Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled
Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled;-The total installed capacity of nuclear power stations in Russia was 31.3 gigawatts as of December 2018. (GW). With the addition of a second power plant and three more nuclear reactors, the amount of electricity produced has greatly grown.

The nuclear plants’ owner, Rosenergoatom, was established in 1992 and is a division of Rosatom, the world’s largest state-owned nuclear energy company. More over 18% of the nation’s electricity is generated by this, which is Russia’s biggest electrical producer.


The only floating nuclear power plant in the world, Akademik Lomonosov, is located in Russia and dates back to 1937. It is also owned by Rosenergoatom. More of these power plants will be built along the nation’s north coast, according to the state-run energy behemoth.

Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

1.Leningrad nuclear power plant

The Leningrad nuclear power station has four active reactors and is situated in the town of Sosnovy Bor on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. All are owned and operated by Rosenergoatom, with the Leningrad nuclear power station being the largest in Russia. Of the four reactors, three have a net capacity of 925 MW each, and the fourth produces 1085 MW (net capacity-wise). The fourth reactor is anticipated to close around 2026, while two reactors will go down as early as 2021.Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

2.Rostov nuclear power plant

In the lower stream of the Don River, close to Volgodonsk in Rostov Oblast, sits Rostov, the second-largest nuclear power plant in Russia. Three of the Rosenergoatom-owned and -operated reactors have a combined net capacity of 950 MW, and the fourth one has a marginally greater combined net capacity of 1011 MW. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Rostov is credited with bringing back Russia’s nuclear sector. No date has yet been scheduled for the reactors at the site to shut down.Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

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3.Balakovo nuclear power plant

The Balakovo nuclear power station, which has four working reactors, is 900 kilometers to the southeast of Moscow in the city of Balakovo, Saratov Oblast, on the east bank of the Volga river. With each reactor producing a net capacity of 950MW and being owned and operated by Rosenergoatom, Balakovo is the third-largest nuclear power plant in Russia. About 29,062 gigawatt-hours of electricity are produced net year (GWh). The final reactor shutdown is scheduled for a decade after the earliest reactor closure, which won’t happen until 2043.Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

4.Kalinin nuclear power plant

The fourth-largest plant in Russia is Rosenergoatom’s Kalinin nuclear power station, located 200 km northwest of Moscow close to the town of Udomlya in Tver Oblast. Each of its four active reactors has a net capacity of 950MW. About 20,106 GWh of electricity are produced net year by it. Kalinin, which also supplies electricity to Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Vladimir, provides the majority of the energy used in the Tver region. The first reactor is likely to go down in 2025, while the last one will probably shut down in 2041.Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

5.Kursk nuclear power plant

On the banks of the Seym River, some 40 kilometers west of Kursk, in western Russia, is the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, which has four active reactors with a combined net capacity of 925 megawatts (MW). After work on the Kursk plant started, the nearby settlement of Kurchatov was founded. The Kursk nuclear power station and Kurchatov village, which produce a net yearly output of around 22,760GWh, served as the backdrop for the 1991 American television film Chernobyl:

The Final Morning. The Kursk Oblast grid is fueled by the electricity produced here. The first reactor might be shut down as early as 2021, while the last one could stop operating as early as 2030.Top 5 Best Nuclear Power Plants in Russia profiled

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many nuclear plants are there in Russia?

The nation now runs 38 nuclear power reactors and is making steady progress with plans to increase the use of nuclear energy, including the creation of new reactor technologies and the export of nuclear services.

The largest power generating facility in the Russian Federation’s integrated energy system’s northwestern region is the Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant. Being a later generation RBMK, Smolensk NPP resembles Chernobyl NPP units 3 and 4 in terms of outward appearance.

Senior Ukrainian staff members alerted IAEA officials on site on Saturday that the plant’s fourth functioning 750 kv power line was down. The facility is currently occupied by Russian soldiers but is run by a Ukrainian crew.

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