Kampala International University Entry Requirements

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Minimum Entry Requirements
a.Postgraduate Diploma or Degree
A good bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution of higher learning or its equivalent from a recognized
institution of higher learning.
b. Degree
Two A-Level principal passes and one Subsidiary pass plus five O-Level passes or the equivalent or a
diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning.
c. Diploma
At least one A- Level principal pass and two subsidiary passes plus five- O-level passes or the equivalent;
or a certificate from a recognized tertiary institution.
d. Certificate
Ordinary level certificate
1.4 Provisional admission
a. Provisional Admission may be granted to candidates who at the time of admission do not have original
copies of required documents.
b. Provisional admission may be granted to those candidates who do not meet the entire criteria for regular
admission for a period of not more than one semester during which all known deficiencies must be made up.
c. There may be additional requirements for specific academic programs, based on the professional demands.
d. Prospective applicants whose final High School grades are in percentage and average point systems, e.g.
Sudan, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, must have the grades first equated or standardized by Uganda National
Examination board before KIU admission.