Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu
Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu;-Malibu, California is the ideal location for your dream wedding destination for all soon-to-be married couples who are sun-seekers, beach-lovers, outdoors enthusiasts with a propensity for vineyards, wide-open spaces, and bohemian or upscale enclaves. In this well-known beachfront getaway, we’ve compiled one seriously amazing list of wedding venues.

What more could you ask for than warm weather all year round, breathtaking locations, and access to some of the most renowned photographers, florists, and wedding planners in the nation? Whether you’re searching for beachfront bliss, equestrian country simplicity, opulent private estates, or a day of “I-dos” high in the mountains… Malibu will take care of you.

Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

1.Historic Adamson House

Come together with your loved ones for a wild garden party at the renowned Adamson House on the ocean. It’s easy to understand why this ancient beach house turned highly sought-after Malibu wedding venue estate is so well-liked. It is beautifully Spanish-styled with hand-painted frescos and significant #tileinspo. While exploring the grounds, it would be difficult to avoid taking careful design notes, especially of the floor-to-ceiling hand painted mosaics and vivid tiles, which also provide for the ideal photo backdrop. Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

2.Bel-Air Bay Club

This storied nightclub, evoking Old Hollywood, is where party fantasies are fashioned. This villa, designed to be a “country place by the sea,” is stunning in both formal and casual attire. Visitors may see all the way to the Santa Monica Pier and then some, with uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. Up to 600 of your closest family and friends may stay at the property. The surrounding palm palms and unending ocean vistas make being married even more romantic.Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

3.Cielo Farms

Cielo Farms, which has a view of some of Malibu’s most stunning valleys and vineyards, is a possible wedding location for your ideal Pinterest board. Despite being high up in Malibu’s rolling hills, a wood-trimmed, grey stone barn rests peacefully atop a leveled hillside. Highlights include a serene infinity pool, a sizable grassy area, and, if you’re feeling particularly mischievous, acres of vineyards with rows of grapevines for you to run through.Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

4.Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard

We knew the famous people were serious when we learned that some of them were competing for a Saddlerock Ranch Malibu wedding. This 1,000 acre working ranch is perfect for both enormous, lavish wedding ceremonies and the sweetest, most private I-dos for up to 100 guests, with a mind-boggling 2,000 person capacity. With four unique and separate locations to pick from, there isn’t a wedding style that wouldn’t fit in well among the acres of vineyards, wildlife, and breathtaking views.

5.Inn of the Seventh Ray

There are many beautiful wedding venue locations in Malibu, but if you’re searching for genuine romance, The Inn of the Seventh Ray has you covered. Imagine winding brick paths, majestic ancient sycamores, candlelight under the stars, and waterfalls. This Topanga Canyon wedding location features a buffet of the finest organic foods and wines, magnificent canopied tents, and groomed gardens. Beware—you might end up wanting to extend your stay by one or two days!Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

6.Rancho del Cielo

One of the most beautiful and breathtaking Malibu wedding locations we’ve seen is Rancho del Cielo, which is situated in the hills above Paradise Cove. It has an acre of gardens, olive groves, oak trees, rustic walks, and an ancient California cottage. Imagine a ranch-style home in California that is tucked away in a rose, jasmine, and lavender-filled garden with a view of the ocean and open meadows.

By day, you can see Rancho Palos Verdes and the far blue hills of the Channel Islands, including Santa Catalina, San Clemente, and Santa Barbara. The bright string of lights that surrounds Santa Monica Bay at night compete with the moon and sky. The chaparral beneath the olive grove is traversed by three miles of pathways.Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

7.Deer Creek Ridge

The best-kept wedding secret in Malibu is Deer Creek Ridge. When people view the images I’ve shot here, they always remark on how stunning it is and inquire as to whose nation it is located. This Malibu estate wedding location features distinctive architecture that makes for stunning photos and a look that is somewhat Moroccan.

