Top 10 Best Beaches in Sweden 2022

Top 10 Best Beaches in Sweden;- If you want to relax on a sandy beach, you must visit Motala beach, located near the city of motala. Motala beach has soft sand and has public facilities for the summer months. You can also enjoy summer activities at Pite havsbad, located south of the city of motala. The water here is the warmest in Sweden. Motala is also home to the Langholmsbadet, which is located in the city of Motala.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Sweden 2022

Stenshuvud National Park


The natural landscape of the park is rich in geological and botanical value. There are numerous rare species of animals and plants. It is also home to a number of frogs and rare plants. The Stenshuvud National Park is also a site of archaeological interest. There is a ruined fortress from the 5th or 6th centuries.

The park covers 400 hectares of land and 80 hectares of adjacent sea. It is located in the province of Skane and is close to the Baltic Sea. The terrain is characterized by rolling hills and dunes. In addition to the white sand, the area features a number of hiking trails. It is also accessible to people in wheelchairs.

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With a mild winter and sunny summers, the beaches of Sweden are perfect for a family holiday. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the country is constantly adding new ones. In the year 2022, these beaches will be more beautiful than ever, so you should plan your vacation accordingly. This guide will highlight some of the best beaches in Sweden. You can also find the best places to stay in Sweden if you want to enjoy a great vacation in this beautiful country.


The city of Malmo is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy the beach and the surroundings. The town is located in the south-west tip of Sweden, and offers a lovely sandy beach that backs onto the Flommen Nature Reserve. It also boasts quiet streets and low-level houses with a picturesque square. It is also very easy to get around. The beach is accessible to everyone, from the elderly to those with disabilities.

Lomma Beach


The town of Lomma is known for its long bathing jetty, which stretches five hundred and seventy-four meters and is claimed to be the longest in Sweden. It is a popular spot for swimming during the summer, thanks to the shallow waters near the jetty. To get to Lomma Beach, take bus number 137 from Lund C. From there, walk to the Lomma Beach bathhouse and take the jetty to the beach.

There are many places to enjoy a day by the sea in Lomma. The town’s harbor is a popular destination for boaters, and the surrounding area is home to many restaurants, bars, and hotels. Lomma is located close to Lund, and there is ample parking and public facilities available for visitors. This is one of the best beaches in Sweden in 2022!

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Skutberget Beach


The Swedish coastline offers a plethora of amazing beaches that are ideal for a day of swimming and relaxation. The country has a coastline that stretches along the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, making it a great place to spend a day on the beach. Some of the best beaches in Sweden are located in the provinces of Gotland and Oland.

This sandy stretch of sand is a popular nudist beach located on Lake Vanem. The area has a camping area, hiking trails, and playgrounds for children. It also boasts a sauna, mountain biking trails, and a football field. For the ultimate in relaxation, this beach is a great choice for families and people looking for a quiet and unspoilt environment.



In Sweden, you can visit the beach at Stenshuvud, which is on a hill that juts out into the Baltic Sea. This area was declared a national park in 1986 and is 390 hectares large. There are trails around the park that take you through heath and over rocks before reaching the white sand beach. The beach itself is only 500 meters from the parking lot. There is a plank path that can be used by wheelchair users.

Another great beach in Sweden is Smedsuddsbadet, which is part of the Ralambshov Park. It features a long, sandy beach and lush lawn area. There’s no entrance fee to this beach, and it is home to a changing area, picnic tables, and an alfresco restaurant. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon.



Visit Helsingor in Sweden for the World Expo in 2022 and experience the excitement of the World Expo. It is a fantastic place to experience the history of the country. You can also enjoy the cultural events, such as Shakespeare performances, at the castle. The city is home to many museums, such as the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, which showcases more than 600 years of Danish seafaring history. Its Culture Yard, a former shipyard, hosts cultural events and exhibitions. You can also see Han, a polished steel sculpture.

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To get to Helsingor, you can take a train or a car from Copenhagen. The train station is right next to the ferry terminal, so there is no need to spend money on parking. Alternatively, you can park your car in the ferry parking lot, where you can park for free for three hours and pay a minimal fee of $10 per hour, up to six hours. If you choose to travel by train, you can connect to Copenhagen, Malmo, and Lund by train. You can also connect with the train stations on both sides of the Oresund strait.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Although Sweden is known for its winter pastimes, it also has several stunning beaches. You won’t have any trouble locating a ton of great locations to swim and sunbathe at the shore if you visit Sweden in the summer.

And as reported by Tripadvisor users, you have the world’s top beach for 2022. The Best of the Best Beaches is the second of the travel platform’s annual Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2022. Grace Bay Beach in the Turks & Caicos islands takes first place.

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