Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan
Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan;-Kazakhstan, the ninth-largest nation in the world, spans a sizable portion of Central Asia. Contrary to popular belief, it is not entirely made up of featureless steppe, as many people believe, but also contains magnificent mountains, canyons, lakes, and valleys.

Despite its size, Kazakhstan is very sparsely populated; the majority of its people live in the major cities of Almaty and Astana (its capital), and the country is the richest in the region due to its abundant oil and gas reserves.

The nation boasts a multitude of wonderful attractions for you to check out that are sometimes missed by tourists. Since you’ll frequently be the only foreigner there, you can count on experiencing the warmth and kindness of the people, who are eager to show you all that Kazakhstan has to offer. Our list of the top Kazakhstan tourist destinations will help you explore this Central Asian nation.

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan


Almaty, which served as Kazakhstan’s capital from 1997 to 2003, is still the nation’s biggest city and the center of both its culture and economy. As a result, the area has a highly affluent and sophisticated vibe, and there are many hip restaurants and bars for you to check out.

There is a lot to see and do, and many people use it as a base from which to explore the area thanks to the great museums and historic sites scattered about.

When it comes to the magnificent landscape that is right outside Almaty’s door, the city is extremely lucky. It is incredibly photogenic due to its picturesque location at the base of the stunning Tian Shan mountain range. The mountains have a wealth of incredible sights to see, including the magnificent Big Almaty Lake, Shymbulak, the world’s highest skating rink, and Medeu. It wouldn’t be difficult to spend a week or two exploring Almaty and its surroundings.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan


Aksu-Zhabagly is the oldest nature reserve in all of Central Asia, having been founded back in 1926. Aksu-Zhabagly is a great joy to explore, encompassing everything from lofty, snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers to flowing rivers, wide valleys, and, of course, limitless steppe.

The natural reserve is full of breathtaking views and is home to an abundance of amazing wildlife. Stalactite Cave, Aksu Gorge, and the sparkling waterfalls of Kshi-Kainy are just a few of the breathtaking natural sights that can be found along its many trails and paths.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan


The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, which many Kazakhs still refer to as despite its recent renaming to Nur-Sultan in early 2019, is constantly evolving. Every year, massive landmark structures appear, each one more stunning than the last. Astana, one of the most advanced and futuristic towns in Central Asia, is situated in the featureless northern grassland of the nation. It has many enormous towers.

It’s an interesting experience to stroll along its broad boulevards since you can see influences from the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, and the West everywhere you go. The breathtaking Bayterek Tower, which sits at its center, is without a doubt the main draw.

In addition, the enormous Khan Shatyr, the city’s fantastic national museum, and its abundance of shops, restaurants, and distinctive design are all worth visiting.

Young people from all over Kazakhstan are moving to Astana as the city develops and expands, giving the city’s streets a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

4.Kolsai Lake

There are three lakes at Kolsai Lake, which is about 250 kilometers from Almaty. The sparkling lakes are frequently referred to as the “Pearls of Tian Shan” because they are scattered along the Kolsay River, which winds its way through the Tian Shan Mountains that are covered in forest. You can travel all the way from the lower to the higher lake on a breathtaking but challenging hike.

The area surrounding Kolsai Lake is a very well-liked tourist destination among local Kazakhs. There are many wonderful campgrounds and homestays there for you to stay at, and many people ride horses between the lakes. The lakes are definitely worth visiting if you have the chance because they boast some of the most breathtaking scenery in the nation.

5.Karkaraly National Park

Karkaraly National Park, found in Kazakhstan’s Central Highlands, will appeal to both outdoor enthusiasts and those who love the natural world. The national park, which spans a sizable area, is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, with wolves, deer, and foxes all making their homes within its unending forests.

Glistening lakes, gaping caves, and unusual rock formations are tucked away among its many gorgeous settings, and everywhere you look, you may take in breath-taking sights. Karkaraly National Park offers a variety of breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a treat to explore. Popular outdoor activities include bouldering, hiking, and camping.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

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6.Baikonur Cosmodrome

If you’re interested in space exploration, the Baikonur Cosmodrome is one of the few locations in the world where you can watch a rocket launch into orbit. Even if you aren’t, witnessing a spaceship launch is a truly unique experience.

