The 10 Best Airports in America,

The 10 Best Airports in America,
The 10 Best Airports in America,

The 10 Best Airports in America,;-Although everyone has a favorite airport, what actually makes one good and another great? The J.D. Power 2021 North America Airport Satisfaction Study rates airports on a 1,000-point scale for six factors—terminal facilities, airport arrival/departure, baggage claim, security check, check-in/baggage check, and food, beverage, and retail—in the following order of importance.

According to Michael Taylor, travel intelligence head at J.D., “a good airport does all the blocking and tackling well: They are easy to get to and through, security is swift, they are clean, and the terminals are comfortable. Power. a fantastic airport It carries out each of these tasks and more. The higher rated airports frequently have excellent food, beverage, and retail offerings. These include a variety of items from well-known brands (Chick-fil-A, Burger King, Starbucks, etc.) as well as eateries that “reflect the local community and things that you can only get in that city,” according to Taylor.

Which airports made the top 10 list at the moment, and how did they do it? Taylor clarifies everything for her.

The 10 Best Airports in America,

1.New Orleans (MSY)

2019 saw the opening of a new terminal in New Orleans, which helped it get the highest rating of all the airports in the nation: a total of 844 points. According to J.D. Power, it obtained the second-highest score for food, beverage, and retail services. According to Taylor, the airport’s culinary star power comes from neighborhood restaurants like Emeril’s Table (“you can’t get much more New Orleans than Emeril Lagasse”), Bar Sazerac (“featuring the history of NOLA’s iconic adult beverage”), Ye Olde College Inn, Leah’s Kitchen (“from what I’m told, Leah’s Kitchen serves the best gumbo in all of New Orleans… I’ve had it and it is very good!”), The 10 Best Airports in America,

2.Tampa (TPA)

The second-highest rated airport in the nation, TPA in Tampa, Florida, has an 843 score, and Taylor credits “great management” and “they really understand airports” for its success. The airport recently completed internal construction and also does a great job in food, beverage, and retail, as well as running an effective security check.The 10 Best Airports in America,

3.Raleigh-Durham (RDU)

Taylor claims that Raleigh-Durham, a major airport with a score of 841, does an excellent job of concentrating its services in a sizable open area. Additionally, he adds, “they have large windows with rocking rockers where you can sit back and watch the flights.”The 10 Best Airports in America,

4.Dallas Love (DAL)

According to Taylor, Love Field, an airport dominated by Southwest Airlines, received an 829. Prior to the epidemic, the entire airport was renovated in accordance with the prevailing belief that it should resemble an affluent suburban mall. Food, beverage, and retail are some of their stronger industries.

Southwest is one of the best in the US for on-time performance, according to him, and it also has excellent operations. an extra benefit? The wine bar there is excellent.The 10 Best Airports in America,

5.Miami (MIA)

Miami had an overall score of 828, which placed it first among all the nation’s major airports. Miami International Airport received a high rating from J.D. in the field of food, beverage, and retail services, making it the highest-scoring mega airport. Shula’s Bar and Grill, (Gloria) Estefan’s Kitchen, and Gilbert’s Bakery, according to Taylor, are examples of local Miami and Florida establishments that give the airport a “feeling of place” (local to Miami). The “Corona Beach House” and Bacardi Mojito Bar at MIA further the beachy feel of South Florida.The 10 Best Airports in America,

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6.Salt Lake City (SLC)

The Salt Lake City airport’s acoustic design contributed to its 826 rating. According to Taylor, the flooring is the key to solving the acoustics problem that airports are dealing with. Hard surface floors are simple to clean in public areas, but they reflect sound and make the terminal noisy, according to him. Due to its acoustic design, SLC has excellent baffling so you can hear the ambient noise, which is reassuring to travelers but also enables clear announcements of the PA system. Carpeting wears down and accumulates dirt.The 10 Best Airports in America,

7.Nashville (BNA)

Taylor said Nashville, which received an 820, performs well in the food, beverage, and retail industries. Several of the most popular cuisine options? Fugitives Public House, Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse, 400 Degrees Hot Chicken, and Little Harpeth Brewing.The 10 Best Airports in America,

8.Austin (AUS)

Austin’s airport, which serves 10 to 32.9 million travelers annually, received an 819. The strength of the terminal facilities, according to Taylor, is that “they have done a lot of construction.” Additionally, it helps that live music is performed every day from Monday through Friday in various locations around the terminals.The 10 Best Airports in America,

9.New York-John F. Kennedy (JFK)

J.D. Power ranks JFK Airport in New York, the busiest airport serving the New York City metro area, as the second-best mega airport in the nation. Power. 817 out of 1,000 was their score.

Taylor describes JFK as a “success story,” adding that significant advancements had been made in the last ten years. Despite being a multi-terminal airport, they excel in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, retail, and strong traffic flow. He points out that terminals 4 and 8 are two of the nicer ones, have a wide range of amenities, and receive a higher percentage of passengers.The 10 Best Airports in America,

10.Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP)

Minneapolis-St. Paul was just one of three mega airports (defined by J.D. Power as those with 33 million or more passengers per year) to make it into the top ten. The twin cities’ airport received an 815 out of 1,000 rating.

Taylor describes the airport’s main characteristics as having excellent terminal amenities to Best Life. He points out that MSP didn’t decline as quickly as other airports, despite the fact that other airports’ scores decreased over the previous year simply because there were more passengers in the terminal as demand for travel increased. He adds that the airport just completed a significant construction project, which undoubtedly helped raise its rating. “People judge you highly when building is complete,” he claims.The 10 Best Airports in America,

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the #1 airport?

The greatest airport in the world is once again Doha’s Hamad International Airport, which dethroned Singapore Changi Airport in 202

  • Where is the biggest air port?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, is by far the largest airport in the world in terms of overall size. This former US airfield is almost as big as all five boroughs of New York City combined, covering around 300 square miles (302.6 mi2)

  • Where is America’s Friendliest airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

It is effective, amiable, and entertaining for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, dubbed “America’s friendliest airport,” has recently started a significant capital investment program.

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