Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022

Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022
Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022
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Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login;- Coverage: Tamisemi Selform system Selform.Tamisemi.Go.Tz in 2022 Login: selform mis in 2022 2022: choosing of selform tamisemi Selform Form 4 in 2022 selform forgot password in 2022 Combination at selform.tamisemi.go.tz: Selform Mis Login Jinsi ya kubadili’

Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022

The President’s Office, Regional Administration, and Local Government (TAMISEMI) created the official web-based application Tamisemi Selform to let form four students who are ready to enroll in advanced level easily modify the subject combination to take in their advanced level. The approach was created primarily to address the issue of assigning pupils to subject combinations for which they do not qualify.

The primary responsibility of the student in the MIS Selform system is to modify some personal data, including Home Address, Mobile Number, Email Address, alternatives for schools and colleges, and its specifications in other areas based on its performance in the results.

In previous years, students had the option to choose the combination and school they wanted to attend; however, as we all know, nature doesn’t always give us what we want and we often end up somewhere we didn’t intend to be. The same is true for form four graduates, the majority of whom may decide to pursue studies. Let’s say PCB, but the findings showed that the same student really met the requirements for HKL rather than PCB.

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Tamisemi Selform System was created to solve this issue by giving the student a second chance to choose the topic combination that will produce the best exam outcomes.

Everything you need to know about the Tamisemi Selform System 2022, MIS Login, and more will be covered here. the Tamisemi Selform System 2022 login process, How to modify form five of the SELFORM formula TAMISEMI selform 2022: MIS Colleges selection alternatives for 2022–2023.

Tamisemi Selform Mis Login

Please ensure you have the following before you attempt to access or log into Tamisemi Selform MIS System 2022.

  • A desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone
  • Internet access
  • Number in Form Four

Type the following address into the web browser of your choice (such as Firefox or Chrome) on your device: “selform.tamisemi.go.tz ”

OR USE Selform Mis Login  DIRECT LINK 

Open your preferred web browser on your device, then type “selform.tamisemi.go.tz” into the address bar.

Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022
Tamisemi Selform System MIS Login 2022

MIS Selform Login

If you’re using the Tamisemi Selform System for the first time, you must click “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER” to be taken to the Selform Mis registration form, where you must accurately input your Form four index number and click “VERIFY,” as seen below.

After that, you will be directed to another form where you will be requested to enter further information in order to confirm that the index number belongs to you.

To proceed successfully, complete the fields as needed, click “REGISTER” as displayed above, and then enter the password that will be necessary to access your selform MIS system account. Login to Tamisemi Selform Visit “selform.tamisemi.go.tz” to log into your account. Use DIRECT LINK instead. When the link has successfully opened, enter your username and password accurately before clicking LOGIN.

Jinsi ya kubadili combination kwa selform


Once you’ve logged in, the following window will open, and you can only alter your personal information in the sections that are closed. When finished, click Save and Next below to move forward.

Selform System  MIS Login
Selform System MIS Login

You can check various information and adjust the college option to your preference in student general choice.









To continue updating the information about your college choice, click this box. When finished, select SAVE & NEXT.


To make further changes to the details of your school choice information V form, click here:

NOTE: Due to the school’s successful outcomes and potential for change, students will only see possible pairings with the institution. When done, select SAVE & NEXT to continue editing other settings or SAVE & RETURN to change already-edited options.

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To continue modifying your college option information, click Technical Education. Technical and its Specifications:

NOTE: To change this area, the learner must have a working knowledge of PCM and its ramifications.

When done, select SAVE & NEXT or SAVE & RETURN. Go through all other options to continue editing your information. Once you are certain that you have entered your information accurately under HEALTH EDUCATION, DIPLOMA EDUCATION, and OTHER COLLEGES, click SAVE so that the system can store your most recent data.

If you encountered any issues when using our instructions, we have included a video below that will show you how the Tamisemi selform ization system functions.

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