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Salary Slip Portal Login
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Salary Slip Portal, A salary statement, usually called a salary slip, salary stub, salary stub, pay notice, or sometimes a salary stub or salary slip, is a document that an employee receives that includes either a notice that the direct deposit transaction has gone through or is attached to the salary.

Every state has laws about what must be included in a payment receipt, but this typically includes details of pay period gross wages, taxes, and any other deductions the employer is required to make by law as well as other personal deductions such as a retirement plan, retirement contributions, insurances, garnishes, or charitable contributions. Taken from the gross amount to arrive at the final net wage amount, including year-to-date totals in some circumstances.

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Salary Slip Portal – Salary Slip Register, Salary Slip Login

In most countries with a well-developed bank transfer system, wages and salaries are increasingly being paid by electronic means, rather than by the use of physical checks. This saves the company money printing and processing checks and reduces the problem of fraud.

However, the vocabulary of the figurative “paycheck” still exists in some languages, but this usually refers to the payment receipt or payment stub rather than the actual check. Some payroll companies have eliminated both paper and item checks, in which case an electronic image of the butt is available on a website. Most provinces and territories in Canada allow employers to issue electronic payment statements if employees have confidential access to it and are able to print it.

Watumishi portal salary slip 2022

For government employees in Tanzania, the salary slip is issued under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance (Mof). To get the salary slip, you need to be registered in the Utumishi portal by providing the necessary details, after which you can easily login to see your salary slip.


My salary slip | How to register on Salary Slip Portal?

To get registered/get a membership you have to follow some of steps:


Below are the details you need to keep ready before you apply for the online salary portal registration.

The information and key points you need to register for the salary portal are as shown below:

    • Check number
    • Your names
    • Date of birth
    • Vote (for example 88Z2)
    • Subvote (eg 5007)
    • Account your bank account
    • Salary Scale (full of TGTS, TGS, n.k)
    • Salary Grade (filling B, C, D, E, e.g.)
    • Salary Step (will fill 1,2,3 nk). When Successfully registered, you will be redirected to the next page to fill it out
      • Phone number
      • email address
      • Password
    • Keep ready these things so you can get registration easily.

How to login in your salary slip portal?|Salary Slip Login

There are some steps you may need to follow to login into your salary slip portal

Salary Slip Portal
Salary Slip Portal

Example of Salary Slip

A Salary Slip
A Salary Slip

How can I see my salary slip?

A salary slip is either printed or emailed to you by the employer. You can also check the salary slip on your employee’s internal portal. The pay slip will have details of your salary and deductions.

How can i get my Salary Slip?

You may access your salary slip via online and through the link below is where you can get your salary slip:

  1. salary slip portal Tanzania
  2. Salary Slip Portal Register
  3. Government Salary Slip Portal 
  4. Salary Slip Portal Login 
  5. Salary Slip Portal 

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