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This article contains step by step on how to bypass TPM, secure boot, and CPU check on installing Windows 11 on unsupported computer devices.

As you know, the Microsoft have released the new OS on October 5, 2021, with a lot of features that aren’t compatible with old CPUs. The company advice PCs users to purchase new models that contain specs which listed by them or devices that made not more than 5 years ago.

According to their official statement, the Windows 10 updates will only be supported for the old devices until 2025. So, if you want to get the new experience, then you have to purchase new computers that contain TPM 2.0, with other features that listed on their official site, or follow my lead.

I know this news is little bit confusing to many Microsoft Windows users, as many keeping searching on how to make it run on their devices, don’t panic because I’m going to share with you step by step.

Here are the requirements for bypass Windows 11 requirements;

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • USB-bootable software like rufus or others

Here are the step by step on how to bypass TPM, secure boot and CPU check on Windows 11 installation;

#Method 1

  • Download Windows 11 from their official site
  • Download Windows 10, If you already have it just skip this step
  • Create Windows 10 bootable in USB drive using rufus or other software
  • Open Windows 11 iso
  • Delete the install.esd file from sources folder of USB drive that contains Windows 10
  • Download Wimlib software then extract it for splitting large file
  • Open CMD then open Wimlib for copying file by typing the location of the file by typing the following codes then press enter;  cd Downloads\wimlib-1.13.4-windows-x86_64-bin
  • Then split install.wim file from Windows 11 files within a sources folder through Wimlib-imagex.exe as wimlib-imagex.exe split i:\sources\install.wim h:\sources\install.swm 4000 from source directory of Windows 11 files to USB drive that contain installation media of Windows 10 as shown below;
  • Press enter, the splitting and copy process will initiate, wait until it completed.
  • Done, boot your computer, then everything will work without any limitation.

#Method 2

  • Mount both OS (Windows 11 and 10)
How To Bypass TPM, Secure Boot, And CPU Check On Windows 11 Installation
  • Create new folder then copy all Windows 10 files and paste to it.
  •  Then go to that folder that you created in step two then, delete install.esd file in the sources folder.
How To Bypass TPM, Secure Boot, And CPU Check On Windows 11 Installation
  • Go to Windows 11 files, then copy install.wim file in the sources folder, then paste it to sources folder of the folder that we created on step 2.
How To Bypass TPM, Secure Boot, And CPU Check On Windows 11 Installation
  • Our new Windows 11 which bypass TPM, secure boot and CPU check already created in folder that we created on step 2.
  • Create new ISO from files we created above, Ashampoo burning software is the best software to create ISO,
  • Created USB-bootable stick through rufus or other similar software, or burn it to CD.
  • Boot your computer, then begin with installation, everything done.

Final thoughts: The above steps, are the simplest ways on bypassing Windows 11 requirements on unsupported computers, all I did is changing installation process check from Windows 11 to Windows 10, which works without limit. Although, the operating system will work as normal but I’m not recommend it because someday you might miss some important updates build if Microsoft decided to do so.

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