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FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS IN INDIA 2021-2022: Study in India Scholarships, Get Full Funded in India, List of Universities that gives free scholarships for International Students Who are Interested to Study in India 2021-2022.



The Study in India Program has designed a framework for awarding scholarships and tuition fee waivers to outstanding students applying to the programme. The Study Team in India collaborated with the wings of the Government of India – # 8211; MHRD, MEA, and MIC to plot this diagram. The program offers scholarships called Study in India Scholarships on an annual basis, while partner institutes offer tuition fee waivers.

The India Scholarship Study Scheme covers

  • Admission fees,
  • Tuition fees,
  • Fees,
  • Accommodation costs (room and boring), and
  • Food costs.

Any costs and expenses outside the above mentioned are not considered under this scheme.

The scheme is further divided into two sub-schemes, based on the merit list and the Ind-SAT test. A range of scholarships are offered based on a merit list, which is assessed and verified by the Study Team in India during the document verification process. The team also reviews and awards scholarships to exemplary students who appear in the 90-minute online proctored Ind-SAT examination conducted by Study in India Team and National Examinations Agency.

Over 30,000 tuition fee waivers are granted to deserving students by our partner institutes in the ranges of 100%, 50% and 25%. The number of fee waivers available varies from institute to institute across the mentioned ranges. The costs covered by this scheme only waive tuition fees for one academic year.

Study in India with the help of the following Indian Ministries ; The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are offering 2,000 scholarships worth INR 250,000 each for the academic year 2020-21.

Every deserving student who has been offered this scholarship by the Study Team in India must take it for a maximum period of time:

>>5 years for the university integrated course

>>3 or 4 years for undergraduate courses, depending on the duration of the course

>>2 years for postgraduate courses

>>or until completion of this course, whichever is less

NOTE: scholarships are only available for the above categories, not for PhD, MA and PhD courses.


To apply for this scholarship, students must have registered with SII, and completed an application on our website

  • Students must have an appreciable academic history in his or her high school and/or senior high school and/or most recent educational qualification.
  • Students may appear on the Ind-SAT test conducted by the SII team via a list of selected countries. The merit list for the second wave of the shortlist will be generated.
  • Subject to the country quota and other criteria, the final shortlist will be contacted by the Strategic Impact Inquiry Team.

Some important items about the scholarship for students applying for the SII Scholarship(FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS IN INDIA 2021-2022 )

  • Each scholarship is valued at INR 250,000 per student per year.
  • Each scholarship under the SII scheme will cover tuition, room, board, and admission fees only. No other expenses included outside of this group will be provided under this scholarship
  • If the total course fee for each year, which includes tuition, accommodation, food and admission, is less than the suggested value of INR 250,000, the lower amount will be awarded as a scholarship.
  • All scholarships are electronically transferred to the institutes.
  • The scholarship amount will be transferred to the institutes after checking the student’s attendance for the first month.
  • All scholarships are renewable on an annual basis until the day of graduation.

Before the final offer letter is issued to students, each online application will be verified by the Institute and the SII team.

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