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How To Partition Hard Drive In Windows 10 | There are hundreds of problems that can occur in a Windows PC. Every user may have their own opinion about which one is the worst but here at WindowsTechies, the problem we consider the worst is losing all the files after the whole system has been corrupted by a powerful malware or virus.

This could escalate to the next level of aggravation if the files you always kept and protected in your Windows machine can no longer be recovered. We’ve all tried this after performing a reformat or clean install on our laptops and PCs, but few people know that Microsoft has actually created tools to protect users from suffering from the worst nightmare that could ever happen.

How To Partition Hard Drive In Windows 10 Without Losing Your Data

We’ve shown the tools available in Windows 10 that will help you prepare for the worst in our previous tutorials. They are called System Recovery and System Image/Backup and Restore Tools and if you have read them, you must have come across a section we mentioned about drive partitions. Yes! In order to take full advantage of these tools, you’ll need to at least be able to create a single drive partition that serves as storage for backup or system image files.

After you click on the category you should be able to access the section that shows its contents and from here you will need to click on the subcategory that says Administrative Tools in case you still want to explore some other stuff available under or you can also open a tool Disk Manager” immediately by clicking on the link “Create and format hard disk partitions” located under the “Administrative Tools” subcategory.

How To Partition Hard Drive In Windows 10 Easily 

If you choose to click the previous (Administrative Tools category), you will be taken to a window that looks exactly like the one shown below. As you can see, there is a long list of tools listed in alphabetical order but if you don’t want to stress yourself out too much, you can simply click on the last option (Create and Format Disk Partitions) as shown earlier. The screenshot below shows the Computer Management tool shortcut that you need to double-click to access the Disk Management tool.

But how are hard disk partitions created? What are the steps involved? If you wanted to follow the steps we showed in our previous tutorial but got stuck in the middle because you don’t have an external HDD/HDD partition, we will help you to create one (drive partition) with at least 80GB storage space. Just follow the steps we are going to show in this tutorial in order to successfully create a single hard drive partition in your Windows 10 device.

Accessing the Disk Management tool in Windows 10

Different tools have different ways to access them on your Windows 10 device. The same is true for the Windows CD Management tool. There are different ways to access this useful tool and we will be showing each of them in this tutorial.

Start Disk Management from the Admin / WinX menu

One of the simplest steps you can use to open the Disk Management tool is to click on the link in the Administrator menu also known as the WinX menu. To open this tool, all you have to do is press Windows + X keys and the tool will immediately appear in the lower right part of your computer screen as you can see below.

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