10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

10 Best Bangkok Hospitals
10 Best Bangkok Hospitals
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Best Bangkok Hospitals;You may be confident that Bangkok’s medical facilities are first-rate and up to pace with western standards if you ever need treatment there. Private hospitals offer the best care since they have cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled medical professionals, and a bilingual workforce.

Some private hospitals provide tourists from other countries with exclusive promotional packages. Additionally, you’ll find that Bangkok’s private hospitals don’t at all resemble the antiseptic, icy settings you may expect from a hospital. Instead, they resemble hotels a lot! You’ll find a selection of the top Bangkok hospitals offering excellent medical care below.

1.BNH Hospital

The 120-bed BNH (Bangkok Nursing Home) Hospital is a cutting-edge facility that adheres to worldwide standards. It offers both inpatient and outpatient care, and all specialties of physicians are available around-the-clock. The hospital’s original locations were founded on Phya Dejo Road in 1897 by the British community in Bangkok. The hospital on Convent Road was constructed at the turn of the century, and His Majesty King Vajiravudh formally opened the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Wing in 1912.

BNH Hospital has developed over the years following contemporary lines, becoming a premier international medical institution with some of the most cutting-edge and advanced facilities in Thailand.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

2.Bumrungrad International Hospital

One of Thailand’s top hospitals, Bumrungrad International Hospital is ideally situated in the center of Bangkok. Additionally, it is the world leader in medical tourism and a center of excellence for specialty medicine. It is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) approved hospital in Asia and Thailand and provides its patients with comprehensive medical care.

Bumrungrad International, the biggest private hospital in Southeast Asia, employs approximately 700 highly skilled doctors and dentists. More than 554 inpatient beds and 3,000 outpatients can be seen each day at Bumrungrad. The International Patient Services Center offers translators, concierge services, embassy help, VIP airport shuttles, international insurance coordination, and international medical coordinators, all of which are available to foreigners.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

3.Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, which was established in 1979, is one of the top hospitals in Southeast Asia and Thailand. With its extensive selection of amenities and services, which span from tertiary care to cosmetic services, it is well known as a provider of choice for locals, expats living in Thailand, and increasingly, tourists as well.

To meet the needs of patients, there are 270 beds, 87 examination rooms, more than 1,200 caregivers, and a wide range of cutting-edge medical technology, including the most recent 64-slice CT scanner. It was the first hospital in Thailand to get designation as a mother and baby-friendly hospital from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF due to its long history of providing high-quality treatment and innovation.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

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4.Bangkok International Hospital

The top-notch nursing staff at Bangkok International Hospital offers patients the best possible medical care, while its renowned doctors use the most advanced technologies. One of the top providers of private medical care in Thailand, it boasts top-notch facilities, industry-leading experience, and technological developments in the medical field.

The hospital received accreditation from the medical boards of the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan, as well as the standard certification ISO 1900-2000 from the Thai Ministry of Health. Thailand and other countries are familiar with the Bangkok Heart Hospital, Neurology Center, and Cancer Hospital. All of the specialized facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology. Additionally, they have a committed international staff that includes translators fluent in more than 30 languages.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

5.The Bangkok Christian Hospital

There is a long history at the Bangkok Christian Hospital. After World War II, the American Presbyterian Mission and the Church of Christ in Thailand bought a plot of land with various wooden structures that was located between Silom Road and Surawongse Road. The Bangkok Christian Hospital was formally opened in 1949 after careful design and renovation of the existing structures.

It continues to serve the general public and is still very popular more than 50 years later. Its basic prices are typically substantially lower because it is a more modest hospital than many of the other private hospitals in Bangkok. With departments spanning from orthopaedics, radiography, and adult psychiatry to ophthalmology, obstetrics, and gynecology, it is notably well-liked for treatment of minor illnesses. Additionally, it has specialized facilities, including the International Refractive

6.Phyathai Hospitals

With the vision of “building a world in which people have the power to regulate their own welfare,” the Phyathai Group of Hospitals first opened its doors in 1976. It continues to work toward that objective today and aspires to offer the best service and the most competent care. The International Relation Centre (IRC) at Phyathai 1 Hospital provides bilingual translators and interpreters for hospital services to overseas patients.

The Phyathai 2 Hospital has more than 500 beds and is furnished with contemporary medical tools and technology. In collaboration with Harvard Medical International (HMI) and the hospitals of the Phyathai Group, it built the Phyathai Heart Center. In order to provide patients in the Thonburi region with access to medical care, Phyathai 3 Hospital was founded. It offers a full variety of medical services and is equipped with latest technology.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

7.Praram 9 Hospital

In 1992, Praram 9 Hospital on Rama IX Road was established with the goal of offering the neighborhood high-quality healthcare that met worldwide standards. The 15-floor hospital building with its green and white sign has merged with the surrounding scenery. It is now recognized by onlookers as a symbol of committed care, high-quality service, and trust.

Strong-willed and competent medical professionals from a variety of specialties who are all board certified by the American Board are available at Praram 9 Hospital. It offers a wide range of services, including kidney transplants and IVF procedures at the hospital’s highly regarded and renowned laboratory.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

8.Saint Louis Hospital

On September 15, 1898, Archbishop Louis Vey, the head of the Roman Catholic Mission in Siam, officially opened the St. Louis Hospital in Bangkok. It is a non-profit private hospital on South Sathorn Road that treats both inpatients and outpatients while placing a strong emphasis on accurate diagnosis.

With the most advanced medical technology available, it offers treatment employing experts from all medical specialties, with committed nurses providing the best care possible for patients. For efficient patient diagnosis and treatment, a wide spectrum of cutting-edge medical technology is accessible, including a digital catheterization lab, exercise stress test, mammogram, and bone densitometry. Every inpatient room has air conditioning. Additionally, there is a cardiac care unit and an intensive care unit (ICU) (CCU).10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

9.Central General Hospital

The Central General Hospital was founded in 1992 and runs under the motto “Friendly Hospitality & Good Health for All.” It is situated in the Saphanmai neighborhood on Phaholyothin Road and offers 24-hour service and 300 beds. At its outpatient department, which can accommodate over 1,000 patients per day, speedy service is provided through the use of an online computer system and an air tube conveyance system.

Rehabilitation, dental, ophthalmology, X-rays, psychology, child development, paediatrics, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, internal medicine, and emergency care are among the medical services offered. The Central General Hospital received accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization for ISO 9002 (service quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental management quality) in 1998. In addition, it received Hospital Accreditation in 2004, which ensures its standards.10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

10.DYM International Clinic

After initially opening in Asoke in March 2014, DYM International Clinic then relocated to Thonglor Soi 13 in 2015, and finally established a branch on Sukhumvit 33/1. They strive to provide a high level of service in line with the expectations and needs seen in Japan as a Japanese-owned medical institute, including general medicine, referral to general hospitals, and follow-up. All conversations are in English, and interpreters are also available.

FAQ10 Best Bangkok Hospitals

  • Does Thailand have good hospitals?

According to the Public Health Ministry, Thailand is earning recognition for the caliber of its healthcare services after US publication CEOWORLD ranked Thailand sixth on its 2019 list of nations with the finest healthcare systems.

  • Are hospitals in Thailand expensive?

A regular private hospital will cost you between 1,500 and 2,000 Baht. Expect to pay 2,000–3,000 baht if it’s a high-end hospital like Bumrungrad Hospital or Bangkok Hospital. You should budget between 20,000 and 30,000 baht per night for hospitalization.

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