Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online
Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online;-An online legal studies degree can be an excellent method to prepare for your future profession, regardless of whether you want to work as a paralegal, find employment at a nonprofit or a courthouse, or even enter law enforcement. Online degrees in legal studies give students the flexibility and affordability to forgo hefty student loan burden. Numerous online legal studies degrees offer flexible scheduling and numerous customization options to support you in achieving your career objectives.

Due to the fact that many people’s funds are currently limited, we concentrated on the most economical online legal studies programs when compiling this rating. People are discovering that taking on significant sums of student debt places a significant strain on those who are entering the job market, even if you can use student loans to pay for college. A low cost is the first step to decreasing that debt. In the FAQ that follows this ranking, we’ll go into more detail on how to pay for college as well as employment options for those who acquire their legal studies degree online.

Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

1.Bellevue University

An accelerated cohort is available for students who transfer 60 credits into Bellevue’s online legal studies program. Enrolling in the accelerated cohort gives you the opportunity to take one course at a time with the same set of classmates throughout the duration of the degree while only having to register for classes once when you begin the program. The professional responsibilities and ethics in law, the American legal system and the judicial process, as well as legal research, analysis, and writing are among the courses you’ll take in this program.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

$7,851 for tuition

2.University of Maryland Global Campus


The numerous minors that UMGC offers to go along with degrees like legal studies could be quite helpful. Political science, public safety administration, speech communication, business law, human resource management, health services management, communication studies, and criminal justice are a few worthwhile options to take into account. Check out all the minors you have access to because there are likely many more that you’d find intriguing.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

$12,336 for tuition

3.SUNY College of Technology at Canton

At SUNY Canton, a bachelor’s degree in legal studies may be completed entirely online. The program’s final project requires students to complete an internship. They will study topics like business law, the fundamentals of financial accounting, criminal procedure, legal research, professional writing and communication, constitutional law, and advanced legal writing.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

$12,619 for tuition

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4.Stevenson University

After earning their bachelor’s in legal studies online from Stevenson University, graduates will be qualified to work in a variety of legal-related fields, including conducting legal research and writing, gathering data electronically, examining cases, speaking with witnesses, drafting pleadings, managing trial preparation and litigation support, and drafting contracts. Students who want to be paralegals will benefit most from this program.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

$13,500 for tuition

5.Penn State World Campus

A degree in law and society is available online through Penn State World Campus. Graduates will have the chance to work with the military, nonprofits, regulatory agencies, small businesses, and politicians in addition to law enforcement. Legal assistant, arbitrator, mediator, conciliator, and contract negotiator are a few examples of occupations you might find with this degree.

$13,988 for tuition

6.Purdue University Global

Online legal studies degrees are available from Purdue University Global in both environmental policy and management and legal support and services (with an optional paralegal studies concentration). Purdue Global offers a three-week, no-cost, no-obligation introductory period so you can test the waters and determine whether this is the best option for you if you’re not sure if online learning is for you or whether you can accommodate it right now.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

$14,478 for tuition

7.Hodges University

The Hodges University online bachelor’s in legal studies is intended to prepare you for a job in a range of legal professions, including working as a paralegal, or for furthering your education to become a lawyer. Of course, even if they are not attorneys, those with legal expertise can find work in a wide variety of fields. Hodges University offers online courses with monthly start dates so you may choose the time you want to start your degree and change the pace as needed as you go.

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8.Dominican University

At Dominican University, you can begin an online Bachelor of Professional Studies in legal studies whenever it’s most convenient for you. Graduates of this school can work for social advocacy organizations, business legal departments, law firms, and more. To prepare for certification tests, those who desire to work as paralegals can enroll in civil litigation or real estate law courses.

$14,700 for tuition

9.University of Massachusetts Global

Business law is the main subject of UMass Global’s online legal studies program. Students working in the fields of employment law, intellectual property, and business transactions will find the curriculum interesting. White collar crime, foundations of law, legal research and writing, business organizations, torts, litigation and trial advocacy, and law practice management are just a few of the classes that students will take.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online

Fees: $15,000

10.Northeastern State University

Students who complete this program will be qualified to work for corporations, businesses, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, advocacy organizations, and trust companies in addition to legal firms and state and federal courts. You really don’t need to be a lawyer to work in the legal area because these organizations require someone with a thorough understanding of the law at every level.Top 10 Most Affordable Legal Studies Programs Online


  • What can I do with a legal studies degree?

Even if they are not a lawyer, someone with legal expertise can find a variety of occupations. The most obvious choice could be paralegal, but there are other excellent choices in law enforcement, real estate, law librarianship, and social work (though becoming a law librarian or social worker may require you to pursue a graduate degree). Businesses also like to employ non-attorneys who have legal training.

For instance, it can be quite beneficial to have someone in your human resources department who has more in-depth legal knowledge than what a business degree can provide. In order to advocate for clients or negotiate convoluted legal processes, nonprofits, charities, and community organizations frequently require individuals with legal knowledge. Moreover, a degree in legal studies

  • How much can I make with a legal studies degree?

That mostly relies on your choice of action. Your employment options and income possibilities will increase if completing a graduate degree is your ultimate aim. However, there are certain profitable opportunities that you may be able to pursue without a graduate degree. See the list of possible careers below for examples. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the incomes mentioned are the median annual salaries for these professions.

Bachelor’s degree in law: $52,920

Manager of Human Resources (with a bachelor’s and experience): $121,220

$48,980 Legal Secretary (bachelor’s)

Master’s in Social Work Social Worker: $51,760

$126,930 for a lawyer (law degree).

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