Baikonur, the largest space launch complex in the world, is jointly run by the governments of Kazakhstan and Russia. The first crewed spaceflights, Sputnik 1 and Vostok 1, were launched from this location. Consequently, there is a ton of history on display. Visitors are welcome to take a tour of the building and the nearby museum, which is filled with fascinating exhibits, models, and artifacts.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan


Turkestan is a distinctive city to visit, seamlessly fusing the sedentary city life of neighboring Uzbekistan with the traditional nomadic culture found in southern Kazakhstan and encircled by the Kazakh Desert. It is therefore fascinating to examine.

The stunning Kozha Akhmed Yasaui mausoleum, which appears more at home in one of the ancient Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan than in Kazakhstan, is without a doubt the site’s highlight.

The tomb, one of the most impressive and significant historical sites in the nation, was constructed by Timur in memory of the famous Sufi Sheikh. In addition to this, the nearby desert is home to the ruins of the ancient cities of Otrar and Sauran, which are the main draws for tourists visiting the city. There isn’t much to do in Turkestan besides wander around its main bazaar and take in the vibrant atmosphere aside from these historic sites.

8.Charyn Canyon

The southeast Kazakhstani region of Charyn Canyon is breathtakingly lovely and deserves a visit. It is difficult to imagine the amazing scene that awaits you upon approaching from across the boundless, featureless plain. The canyon, which winds through the rock, is about 90 kilometers long and may go as deep as 300 meters in certain places.

Its reddish walls and rocky outcrops are reminiscent of the American states of Arizona and Utah. Visitors frequently remark that Charyn Canyon is just as breathtaking as the well-known Grand Canyon.

It is undoubtedly a majestic experience to walk through the Valley of Castles, the most impressive section of the canyon, as its enormous walls tower above you. From above, Charyn Canyon is equally alluring due to how dramatically it disappears. Strong adventurers can canoe or whitewater raft along the Sharyn River, which cuts through part of it.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

9. Aral

The Aral Sea had a sharp decline in size beginning in 1960, an ecological catastrophe of the highest kind caused by human activity. Its waters were transferred under disastrous Soviet-era state plans to cotton fields in the desert, where they promptly evaporated or soaked into the ground.

The Aral Sea, which was once the fourth-largest body of fresh water in the world, is now only a small portion of its previous size, and a sluggish recovery has only been made in recent years.

The town of Aral is an interesting destination to visit as a result of all of this. The sea’s waters have long since receded over the horizon, and the former fishing port, which was famed across the Soviet Union for its big catches, now sits adjacent to an endless desert.

The town of the same name serves as a great starting point for visitors who want to visit “one of the planet’s worst environmental disasters” and learn about the government project that is slowly raising the Aral Sea’s water levels each year.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan

10.Tamgaly Petroglyphs

The Tamgaly Petroglyphs are remarkable, depicting a vast range of various animals and nature, epic hunting scenarios, grand solitary figures, and more. Surprisingly, there are more than 5,000 of them available for you to view.

The site is truly unique, with many of the artifacts dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. It’s an amazing feeling to rummage through the numerous boulders and rock formations of the picturesque canyon in search of another intricately carved petroglyph that has been preserved.

Long used as a place of ritual for nomads, the canyon’s serene surroundings undoubtedly convey the spiritual significance of the site, and when combined with the stunning petroglyphs themselves, it is well worth the trip from Almaty.Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan’s largest cultural hub is in Almaty.

One of Kazakhstan’s top tourist destinations, the snow-capped mountains guard the city and provide the most beautiful backdrop ever!

Despite being one of the ten largest nations in the world, few tourists have included Kazakhstan on their bucket list. Kazakhstan is undoubtedly worth visiting, in my opinion, having lived there for almost six months now.
  • Kazakhstan – Top Places to See. As the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan has many things to offer tourists. …
  • Medeu & Shymbulak.
  • Nur-Sultan.
  • Turkistan city & Yassawi Mausoleum.
  • Altyn Emel National Park.
  • Charyn Canyon.
  • Kolsai Lakes & Kaindy.

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