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Engaging Digital Kids
Engaging Digital Kids
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About Koobits

KooBits (stylized as KooBits with capital letters K and B) designs and manufactures digital products for children and educators. KooBits was founded in 2007 by current CEO Stanley Han, jointly with Professor Sam Ge Shuzhi and Dr. Chen Xiangdong.  The trio saw an opportunity in the rapid growth of the e-book industry and decided to focus on creating interactive enhanced e-book software. KooBits is currently focusing on educational technology for primary mathematics learning. KooBits – Engaging Digital Kids

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KooBits – Engaging Digital Kids

KooBits develops digital tools and platforms to help children learn better.

They engage children in beautifully designed educational programs and content. KooBits software tools are intuitive, interactive, media-rich and highly motivating. Developed jointly with leading educators and experts in child development, KooBits’ learning contents are age-appropriate, relevant and aligned with the latest curriculum and curriculum.

Koobits login page Singapore | KooBits – Engaging Digital Kids

The KooBits learning platform promotes a mathematical problem-solving approach that aligns with the Singapore Mathematics Framework. KooBits aims to enable students to acquire mathematics concepts and skills, develop cognitive and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving, build confidence and foster an interest in mathematics.

Koobits leading online maths | KooBits Maths includes:

  • Supports Singapore Maths syllabus Curriculum, Indonesia Cambridge Curriculum, Philippines Maths Curriculum, IB curriculum (Coming soon)
  • Over 90% Singapore primary schools use KooBits
  • 600+ Singapore maths video tutorials
  • 100,000+ primary 1-6 topical maths questions
  • Step-by-step solutions with models and diagrams
  • Differentiated skill map aligned to latest maths syllabus
  • Customised homework assignment and tracking
  • Virtual manipulative tools to help students understand
  • Activities & Competitions to keep all pupils engaged
  • Printable worksheets to prepare students’ exams

What koobits do? | KooBits – Engaging Digital Kids

Improve teachers’ maths pedagogical knowledge
• Incorporate Singapore Maths best practices into -12 maths curriculum
• Equip teachers with latest Singapore Math teaching strategies
• Improve students’ math mastery
• Help parents to be more hands-on with Singapore Math at home
• Reduce teaching workload

Benefit for Students & Parents

Improving students’ math mastery by more than 78%
 Blended learning boost students’ study motivation
 Students can learn at their own pace and catch up on their weakness
 Parents can learn latest problem solving strategies and better help their children at home

ProblemSums is accessible anywhere anytime on PC, Mac, iPad, Android or Windows tablets and smartphones with
Internet connection

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