Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi-Top Place Hang out 2022

Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi-Top Place Hang out 2022
Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi-Top Place Hang out 2022, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi;-

At dusk, Nairobi city transforms into the ultimate party destination, with revelers scurrying about in search of the ideal location to while the night away. As the weekend draws near, the music from the several clubs all around appears to get louder, and there are always enough of beverages and snacks to eat while you party.

In an effort to outperform the competition and retain their patrons, Nairobi pubs and clubs make significant investments in their interior design, furniture, and sound equipment. Always research the target demographic of a club before going, or you run the risk of disliking the music or not having enough money for drinks. Here are ten of Nairobi’s top places for nightlife:

1.Brew Bistro

Brew Bistro, one of Nairobi’s hippest nightlife hotspots, is situated on Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road. Brew Bistro is renowned for its master brewers, premium brews, and the elegant restaurant where delectable local and foreign gourmet meals and small nibbles are served. Before evening, the mood is generally relaxed, and the decor’s subtle accents of coral and lavender only serve to heighten this feeling.

If you’re visiting with a group, you might wish to reserve a table for the outdoor terrace and lounge on busier nights. The music is excellent, and you are guaranteed to have a good time because either a DJ or a fantastic band performs frequently.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

2.Havana Bar and Restaurant

Havana Bar and Restaurant is located on Woodvale Grove in Westlands, relatively close to Sarit Centre. A respectable bar with a fair choice of national and international brands can be found in Havana. Beers cost at least Ksh. 220, while Ksh. 150 to Ksh. 550 can be spent on tots of rum, vodka, whisky, and brandy. The menu at the charming Havana restaurant offers a variety of delectable dishes at affordable pricing.

For appetizers, there are soups and salads; for the main course, there are a range of fish, beef steak, pork chops, and chicken dishes; there are also sweets and drinks. On Thursdays, businesspeople and foreigners like it. Visit: Havana Restaurant and Bar.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

3.Mercury Lounge

At ABC Place, Mercury Lounge is close to Waiyaki Way. If the affluent patrons and high beer prices are any indication, the club is fairly upscale, yet it is a terrific place to spend the evening. Expats are frequently seen in this area, and there are plenty of local and international brands to suit a variety of preferences and tastes.

The music is excellent, and the mood is generally relaxed. There is plenty of parking and security, and the club is well furnished with contemporary pieces. A nice place to go is the Mercury Irish Pub in the Junction Mall on Ngong Road, which serves up tasty steaks, a wide selection of beverages, and beers. It is practical because you may access additional services and stores at the mall.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

4.Galileo Lounge

On Waiyaki Way as you travel to Westlands, you will find the Gallileo Lounge, which is quite well-liked by locals. Even though it becomes very crowded on the weekends and during events, if you arrive early enough, you are sure to have a good time. Although the prices are a tad on the expensive side, the music is fantastic and there are lots of drinks available. Parking may be difficult, especially on weekends, however security is taken care of by the club management.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

5.Klub House (K1)

Reggae night is famous at Klub House (K1) on Thursdays. Typically, the reggae night experience receives such raving reviews and is highly recommended by both residents and visitors. K1 is a great place to spend the evening and is situated in Parklands along Ojijo road. Like most clubs in Nairobi, K1 is very crowded on weekends, but the selection of drinks and music will keep you occupied. Additionally, Klub House 2 (K2) is a really fantastic place to rave and is located along Baricho Road in an industrial region. Check out Klub House.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

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6.Choices Pub and Restaurant

Choices Pub is a hip spot for older people and is situated in the industrial area along Baricho Road. Weekdays at Choices Pub include themed music evenings featuring everything from R&B to rock. Thursday nights are typically reserved for Karaoke or a cool band, Fridays are dominated by ‘Old Skool’ and Soul, and Saturday nights are dedicated to all genres of music. There are numerous drinks and snacks available for affordable pricing. Go to: Choices Pub’s Facebook page.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

 7.Bacchus Lounge

Right adjacent to Havana on Woodvale Grove is where you’ll find Bacchus. Due to its close location and propensity to draw comparable crowds, it is simple to experience both on the same evening. The club is well known for throwing lavish parties and events on Wednesdays and the weekends since Bacchus has some of the top DJs. The music is also amazing.

8.Club Tribeka

On Kimathi Street, across from Nation Centre, Tribeka is located in the CBD. It is a terrific venue to party with friends and is in a convenient location if you don’t drive. People in their late 20s and older make up the majority of the mature crowd. Beer from the area costs around Ksh. 250 and no matter what day of the week it is, there is usually a respectable crowd. Check out Club Tribeka.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

9.OffRoad Bar and Lounge

One of the well-known restaurants on the road is OffRoad, which is situated in Lang’ata across from the road that branches off to Carnivore. Despite getting crowded on certain evenings, it is generally roomy and there is plenty of parking. The beverages are moderately inexpensive, and the music is worth the notoriety. Go to Offroad Langata’s Facebook page.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

10.Black Diamond

On Mpaka Road in Westlands, Black Diamond is renowned for its amazing music, breathtaking views from its balcony, and reasonably priced cocktails and beers. This is the place to be if you want to dance all night.

Generally,If the warnings on the alcohol bottles don’t deter you, Alco-blow cops will teach you not to drink and drive. Nightclubs are only legally permitted to open at 5 p.m. on weekdays and 2 p.m. on weekends. Keep an eye on your beverage at all times.Top 10 Best Nightlife Spots in Nairobi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Nairobi have nightlife?

Nairobi has a thriving nightlife, to put it mildly. There is live music everywhere, and nightclubs frequently include both DJ sets and visiting bands. Even though there are many bars and clubs in the city center, Westlands is home to some of the best.

Nairobi has 12,500 bars, the most of which were illegal and located in slum areas, according to a 2016 assessment. Only 736 of the 2,000 bars in the Central Business District, according to Mr. Agwena, had licenses.

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