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NEW Police Jobs in Tanzania 2021:-

NEW Police Jobs in Tanzania 2021:-The Tanzania Police Force was formally established on 25 August 1919 by an English Government Proclamation published in Official Gazette No.

But the military was legally created under the Police Force Act 1939 (Police Forces and Auxiliary Services Act 1939) basic legislation. This law is the one that applies to this day although it has been amended from time to time.


The announcement stated that the headquarters of the army was in the Lushoto area in the Tanga region under the command of Major S.T. Davis.

Later in 1921, a group of European police inspectors arrived in Tanganyika and set up a special police training school in Morogoro District to meet their needs and find a sufficient number of skilled soldiers.

Although there were black soldiers who trained but remained in the lowest rank of police as all the higher ranks were given to white soldiers.

NEW Police Jobs in Tanzania 2021

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With regard to external oversight, the Ombudsman’s Office or Standing Committee of Investigation, an independent body, retains the power to investigate incidents of corruption and abuse of power by public authorities, including police personnel, and to make recommendations to the President.

The Constitution defines the competence of the Ombudsman, which includes the power to investigate members of the governments of Tanzania and Zanzibar, members of committees and any other public authority, except for the President. In addition, the offices of the Attorney General and the Auditor General are empowered to audit government accounts and examine records and accounts.

Furthermore, the Tanzania Human Rights Commission, referred to as the Commission on Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG), is responsible for investigating human rights abuses, which include allegations of police brutality, corruption, and violations of women’s rights, as well as incidents of mismanagement.

NOTE::: NEW Police Jobs in Tanzania 2021

Although the independence of CHRAGG has been questioned, civil society organizations in Tanzania have commended CHRAGG for its valuable contributions to human rights efforts, including the training of high-level police officials. These organizations include the Legal and Human Rights Center (LHRC), the Center for the Promotion of Human Rights, and the Tanzanian Women Lawyers Association, which are also actively involved in police surveillance issues.

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