Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon

Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon
Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Tourist Attractions in Cameroon;-If you’re looking for a destination for your next vacation, then you may want to consider Cameroon. This Central African country lies on the Gulf of Guinea. It has a diverse landscape and has a number of wildlife attractions. Cameroon’s largest city is Douala, which is a great transit point to ecotourism sites in Kribi, near the Chutes de la Lobé waterfalls. Its rescued primates can be found in Limbe.

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Cameroon

Lake Oku

The crater lake of Lake Oku in the Northwest Region of Cameroon is a must-visit place. Surrounded by lush forests, this lake is the only known habitat for the Oku clawed frog. The lake itself is the site of many legends and myths from the local people, and a trip to this lake will leave you spellbound by its beauty and diverse culture.

Mount Oku is the second highest mountain in Cameroon. It rises to 3,011 meters. Climbing the mountain takes about seven hours. You’ll be greeted by a panoramic view of the surrounding region. The climb begins at dawn, so it’s advisable to leave early in the morning. It’s possible to swim in the lake. This crater is home to several animals including lions and primates.

There’s more to Cameroon than its lakes and waterfalls. There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic sites, and art spaces to explore. The country’s friendly people will make your visit a memorable one. Those who love nature will enjoy Lake Oku and Mount Oku. And while you’re here, you should also check out the local tribes and visit the tribal museum of Yaoundé.

Mount Cameroon, also known as Mongo ma Ndemi, is the tallest mountain in Cameroon. At 13,255 feet, it is the tallest mountain in sub-Saharan Africa, 28th in the world, and the fourth-highest peak in Africa. The mountain is located in the Southwest Province and forms part of the Cameroon Volcanic Line. It is surrounded by tropical rainforest and features a barren summit.Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon

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Mount Cameroon

As a volcano, Mount Kameroon is an active tourist attraction in the country. It is one of the world’s highest peaks at 4,040 metres. Located near the Guinea Gulf, Mount Cameroon is a spectacular view. It is also the 4th highest peak in Africa. In fact, it is the highest point in Central Africa. The peak is the preferred location for mountain racing. Visitors can hike up the mountain or hire a guide to help them get up the mountain.

While tourists can hike on the top of the mountain, there are no facilities to view the crater’s ash. The top of the mountain is barren and snow-free only for a few months of the year. However, it does have a ski resort that allows visitors to enjoy their sport. The peak is the top tourist attraction in Cameroon. Its high volcanic activity also means that it experiences snowy peaks. In the winter months, the snow can be seen only on the top of the cinder cone. The god of Mount Cameroon is believed to protect the people. When people are disrespectful of him, the mountain will shake and spew fire.

Visitors can also visit Bamenda, the capital of the north-western region of Cameroon. The city has all the necessary amenities for travellers. From here, visitors can access the highlands, where they can hike through lush forests and visit remote villages. The landscape is also great for mountain biking, hiking, and off-the-beaten-path guesthouses. Once there, they can enjoy the mountain and the surrounding landscape in all its beauty.Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon

Waza National Park

Waza National Park is located in the north of Cameroon. It is a great place to spot the big five, as well as over 300 bird species. The park is home to giraffes, cheetahs, and leopards, and is also home to ostriches and crowned cranes. It also has many interesting plants.

The park is home to numerous animals, including lions and elephants. Its lion population is rapidly dwindling, but the park still boasts elephants, Kordofan giraffe, and a host of other animals. Since the 1990s, the number of Kob antelopes has increased to over 5000. Other ungulates include warthogs and roan. Birdlife can be spotted here too, including the Marbled Duck, Nubian Bustard, and Greater Spotted Eagle.

Another top tourist attraction in Cameroon is the Limbe volcano. The volcano’s summit is over 4,000 meters, making the climb a serious challenge. However, you can spend the day exploring the park’s botanical gardens and strolling around the base of the mountain. While hiking the mountain, the view is worth the effort. You’ll also get to see the famous Waza National Park, which is home to a variety of wildlife.

While you’re in the area, take some time to explore Limbe botanical garden. Founded in 1892 by German scientist Paul Preus, the park is a prime birding location. Its lush forests are home to over 370 bird species and over a thousand plant species. The park covers a huge amount of land, and it is a great place to relax and learn more about plants.Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon


If you are looking for a place to relax and take in the scenery, Maroua is the place to visit. This small city is located in the far north of Cameroon, within the mountains of River Kaliao. This town is home to a diverse population, including ethnic groups from various parts of Cameroon. It is also known for its imposing ginger fields, which are used to make a liqueur that is said to boost sexual health and give “lion power.”

The population of Maroua is predominantly Muslim, but the city also contains a Protestant church for Christian devotees. The town is also home to several mosques, both historic and modern. Maroua has an Ethnographic Museum that provides interesting information on the culture and people of the area. Adventure lovers will love the town’s Mount Maroua, which is a popular destination for adventure sports.

The rainforests and mountainous regions of the country are another major draw to Cameroon’s top tourist attractions. The country’s most important monuments are the Royal Palace and the National Museum, and there are 230 languages spoken in the country. The capital city of Yaoundé is another great place to visit. The museum houses a replica of a Cameroonian royal palace, which is part of a project called the Four Museums of Cameroon.

The weather in Maroua is not always predictable. The coldest months are January and February, but you should expect to enjoy snowfall in March. On average, you won’t find any significant rain in Maroua during these months. However, you can expect to experience a little bit of humidity during these months. The highest rainfall is in late February, when temperatures reach 171 degrees Fahrenheit.Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon

Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apotres

The Basilique Marie-Reine-des Apotres is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Yaoundé, Cameroon. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is under the circumscription of the Archdiocese of Yaoundé. It was built on the site of the first church constructed in Cameroon by the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.

This Roman Catholic basilica is located in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and was built on the site of the first church in the country. The basilique is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Yaounde, and contains several relics from the country’s early history. The Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apotres is one of the country’s top tourist attractions.

Another popular tourist attraction in Yaoundé is the Museum of Civilization. This museum explores the history and culture of Cameroon and its surrounding regions. It also contains a neglected film museum, the Center le Cinematique. Visiting both of these cultural attractions can be a wonderful learning experience. You will also be able to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Yaoundé.

Another top tourist attraction in Cameroon is the national park. This park encompasses over 1,260 square kilometers of mostly untouched rainforest. You can spot forest elephants and chimpanzees here. The national park also features 255 species of birds. While you’re at the park, be sure to take the time to explore the botanical gardens.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame des Victoires is a notable landmark in Yaounde. The archdiocese of Yaounde is located here. The Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apotres is another historical site in the city. This church is Cameroon’s first missionary church. It is situated on a hill overlooking a roundabout. The triangular church is supported by eight columns and has a statue of Saint George defeating Satan. Besides the cathedral, you can visit the National Museum of Yaounde, which is located in a former presidential palace. It also functions as a foundation for preserving national culture.Top 10 Best Tourist Attraction in Cameroon

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