Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online
Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online;-Schools were hesitant to start offering PhD programs online for a very long period. Over the last two or three years, it has been altering. It has gotten simpler for schools to convert some of their PhD level programs to the online delivery mode as best practices and large platforms have grown more widespread in online education.

The online phd in educational leadership is one of the most popular courses on offer. The fact that online doctoral programs sometimes focus substantially on research presents a barrier for programs that need to have access to cutting-edge labs for their research.

The majority of educational research, though, is conducted on the job. This means that having candidates from all around the country can really be advantageous to the online doctorate in educational leadership.

The lowest cost online doctorates in educational leadership are presented in our ranking. We rank a wide range of universities, including secular and religious colleges as well as schools from the public and private sectors. Therefore, there is a significant probability that you will discover what you’re seeking for in our ranking of the most affordable online doctorate in educational leadership degrees.

Top 20 Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

1.University of Arkansas

A three-year, 42-credit Ed.D. program in educational leadership is available from the University of Arkansas. To be considered for admission, candidates must successfully finish the GRE test. Students will gather in person on campus once every semester for an intense session that consists of lectures by education experts and practitioners, roundtable discussions, and debates based on crucial issues in the area of education.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

Fees: $18,089

2.University of Massachusetts

Three years are needed to finish UMass Lowell’s 42-credit online Ed.D. program, which also includes a one-week summer residency. One of these residencies serves as the program’s opening event. Every semester, students finish two courses. Foundations for practitioner scholars, creating inclusive educational environments, applied research design, and strategic collaboration with families and communities are among the topics covered in the courses.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

Fees: $19,740

3.University of the Cumberlands

Less than three years are needed to finish the University of the Cumberlands‘ online Ed.D. program. The administration and supervision concentration of the 60-credit program offers classes on the politics of organizational decision making, program planning and assessment, leadership in theory and practice, grant writing and proposal development, and the use of inferential statistics in decision-making.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$22,500 for tuition

4.Texas Tech University

The 60-credit Texas Tech online educational leadership Ed.D. program consists of 48 credits of coursework and 12 credits of dissertation research. While this program does deliver much of its coursework online, it’s crucial to remember that students are still required to attend weekend doctoral colloquia in both the fall and spring semesters, in addition to a one-week intensive every summer.

$23,762 for tuition

5.Northwest Nazarene University

Both an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. in educational leadership are offered by Northwest Nazarene University. One of the shortest programs in our rating, the program lasts 22 months. Additionally, the program provides a two-week summer session on campus to help students get ready for their dissertations and research projects. Students will enroll in courses including professional and ethical leadership, advanced data analysis, and qualitative and quantitative methodologies for educational research.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$23,985 for tuition

6.University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is permitted to administer this program to students in all 50 U.S. states or is exempt from the requirement for authorization. Applicants must have a master’s degree with a 3.5 GPA or better, a GRE verbal score of 150, and a 4.0 GRE analytical writing score in order to be accepted into this 42-credit online Ed.D. program. Leadership for organizational learning, Leading Organizational Change, Leadership for School/Family Community Engagement, and Design Thinking in Education are just a few of the courses that students will study.

$28,770 for tuition

7.Belhaven University

Both an online Ed.D. (doctorate of education) and an online Ed.S. in educational leadership are offered by Belhaven University (education specialist degree). Three residencies are necessary for the Ed.D. online degree program to be completed, two of which must be completed during the dissertation phase. Students will enroll in classes including advanced quantitative statistical designs, research design and methodology, and enhanced writing for scholarship.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$31,500 for tuition

8.Liberty University

One of the five specialties offered by Liberty University’s Ph.D. degree in online education is a concentration in organizational leadership. Strategic organizational transformation, strategic risk management method and practice, organizational analysis and problem-solving, and theories of educational leadership are the four courses specifically related to the organizational leadership concentration.

$35,700 for tuition

9.Minnesota State University at Moorhead

Only two summer residencies are necessary to complete Minnesota State University at Moorhead’s online Ed.D. in educational leadership program. The overall number of credits required for the degree is 72, but if 12 credits from a master’s degree are accepted and match the criteria, the total is reduced to 60. A total of 27 credits may be transferred, however 15 of those credits must come from programs leading to a post-degree. master’s Students will enroll in classes like Social Justice, Culture, Diversity, and Ethical Practice for Educational Leaders and Educational Law and Policy: Historical, Political, and Global Perspective.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$40,752 for tuition

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10.University of Nebraska

Summer residencies are necessary throughout the first three summers of the University of Nebraska’s online Ed.D. in educational administration with a focus on P-12 school leadership program. Cross-cultural leadership studies, system level administration, educational institution governance, and system level school development are just a few of the classes that students will study.

$43,350 for tuition

11.Central Michigan University Global

The 63-credit Ed.D. online program at Central Michigan University provides specializations in both K–12 and postsecondary education leadership. The curriculum includes both synchronous and asynchronous online components and calls for four in-person summer meetings. Students will take courses like ethical leadership, organizational culture and change in educational institutions, and organizational theory in educational institutions.

