Best Shipping Services Companies for Small Business 2022

Best Shipping Services Companies for Small Business 2022
Best Shipping Services Companies for Small Business 2022, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Get your things delivered fast and at a low cost.

Best Shipping Services Companies for Small Business 2022:- Small company shipping companies assist companies in delivering items to their clients. Retail e-commerce sales in the United States were almost $222.5 billion in the second quarter of 2021, according to the US Census Bureau, accounting for 13.3 percent of all retail sales in the country. 1 Shipping firms aid small businesses in maintaining positive customer connections by delivering goods on time and at a reasonable cost, and some even assist enterprises with logistical support and inventory management. We compared over a dozen shipping firms because they play such an important part in the supply chain of small businesses. Best Shipping Services Companies

2022’s Top 7 Shipping Companies for Small Businesses

  • Overall, the United States Postal Service is the best of the best.
  • Sendler is the best option for little packages.
  • UPS is the best option for large packages.
  • DHL Express is the best option for international shipping.
  • Ship Bob is the best for e-commerce businesses.
  • FedEx is the fastest shipping option.
  • Easy Post Shipping Companies for Small Businesses in 2022 are the most cost-effective option.

the United States Postal Service

Overall, the United States Postal Service is the best of the best.

Sendler is the best option for little packages.

UPS is the best option for large packages.


Why Did We Pick It? We chose the US Postal Service as the best overall shipping company for small businesses because it sends items both domestically and internationally, offers small businesses discounts and loyalty points, and delivers goods in 2–8 days on average. Additionally, the USPS offers free application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it simple for small businesses to integrate shipping features onto their websites.

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What We Enjoy

  • Operations with a long history
  • Discounts and loyalty credits are offered based on volume.
  • It takes 2–8 days for your order to arrive.
  • APIs for integrating shipping tools into small business websites are accessible for free.
  • What We Don’t Like Sunday and holiday deliveries are common.

The United States Postal Service (USPS), which was founded in 1775, was chosen as our best overall shipping company for small businesses because it delivers mail both internationally and domestically, packages arrive within 2–8 days, and some deliveries can even be made on Sundays and holidays in major U.S. markets (with an added fee).

The USPS shipping charges vary depending on package size, delivery area, and delivery speed, as is usual for small business shipping businesses. A Priority Mail small flat rate box mailed domestically with arrival in 1–3 business days, for example, costs $7.70 at retail. Discounted pricing and loyalty credits are also available to businesses. Companies who use the USPS’s online Click-N-Ship service, for example, can receive spending-based shipping credits. Best Shipping Services Companies


Special Offer: From April 1st to April 30th, any new Sendle accounts that sign up through this page will receive 5 free sends.

Why We Selected It: Sendle is the finest small business shipping provider for small goods since it guarantees to beat major carriers’ prices for domestic packages weighing up to 20 pounds. Furthermore, shipping is carbon-neutral.

What We Enjoy

  • There are no commitments or subscription costs.
  • There is a price guarantee available.
  • Shipping is completely carbon-neutral.
  • The B Corporation certification process was rigorous.

What We Don’t Care For

  • There is no option for international shipping.
  • Packages must not exceed 20 pounds.
  • Since 2014, the company has been in operation.
  • There is no Amazon integration available.

Sendle is a small business shipping firm located in Australia that has been in operation since 2014 and ships throughout the United States. We chose it as the best for small packages because it ships small products (up to 20 pounds) nationally throughout the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and it offers a price match guarantee for packages up to 20 pounds.

A little product will cost you $8.29 to ship (a penny less than the retail price charged by the USPS for a similar package). Sendle also offers bulk savings, with the price dropping to $8.06 for companies shipping at least 200 parcels every month. Furthermore, there are no contracts.

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Why We Selected It: We selected UPS as the best small business shipping company for large goods because it offers low rates (large flat rate boxes start at $18.40), as well as a strong reputation and resources tailored to small enterprises.

UPS is a package delivery service that was started in 1907 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We chose UPS as the best small business shipping company for large items because it has strong shipping resources and charges reasonable pricing. UPS can assist you in determining how to prepare your items for shipment and even gives step-by-step palletizing instructions.

A large flat rate box transported domestically with UPS costs $18.40 at retail (varies depending on shipping speed). A equivalent sized flat-rate box from the USPS will set you back $21.90 at retail. UPS offers discounts to small businesses, with shipping incentives ranging from 20% to 50%, depending on the desired shipping speed and the size of the order.

DHL Express

Because of its competence in this field and the fact that it has a wide array of services specifically geared to help small businesses engage in global trade, we chose DHL Express as the best small business shipping company for international shipping. Best Shipping Services Companies

DHL is a part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, a significant logistics firm located in Germany, and was founded in 1969. The DHL Express segment of the organization provides small business shipping solutions. The headquarters of DHL Express are in Plantation, Florida. Because it specializes in international shipping, we chose it as the best option.

The company includes fantastic resources for companies who are new to global commerce, including an international trade primer that covers the fundamentals of customs, importing, and exporting. DHL also offers a comprehensive international shipping guide that contains step-by-step guidance on how to ensure a positive overseas shipping experience. Its service and rate guide contains comprehensive information on how much shipping costs.

