Driving Jobs in Tanzania (Ajira Mpya za Udereva) 2022-The Best Place to Start Your Career!

Driving Jobs
Driving Jobs
Driving Jobs in Tanzania (Ajira Mpya za Udereva);-Tanzania is a wonderful place to make a career change. It has a growing economy and a stable political system. Moreover, the country has a large and growing workforce that is looking for jobs. Tanzania is home to many reputable companies, including telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation.
The best way to start a career in Tanzania is to drive for a company there. The demand for drivers is very high in Tanzania. Getting a job as a taxi driver is one of the best ways to make extra money in Tanzania. However, not everyone can become a taxi driver. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best driving jobs in Tanzania to get you started.

Driving Jobs in Tanzania (Ajira Mpya za Udereva)-The Best Place to Start Your Career!

What is a driving jobs in Tanzania?

Driving Jobs in Tanzania
Driving Jobs in Tanzania
A driving jobs in Tanzania is a paid job that requires a person to drive a regular or an official car for a specific company. The job usually starts as a contract or temporary employment, and then the employee may become a permanent employee. There are a variety of driving jobs in Tanzania, but here we list the top 5 driving jobs in Tanzania the country.

Rank of driving jobs in Tanzania

Driving jobs in Tanzania are mostly Salaried, Part-Time, or Contract. The best driving jobs are usually Salaried or Contract roles because they allow you to build a career and make a good income from it. There are many auto repair shops in Tanzania where you can find the best driving jobs.

Top 5 driving jobs in Tanzania

These are the top 5 driving jobs in Tanzania. We’ve listed them in order of preference. This is not an exclusive list, so feel free to suggest other driving jobs that deserve a spot on the list.
  1. Driving for a Company – This is the most common type of driving job in Tanzania. You’re hired by a company to drive their vehicles. The pay is very good and you’ll make an excellent amount of money. As a driver for a company, you’ll usually start out as a contract or temporary employment and then become a permanent employee.
  2. Driving for Yourself – You decide how you want to make your living and you drive as part of a package deal. You sign a contract with the company that hired you and they’ll provide the car, gas, and insurance. You make money as you go, but you’re not tied to a company.
  3. Driving for a Sports Team – Sounds kinky, right? You may drive for a team that provides you with financial gain, but in the end, you’ll make money through drive time. You’ll usually be required to sign a contract with the team and provide them with your drive time. You may make a few thousand dollars or as much as you’d like.

What is the average salary of a driving job in Tanzania?

Salary estimates for all driving jobs in Tanzania are provided by employers, industry experts, and the government statistics department. The average salary of a driving job in Tanzania is $800 – $1,200 per month. This salary is averages across the entire country and does not account for your specific region. Salary ranges can vary by job and location. The best driving jobs in Tanzania typically pay $800 – $1,200 per month, but some low-level jobs may earn as little as $300 per month.

How to become a driving jobs in Tanzania?

You can start your job search in Tanzania by looking in your hometown. There are many companies that are hiring based on location. If you’re from Mwanza, feel free to check the job postings at your favorite hotel. You may find a job that fits your qualifications. When you’ve found a position that interests you, apply for it using the job posting information.
You can also start a search on Indeed.com, where thousands of jobs are listed. If you’re not successful within the first day, try applying again later in the day. When applying for a driving job, include relevant experience and education. Try to include a bit about yourself and why you’re the person they want to work with.


Driving is a challenging career with lots of responsibility. It’s also expected that you’ll be able to handle strict rules and regulations, as well as emergencies. But with the right headspace, you can make an excellent living as a driver.