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9 JOB VACANCIES AT IUCN TANZANIA:- Various Posts in Several Regions of Tanzania, New Job Opportunities at IUCN-Tanzania 2021-2022, Here is The Full Information and how to Apply For the Jobs.


The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)/Tanzania is implementing the SUSTAIN Productivity for Inclusive Growth (SUSTAIN Pro) project designed to address the challenges of food systems by decoupling productivity from land degradation and ecosystem loss, and reconnecting the relationships between land and water governance structures through improved integration and inclusion, Synthesize success and innovation in food system processes and practices and by building landscape partnerships to drive change; SUSTAIN Eco projects that aim to address ecosystem degradation and enable sustainable and inclusive management of natural resources through improved governance, rights and sustainable management practices and stimulate investment in the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems in agricultural growth corridors Southern Tanzania (SACGOT).

The primary objectives of the project include:

• Enhance the food security and climate resilience of local communities by enabling the display, replication and expansion of sustainable and productive agricultural knowledge, practices and techniques.

• Apply nature-based solutions to restore the health of the Earth and

• Stimulating inclusive value chains that depend on sustainable production systems.

9 JOB VACANCIES AT IUCN TANZANIA: The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) in Tanzania is looking for a highly qualified Program Manager to facilitate the implementation of the SUSTAIN Pro and SUSTAIN Eco projects. He will be responsible for leading the overall project activities to be implemented by the IUCN team at the national and site level (Kilombero, Mbarali and Sumbawanga clusters) as well as overseeing the implementation of project activities by the respective service providers. The Program Director will also coordinate other IUCN projects within SACGOT including the GEF 7 Project on Food Systems and Land Use Restoration (FOLUR) to ensure integration and coherence of strategy, approach and stakeholder grouping.

9 JOB VACANCIES AT IUCN TANZANIA in Mbeya, Morogoro, Tanga, Rukwa and Dar es Salaam Region as Follows:

1. Program Officer – Sustainable Agriculture – Mbarali

2. Administrative Assistant – Tanzania Country Office

3. Driver / Logistics Assistant – Ifakara

4. Field Assistant – Coastal and Ocean Flexibility – Pangani

5. Finance Officer – Tanzania Country Office

6. Officer M&E-Ifakara

7. Landscaping Officer – Sumbawanga

8. Program Officer – Sustainable Agriculture – Ifakara

9. Program Manager – SUSTAIN II

The Deadline to Apply For  9 JOB VACANCIES AT IUCN TANZANIA is 18th October 2021

For more information Do Not Hesitate to visit https://hrms.iucn.org/


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