Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs

Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs
Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs;The general term used to characterize Tanzanian music is bongo flava. Although the phrase is not as old as the East African nation, it has become a standard way to describe the music produced there, from hip hop to pop to what have you.

There are those people who stand out more than others in practically every field and endeavor. The same may be said of Tanzania’s Bongo Flava-centered music scene.

We present 12 of Tanzania’s greatest Bongo Flava musicians in this post. The list is presented in no particular order, however it is fairly reflective of the influential individuals who currently hold the ace in the industry.

Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs

1.Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz, also known as Chibu Dangote, is without a doubt the most well-known artist in Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz’s interest in singing began when he was a young child. He was born amid poverty in Tandale, a place he would later honor in his music. Due to his dedication to his craft, he has become an important voice in both Tanzanian and African music in general.Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs

2.Ali Kiba

Ali Kiba, who is better known by his stage name Alikiba, is another well-known singer in Tanzanian music who has hearing. The head of Kings Music is well-known for both his music and his competition with Diamond Platnumz for the Bongo Flava championship. Diamond Platnumz sees himself as the king of Bongo Flava music, while Alikiba believes he deserves to wear the crown.

3. Harmonize

An other important figure in Bongo Flava music is Rajabu Abdul Kahali, well known by his stage name Harmonize. His departure from Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi record label in a huff was due to contractual issues. He and Diamond Platnumz have been feuding on social media on and off ever since.

He started his record company, Konde Music Worldwide, after leaving Wasafi. According to Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz thought he was starting to eclipse him, which caused conflict between them.Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs


On our list, the first woman is… In addition to creating music, Nandy also creates hearts. Many people have grown to love her since her music has the power to arrest the soul. In honor of her record with the same name, she refers to herself as the African Princess.

Well, she certainly acts like one. Therefore, it serves no use to contest her claim. She is notable for a number of songs, including “Siwezi” and “Kivuruge.”

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Zuchu is a new artist in Tanzania’s music scene, but she has quickly become popular throughout the nation of East Africa, in part because of the active promotion led by her label, Wasafi. Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu’s supervisor at Wasafi, is one of her heroes. There are many rumors that the two are dating because they are so close. It is denied by Zuchu. The pair most recently collaborated on the song “Mtasubiri.”Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs


Rayvanny was a member of a boy band that is no longer active but was adored for both his singing and opulent good looks. When he joined the Wasafi record company, he experienced his biggest professional breakthrough.

He has released a number of songs and albums after being signed, including “Flowers” and a follow-up to the same project. With the launch of Next Level Music, Rayvanny raised questions about his relationship with Diamond Platnumz and his possible exodus from Wasafi.

7. Jux

Juma Jux, often known as Jux, is distinctive for both his pop songs and his excellent body, which he is more than eager to flaunt by refusing to button his clothes.

“Sugua” and “Unaniweza,” two of Jux’s renowned tracks, are among his discography. Additionally, he has collaborated with some of Tanzania’s top musicians, including as Diamond Platnumz.

8.Ben Pol

Ben L’s name may not be the most well-known in Tanzanian music, but you can’t help but respect his voice. Be combines the sights and sounds of his surroundings to produce music that is both anthropologically vital and arrests the soul. He is best known for the songs “Wapo” and “Nikikupata.”

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9.Ommy Dimpoz

One of Tanzanian music’s loving guys is about to arrive. People who liked Ommy’s natural dimples gave him the nickname Dimpoz.

Ommy Dimpoz’s songs primarily center on the themes of love and relationships, and thus far, such themes have dominated his hits. Among the singer’s most well-known tracks to date are “You’re the Best” and “Kata.”

The fact that Ommy Dimpoz has made it a habit of dating nearly every lady Diamond Platnumz had dated and broken up with has drawn significant criticism of him as a singer. Additionally, he exults in his “conquests” loudly.Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs


On our list is yet another lover boy. Fans have been drawn to Aslay’s music as much as his alluring appearance. He consistently uses themes of love and relationships in his songs. Then there is the theme of life, its unpredictability, and how to maximize what is at hand.


One of the performers on Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi record label is Mbosso. He also focuses a lot on love in his songs, like the most of the artists on our list. Despite being a practicing Muslim, he lives by the principle that a man should have as many wives as he can care for, not just four. Despite this, he hasn’t married four women yet. Lol.Top 12 2022 Best Bongo Flava Artists And Their Songs

12.Bill Nass

By any measure, the man at the bottom of our list is not the last. Rapper from Tanzania whose real name is William Nicholaus Lyimo has won multiple awards, including for “Party” and “Huna Baya.” When Bill Nass raps, he really puts all into it, and it’s difficult not to connect with what he produces. In addition to his music, he is well-known for his connection to Nandy.


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