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A citrus farm manager;- The day-to-day management of a citrus farming enterprise falls within the purview of a citrus farm manager. This includes undertakings like:

preparing and carrying out farming schedules and strategies
directing and overseeing farm workers

  • observing the health and growth of a crop
  • ensuring adherence to legal requirements
  • maintaining infrastructure and farm equipment
  • Crop marketing and sales for the farm
  • Financial planning and management
  • Inventory management and supply chain management
  • implementing strategies for ongoing improvement to increase agricultural productivity and efficiency.


The manager of a citrus farm should be well-versed in agricultural, business management, and pertinent rules and regulations. Success in this position also requires strong leadership, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

How to Become a citrus farm Manager?

These steps can be taken in order to become a manager of a citrus farm:

  • Education: A strong foundation for this career can be provided by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in agriculture, horticulture, or a similar discipline. Through internships or practical training, several programs can provide practical experience.
  • Work experience: Working as an agricultural technician, farm supervisor, or assistant farm manager can help you gain the required work experience you need to advance your career as a citrus farm manager.
  • Industry certification: Acquiring an industry certification, such as one provided by a professional association, can show knowledge and enhance employment opportunities.
  • Networking: Creating connections with other agricultural experts and influential figures in the sector can lead to insightful discussions and career prospects.
  • Continuous learning: Attending workshops, conferences, and courses can help preserve a competitive edge by keeping up with innovations in agricultural technology and techniques.

It is significant to note that depending on the size and nature of the farm, as well as local and federal restrictions, the particular qualifications for becoming a citrus farm manager may change.

Requirements for CITRUS FARM MANAGER

  • Degree in Agriculture
  • Minimum 5 years’ extensive experience in general farm production, specifically citrus crops;
  • In-depth knowledge of ALL farming practices
  • Computer related skills- MS Office, Outlook, etc.;

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