This residence is situated on the north side of Malibu, atop Deer Creek Road. Without the bustle of a wedding factory, it has all the charm and mountainous grandeur of the Mulholland settings. It’s a fantastic location for small to medium-sized weddings. It gives you a lot more freedom to plan the wedding how you want without being constrained by particular suppliers or a particular setup. You have the estate all to yourself, and there are enough .Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

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8. Adamson House

With a facility rental price of roughly $7000, Adamson House might be the finest deal on a wedding location in Malibu. Given that it is a historical site and is overseen by California State Parks, the price is surprisingly low considering how close it is to the beach and Malibu Pier. It has the most beautiful architecture, with numerous exteriors and outdoor areas to set up the wedding and shoot pictures in a variety of methods.

Due to its openness, shade, and/or backlighting, I advise doing the ceremony on the large grass facing the sycamore tree for setup and flow purposes. After that, attend cocktail hour on the lovely stone patio at the Adamson, and Only the couple and only during cocktail hour with an extra “House Tour Fee” are allowed inside the house for photographs. This isn’t really necessary because the property’s façade is gorgeous (particularly the staircase and greenhouse).Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

9.Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

The most famous and recognizable wedding location in Malibu is Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards (abbreviated MRO). It awes. With its Tuscan villa, vineyards, and sunset, MRO resembles an opulent Italian daydream. The helipad ceremony location in Malibu Rocky Oaks is one of its main attractions.

It has a stunning view of the Santa Monica Mountains and is always flawlessly lighted in hues of orange, pink, and purple. The boulder pile, which is pure enchantment to capture wedding photographs at sunset, is another one of the major main attractions for couples getting married. Living in Malibu, I’ve witnessed a lot of breathtaking sunsets, but the ones at Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate are the finest.Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

10.Calamigos Ranch (The Oak Room)

The Calamigos Ranch is a wonderful place to visit. They are a traditional Malibu venue, and my favorite area to photograph there is the Oak Room. It has a waterfall background for the ceremony, chandeliers and lights strung from trees, a huge arbor that can be decorated with flowers but looks stunning even without them, and the most exquisite reception area.

I *never* wax poetic about reception venues, but the Oak Room captures so much of the beauty of being outside while yet having all the advantages of being indoors (warm, controlled lighting, private place for the bridal party, no need to worry about wind or weather messing with the setup). The walls are glass with some wood design, and the lofty drapery gives off a really distinctive tented vibe.

There are lodging options close to the arena. They are beautiful and well-lit, but somewhat expensive. Spending a little extra the night before is worthwhile because you’ll save time commuting from one hotel to the venue, which could save you money on a photographer or videographer. Otherwise, the closest options with convenient lodging are Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks.

Principal drawbacks: Although it takes beautiful pictures, the price is high. You also don’t have unrestricted access to the area. At Calamigos, there are numerous weddings taking place simultaneously at various locations, hotel rooms are available, and there is a well-known winery and restaurant. Calamigos might not be the ideal choice if privacy and isolation are what you’re after. Although the staff does an outstanding job, be aware that you might not.Top 12 Best Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Malibu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a Malibu wedding cost?

The cost to rent a Malibu wedding venue ranges from $3,875 to $14,000, with an average price of $8,600, according to the WeddingWire Cost Guide. Naturally, a variety of factors influence a venue’s pricing, so thoroughly read the contract before signing on the signed line.

  • Is Malibu a good place to get married?

A well-liked vacation spot, Malibu has some of California’s most exquisite wedding locations. Actually, it’s among the top locations in California for eloping as well! Each of these wedding locations has something special to offer each couple, from the stunning Pacific Ocean to the dramatic Santa Monica Mountains.

  • Can you have a wedding on the beach in Malibu?

Malibu is one of our favorite beaches to do weddings. There are great spots along its 23 miles. For the most part you can stroll on nearly anywhere for an elopement style wedding for up to 25 people

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