Tuition: $45,738

12.University of New England

There are 51 credits in this online Ed.D. program from the University of New England, and there is no GRE requirement. The curriculum lasts three years, the first two of which are spent primarily on coursework and the last year on the dissertation. Courses on preparing for transformative leadership, qualitative research techniques, deciphering empirical data, and technology and organizational transformation will be offered to students.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$46,920 for tuition

13. Lipscomb University

Three on-campus intensives are required for Lipscomb University’s 54-credit online Ed.D. program, which also includes a 10-day overseas trip in Europe where students can interview practitioners, policymakers, and educational leaders. Students enroll in classes on strategic planning and evaluation, entrepreneurship in education, brain-based research, leadership theory and practice, and change management.

$51,462 for tuition

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 14.Lamar University

The Ed.D. in educational leadership program at Lamar University is intended to be finished in eight semesters, including the summers. The curriculum has a total of 60 credits and starts in the summer of each year. Adult learning theory, leadership in higher education administration, global education leadership and policy, global ethics and values, worldwide leadership concerns, and global communication are among the topics covered in the courses taken by the students.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

15.Concordia University-Portland

The Ed.D. program at Concordia University-Portland offers five concentrations, with educational leadership being one of them. online degree. The majority of students finish the 59-credit course work in three years. Concordia’s revolutionary virtual residency allows students to finish the entire program online. With the virtual residency, students can receive all the advantages of in-person residencies without having to fly or take a lot of time off from their jobs, families, or other commitments.

$51,920 for tuition

16.College of Saint Elizabeth

An online Ed.D. in higher education leadership is available from the College of Saint Elizabeth and requires 50 credits. Students can select whether they will take classes on campus or online each week using the school’s ED Choice delivery system. Students will enroll in courses on higher education enrollment management, higher education policy formulation and leadership, institutional reform and strategic planning, and resource allocation and deployment.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$52,836 for tuition

17.Rowan University

Students in this Ed.D. program have the option of concentrating in leadership in community colleges, higher education, P-12, or nurse educators. While the whole degree program is online, there are three residencies that students must attend in person. Applied ethics in educational leadership, mixed-methods research in educational leadership, and quantitative analysis in educational research are among the topics covered in the courses.

$53,160 for tuition

18.East Tennessee State University

An online Ed.D. is available from East Tennessee State University with a focus in either school leadership or higher education leadership. There are 66 credits for each concentration. Administration theories, quantitative research, research in educational leadership, administration of higher education law for organizational leaders, and policy, power, and politics in education are just a few of the courses that students will take.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$55,506 for tuition

19. Colorado State University

A higher education leadership emphasis is offered in this 60-credit online Ph.D. in education and human resource studies. The program consists of 30 hours of coursework in higher education administration and 30 credits of dissertation research. Courses in qualitative research, higher education law, professionalism in teaching and leadership, theory and practice of change, analysis of educational policies, and reading and critiquing educational literature will be offered to students.

School costs: $55,560

20.Regent University

Twelve concentrations are available for the online Ph.D. in education program at Regent University, including K–12 school leadership, executive leadership, higher education leadership and management, and advanced educational leadership. Depending on the emphasis, students must complete a minimum of 75+ credit hours of coursework to earn the degree.Top 20 Most Affordable PhD in Educational Leadership Online

$58,125 for tuition


  • Are online doctorates worse than traditional doctorates?

Depending on your viewpoint and plan. Although they both have a lot to offer, in some circumstances their offerings are not the same. Online doctorates provide you more freedom over your schedule, where you live, and how you spend your time. You might enjoy your career even though there aren’t any local doctoral programs in your area. An online doctorate is a fantastic choice for you in that situation. When you’re wanting to start an advanced degree program at the same time, attending a regular school would require you to uproot your life, move to a new location, and get a new job.

Residency is a requirement for many online PhD programs, so you’ll probably need to go to your institution of choice.

  • How do I finance an online doctorate in educational leadership?

Due to the previous funding methods for doctorates, this presents one of the major problems for online doctoral students. It was typical for candidates in a standard doctoral program to teach at the institution where they were enrolled. This can be a little challenging if your university is 3,000 miles distant from where you live. For doctorate candidates who are willing to teach or TA online courses, several colleges may still provide such agreements.

Asking your employer whether they will assist pay for your PhD is one possibility if you work at one university but attend another. Universities frequently practice this because they want the majority of their faculty to hold doctoral degrees.


Additionally, there are numerous private financing organizations that provide substantial ongoing or one-time scholarships to assist students in obtaining their PhD; however, the criteria for these tend to be extremely specific, so you will need to look for the sources of which you are eligible.

There is also the possibility of federal student loans. Although there are loan limits, the degrees we included in our ranking are so reasonably priced that they might be entirely financed by federal student loans. You should, happily, be able to avoid taking out higher-interest private loans as a result.

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