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Why We Selected It: We selected ShipBob as the finest small business shipping company for e-commerce because it provides a comprehensive set of e-commerce logistics services. It will also handle warehousing and inventory control. Furthermore, because ShipBob has secured bulk discount prices with the four major carriers, small firms may spend less for shipping than if they did it themselves.

ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) startup based in Chicago that was formed in 2014. Because the company offers a full suite of e-commerce logistics and shipping solutions to small businesses, including shipping, warehousing, and inventory management, we chose it as our best for e-commerce.

One of the things that set ShipBob apart from the competition was its transparent pricing, which included not only shipping costs but also the complete cost of fulfilling your customers’ orders, storing your items, and managing your inventory.

You’ll pay a one-time installation charge (you’ll need a quote) as well as fees for ShipBob to receive your inventory (e.g., $25 per person-hour for the first two hours), warehouse your inventory (e.g., $5 each bin), and ship your goods (e.g., $25 per person-hour for the first two hours).




Why We Chose It: We chose FedEx as the finest small business shipping company for speedy shipment because it delivers to homes every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, items could arrive up to two days sooner than with other carriers.

FedEx is a shipping firm based in Memphis, Tennessee, that was formed in 1973. We chose FedEx as the best option for fast shipping because it not only ships globally and to all 50 states in the United States, including Saturday and Sunday home deliveries, but domestic FedEx Ground delivery takes 1–5 days in the continental United States and 3–7 days in Alaska and Hawaii. Packages may be delivered up to two days faster with every day delivery than with other carriers.

FedEx has a wonderful small business resource center in addition to fast shipment. FedEx provides shipping discounts, as well as printing discounts, money management tools, and other benefits. In addition, each year, FedEx sponsors a small business grant competition, with 12 grants totaling $250,000 being given out in 2021.



Why We Chose It: We chose EasyPost as the best affordable small business shipping provider because it’s a platform that lets you compare shipping rates and speeds from over 100 carriers. EasyPost’s API is free for up to 120,000 shipments per year, making it simple for small businesses to get the best shipping deal.

EasyPost is a shipping technology firm based in San Francisco that was formed in 2012. Because you can compare costs and shipping times among dozens of carriers using the EasyPost API, it’s our pick for most cheap. EasyPost has over 100 carrier integrations, making it easy for small businesses to pick the most cost-effective shipping service. Furthermore, businesses who send 120,000 or fewer products each year are exempt from paying any fees.

Instead of mailing items directly, EasyPost provides APIs to assist small businesses streamline, automate, and control their shipping processes. EasyPost’s APIs enable businesses to compare costs and ship items across dozens of carriers with a single integration, as well as track shipments in real time, verify addresses, and insure parcels. There is no cost to participate.

Final Verdict

We looked at over a dozen shipping firms to determine the best ones for small businesses with a variety of demands. The cost of shipping varies depending on the size of the cargo, where it is being shipped, and how quickly it needs to be delivered. Most carriers can deliver packages in one to five business days, and some even carry shipments on Sundays in the United States.

While all of the small business shipping companies on our list are viable options, we chose the USPS as the best overall shipping company for small businesses because it has a long history of operations and typically offers the best rates and fastest shipping speeds to meet the needs of most small businesses.

How Do Most Small Businesses Ship Goods?

The most frequent method of shipment for most small businesses is ground delivery. The United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the principal carriers utilized by most small businesses in the United States to ship their goods. The USPS expects to send and deliver 7.3 billion packages in 2020.

3 Each year, UPS delivers around 6.3 billion parcels, while FedEx delivers more than 6 billion. Finally, with an annual volume of 262 million shipments, DHL Express handles shipments all around the world.

How Much Do Shipping Companies Cost?

Shipping firms charge different rates depending on the size of the cargo, where it’s going, and how quickly it needs to get there. Shipping a small shipment costs $8 to $12 on average, and shipping a large box costs $17 to $21 on average, with delivery times varying from one to five business days.

To discover the greatest shipping rate, shop around and carefully analyze your options.

What Shipping Options Do Small Businesses Have?

When selling goods that need to be transported to clients, small enterprises should engage a shipping firm. Although the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are the most popular carriers in the US, there are additional possibilities. Small businesses can locate organizations that provide APIs that make it simple to compare shipping charges across several carriers, allowing them to save money on shipping.

What Shipping Features Are Available for Small Businesses?

Small businesses can not only send mail, but the major U.S. mail carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL) also provide services tailored to small enterprises. Here are a few resources for small business shipping companies:

How We Chose the Best Shipping Companies for Small Business

We looked at over a dozen shipping companies to see how much their shipping costs, how soon you can get your items transported, and how easy it is to do business with them in order to determine the top shipping companies for small businesses. We also looked at each small business shipping company’s reputation. The top shipping firms provide competitive pricing and rapid shipment times, as well as tools and services tailored to small enterprises.

All of our small business shipping company picks are respectable businesses that can help you send your items for a reasonable price, quickly, and dependably. As per Best Shipping Services Companies for Small Business 2022




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