Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore
Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore;-Man must eat sweet baked goods like cakes, pies, tarts, muffins, and whatever else you can make from a mixture of sugar, flour, and butter in addition to bread to survive. The thrill of making your own red velvet cupcakes from scratch at home is superior to purchasing a dozen off the counter. Motivated to prepare a meal in the kitchen? Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and utensils and that your pantry is stocked. Hit these stores, then proceed.

Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

1.Baking With Gina

Gina Tan, a dedicated home baker, sells gourmet bread loaves, cookies, and waffles in addition to her freshly baked goods. For example, the Nippon Murasaki Botan Bread Flour, which is protein-rich and user-friendly for those just beginning their sourdough journey, is available at Baking with Gina. Purchase premium all-purpose, bread, pastry, and wheat flours from Masuda and Nishio. Prices for 1kg of product start at just $3.50. Additionally, there are baking supplies including spatulas, rolling pins, and bench scrapers.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

2.Bake With Yen

Since 1987 in Singapore, Bake With Yen has served as a one-stop store for high-quality baking supplies, ingredients, utensils, and confectionary items. The extensive product selection includes specialty baking ingredients you might require, such as green pea powder or Japanese bread flour. Additionally, the store offers competitive pricing and free island-wide delivery for orders over $150, saving you the trouble of having to visit the store during these busy periods.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

3.Lim Siang Huat

Stay at home and order a few bags of flour from Lim Siang Huat if obtaining flour from the neighborhood grocery proves difficult due to the low supply. They have flour to make roti prata, noodles, and bread. If you need additional rice and noodles in the house to last until Phase 2 Heightened Alert ends, the store also carries goods.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

4.Sun Lik Trading

Originally a supply business, this antique store has evolved into a favorite hangout for budding pastry chefs and bakers. In addition to carrying all the essentials, such as flour, cake pans, and icing sugar, it also carries a wide range of high-end goods, like Tahitian vanilla beans and Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate. Observe for seasonal things as well: During the mooncake season, Sun Lik Trading imports items from Hong Kong such lotus paste, and its in-house brand produces its own candied fruit for Christmas. During this time, you can also purchase your baking necessities online.

5.United Bakery Supplies

Make a trip to United Bakery Supplies if you’re purchasing (and baking) it in quantity. Stock up on baking necessities like butter, flour, and sugar from well-known manufacturers like SCS, Lurpak, Prima Flour, Philadelphia, and SIS to save a few dollars. If you’re not looking for something particularly extravagant, it’s a decent location to shop. Visit the warehouse to see what’s available, or order online to have your items delivered right to your door.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

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6.Red Man by Phoon Huat

If you enjoy baking (or have ever needed to search for unusual ingredients for a recipe you’ve been wanting to try), Phoon Huat is a dependable source for affordable baking goods. Everything you could possibly need is crammed into the wide, well-lit corridors at the roomy Bedok store, including pastel-hued gum paste edible flowers, baking trays, wooden kueh moulds, pastes (such pineapple and double chocolate lotus), and gluten-free cake mix. There are several aisles of cookbooks, herbs, spices, pasta, savory foods, and even Gryphon Tea if you’re not a lover of sweet sweets. Just as the slogan for Phoon Huat claims, baking is made simple. All physical stores are currently open, although there is a ten-person maximum per store.

7.Ailin Bakery House

Old-fashioned charm and outstanding customer service at Ailin Bakery House give the bakery supplies store a more personal touch. Even though the space is small, it’s packed to the brim with everything you could possibly need for your next bake. Some customers claim that the SCS butter ($4.10 for one block) and Sarawak pineapple filling ($7.20 for 1kg) are the most affordable and popular choices for preparing pineapple tarts. During this time, you can stop by the store or shop conveniently online.


If your pantry is so well-stocked that baking a mille-feuille in the middle of the end of the world won’t be an issue, turn your attention to the kitchen gadgets that make sure every bake is a success. Along with other cooking tools and tableware, Tott has a sizable selection of baking supplies from well-known manufacturers including Nordic Ware and Jamie Oliver. The Bundt Pan by Nordic Ware is $23.90, while the Jamie Oliver Five-Piece Cookie Cutter Set is $27.90. Purchase all of your baking supplies and requirements online at this “circuit breaker” time.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

10.Bake King

You can find Bake King in practically any supermarket’s baking section, but did you realize that the company also operates a physical location? Additionally, the selection at the store goes beyond packages of dried fruits and nuts and bottles of food coloring and baking additives. Everything you need for your patisserie endeavors is there, including cake stands and moulds as well as unusual ingredients like charcoal powder and dried rose petals. During this time, you can also shop online and have your baking supplies delivered to your home.Top 9 Best Places to Shop Your Baking Needs in Singapore

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