Registrants: 3,924
Tuition/Net Price: $10,229

The University of Hawaii at Hilo is a university that places a high priority on its natural environment. It is located in an island community in the city of Hilo. Students interested in the environment might pursue a BA or BS in environmental science, an interdisciplinary degree program intended to improve the students’ comprehension of global challenges. Chemistry, marine science, anthropology, agriculture, sociology, and economics are just a few of the academic disciplines that make this program of study special. Environmental science department graduates from UH Hilo have been successful in following a wide range of employment paths.

14.SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Syracuse, NY

11 points
2,200 students enrolled; tuition/net price: $18,251

The study of the planet and its sustainability is a major concentration of Syracuse, New York’s SUNY College of Environment Science and Forestry, a progressive liberal arts institution. Students who care about the environment will feel perfectly at home at this college because they have the choice of studying green techniques, renewable energy sources, nature, environmental systems, and many other related subjects.

The Green Campus Initiative is a student-run club at SUNY-ESF that develops and puts into effect eco-friendly measures on campus. This project supports a number of initiatives, such as resources that are bike-friendly, composting, waste reduction, and more.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

15.Pomona College

Claremont, California

11 points
1,650 students enrolled; tuition/net price: $19,205

Private liberal arts institution Pomona College is located in Claremont, California, and has an extremely tough admissions procedure. A large number of the college’s environmentalists enroll in the environmental analysis program, where they study about the numerous obstacles we face in maintaining the Earth’s natural resources. This major’s course subjects include things like economics, social justice, human behavior, ethics, and the advancement of society. All eligible entering students at Pomona College are entitled to receive need-based financial aid packages.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

16.State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Plattsburgh, New York

10 points
Student body: 5,968
Tuition/Net Price: $13,975

The small, reasonably priced liberal arts college SUNY Plattsburgh is located in the stunning Adirondack Mountains of northern New York and offers possibilities for a wide spectrum of students. One of the most popular degree programs at Plattsburgh is environmental studies, and students who major in it study environmental studies-themed social science and humanities courses. All of these courses discuss the complicated problems the world is currently facing and how activism and advocacy might influence future generations.

17.University of Minnesota – Morris

Morris, Minnesota

10 points
Student body: 1,899
Tuition/Net Price: $14,397

A small, dedicated group of students who are enthusiastic about their studies makes up the community of the University of Minnesota in the city of Morris, which is a liberal arts institution. The University of Minnesota provides a degree option focusing on science education, contemporary environmental difficulties, the protection of natural resources, and other matters pertinent to the sustainability of the globe.

In order to make education affordable, this institution works closely with both new and current students to identify merit-based scholarships, grants, and other sorts of financial support. 94% of recent UNM graduates said they thought their education was a wise investment.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

18.Georgia College & State University

Milledgeville, Georgia

10 points
Student body: 6,772
Tuition/Net Price: $17,015

Georgia College and State University, located in Milledgeville, has a longstanding reputation for demanding academics and a vibrant campus culture. Environmentally conscious students can obtain both their BS and MS degrees from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, which has the most majors on campus (570, on average). Georgia College’s faculty is made up of highly qualified teachers with expertise in a wide range of fields. There is a student-run “Environmental Science Club” outside of the classroom, which is sure to interest students keen to explore extracurricular studies.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

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19.Juniata College

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

10 points
Student body: 1,632
Tuition/Net Price: $25,883

For students with a variety of interests, Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, offers a vibrant, progressive liberal arts community. The environmental science degree, which offers students the option of concentrating in natural science, general studies, wildlife conservation, or environmental economics, is one of the most popular educational draws at this institution.

One of the school’s science study stations is located at the neighboring Raystown Lake. Juniata is pleased to provide fieldwork opportunities both locally and internationally. 85% of environmental science graduates from this college go on to earn master’s degrees with full financial aid or scholarships.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

20.Drake University

Des Moines, Iowa

10 points
Registrants: 5,062
Tuition/Net Price: $27,052

Private university in the Midwest with a strong emphasis on personalised learning is Drake University, located in Des Moines, Iowa. At Drake University, aspiring environmentalists frequently pursue a BA or BS in environmental science, where they are taught research, analysis, policy, ethics, and other techniques related to protecting the environment.

This college places a lot of emphasis on fieldwork for students who wish to learn via practical experience. Among the fieldwork options are environmental projects at Neal Smith National Wildlife, Lakeside Laboratory in neighboring Milford, and semester-long marine science courses at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory of the University of Southern Mississippi.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Environmentally-minded

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