TAMISEMI: Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

TAMISEMI: Waliopangiwa Ajira Mpya za Walimu
TAMISEMI: Waliopangiwa Ajira Mpya za Walimu
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TAMISEMI: Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022, Orodha ya majina Ajira Mpya Za Walimu, Download Hapa PDF ya Majina ya walimu ajira mpya 2022, majina ya walimu waliopangiwa vituo vya kazi 2022, TAMISEMI teachers names called for work, TAMISEMI Teacher Jobs.

TAMISEMI: Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

Provincial Governments and Local Authorities is an entire ministry under the Presidency of the Republic and directed by the Minister of State assisted by two Vice-Directors. There is also the Secretary General who is the chief executive officer of government activities.

The Ministry of TAMISEMI
Ministry of TAMISEMI

One of the tasks of this Ministry is to coordinate all regional development plans with Local Authorities under the presidential office. The administration of this Ministry is under the Minister who is also a member of the Cabinet of Tanzania. Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

The ministry is responsible for regional development in all regions and districts, particularly in ensuring the continuity of infrastructure for each region in the construction of roads and buildings, and at the appropriate level.

Waliopangiwa Ajira za Ualimu 2022/2023|TAMISEMI Ajira za Ualimu 2022

TAMISEMI Waliopata Ajira za Afya 2022 | Waliopata Ajira za Afya 2022

TAMISEMI teachers names called for work | TAMISEMI Teachers Jobs.

April of this year the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government TAMISEMI (OR-PMO-RALG) approved the assignment of 7,612 health personnel to council hospitals, health centers and dispensaries as well as 9,800 teachers in primary and secondary schools to do the work under local government authorities.

Hence, graduates of State Higher Education Colleges, Teachers Colleges and State Health Colleges have been announced to submit job applications from April 20 to May 4.

All teachers who are eligible to submit their applications are discussed online through recruitment ajira.tamisemi.go.tz. The announcement applies to graduates of teacher training courses from 2015 to 2021. Applicants who previously submitted their applications through the job application system are required to re-apply.

Where to get Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022?

TAMISEMI Tanzania said the names of teachers to be employed in primary and secondary teaching positions announced in May this 2021/2022 fiscal year will be announced soon to reduce the scarcity of teachers in government schools to provide better education to increase student performance on its website. All teachers will be required to report their place of work within a specified period of time, for those who will fail to take their chances for others.

What do you do when the names are released TAMISEMI? | Orodha ya majina Ajira Mpya Za Walimu



TAMISEMI will release names See a list of all secondary and primary school teachers hired by the government in the 2022/2023financial year and will be available on the TAMISEMI website www.tamisemi.go.tz. To update when the names are released, please just visit this page regularly as gospopromo.com will be updated for every events and any news announced by TAMISEMI. Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

TAMISEMI Contacts |

Wasiliana nasi

Katibu Mkuu, Ofisi ya Rais Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa

S.L.P: 1923 Dodoma – Tanzania

Simu: +255 262 321 234

Simu ya Mkononi:

Barua Pepe: ps@tamisemi.go.tz


Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022
Majina Ajira Mpya za Walimu 2022

From 1961 until now the Office of the President – PMO-RALG has been an independent Ministry, a Ministry under the Office of the Prime Minister and in the Office of the President as it is now. Decisions on where to place it have been made to enhance the functioning of this Office.

The Office of the President PMO-RALG (TAMISEMI) is the only Ministry whose Headquarters has been established in Dodoma since the early seventies since the Government declared Government Headquarters to be Dodoma and in Dar es Salaam there have been small Offices. The presence of the Dodoma Headquarters grew with the aim of providing equal opportunities for its key stakeholders especially the Regions and Local Government Authorities to reach Dodoma easily when they follow various services.

The purpose of the existence of Local Government is to devolve power to the people whose origins are the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 in Chapter 8, Articles 145 and 146. The transfer of power to the people through Local Government Authorities and That is why Local Government and Citizen participation in the development process are enshrined in the Constitution and Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


PO-RALG is committed to be a leading institution in empowering Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities to improve the provision of quality life and services to the community.


In order to move towards the realization of the Mission within the short, medium and long term; PO-RALG, in collaboration stakeholders will:-

  • Champion decentralization by devolution and create a capable RegionalAdministration and autonomous Local Government Authorities.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage the critical interfaces between MDAs in compliance with the D by D policy.
  • Promote Urban and Rural development Policies.
  • Provide continuous performance improvement and empower employees to full fill their maximum potentials.So as to eventually improve the overall quality of life to the majority of Tanzanians.


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