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HOW TO GET A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT 2022;- You might be wondering if there is any value in enrolling in classes for some of the standard classroom learning curriculum in a career like construction where so much of your time is spent working on a construction site. Is it truly worth spending the time and money on a construction management bachelor’s degree?


The answer is an obvious yes, but it will undoubtedly require some hard work to obtain when you consider the doors you will open by enrolling in a construction management degree program and receiving your bachelor’s degree. Although obtaining a high school graduation and working in the construction industry for a number of years might lead to employment as a construction manager, a bachelor’s degree is increasingly becoming necessary for this position.


A Bachelor of Science in Construction Management can now be earned in a variety of ways, which has increased the degree’s appeal to people contemplating or currently employed in the field. In fact, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reports that construction trades are fast gaining in popularity, with a 26.4 percent enrollment growth in the springs of 2016 and 2017.

But how do you even get started? Let’s examine the procedures for obtaining a construction management bachelor’s degree.

What’s Required To Apply For The Degree Program?

You must do your research to determine what must be done before you can enroll if you decide to seek a bachelor’s degree in construction management. You will need to research each school’s requirements because each specific program can have distinct needs. Others may merely demand a high school diploma and the necessary SAT/ACT scores, while some may require a combination of a high school diploma and job experience.

And those who failed to graduate need not despair: if you are employed in the industry, you may be able to use your professional background to gain admission to an undergraduate school. Some colleges could demand an entrance examination to determine if you are eligible for placement in the undergraduate program. Sometimes using letters of recommendation can help you get the admissions committee’s good will.

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Find The Right Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Program For Your Needs

When deciding which institution or university to attend to obtain your bachelor’s degree in construction management, there are numerous factors to take into account.

The first thing to consider is whether the coursework and academic program offer all you need. Make sure the higher education institution you are considering has courses focusing in this area if you’re looking to enter a specific niche of the construction discipline, such as commercial building, construction engineering technology, construction safety, civil engineering, or even business administration.

But picking the ideal school involves much more than just selecting the correct academic program and coursework. You should choose a school that complements your preferred learning style. Do you perform well in lectures in front of large groups, in small classes, or when studying on your own online? Can a big school overpower you? How can you achieve your bachelor’s degree with the greatest degree of satisfaction?

Another consideration is the location. Do you need to choose a school that is nearby or provides night programs because of your work and family commitments?

Even further, you can research the additional program requirements. For instance, is an internship part of the program required? Will you be working in the field or engaging in any hands-on learning? Does the program have ties in the business, a status as an accredited institution, and a successful track record of job placement?

There are many things to take into account, but you must do so in order to locate a construction education program that will fit into your hectic schedule, position you for success, and not overextend yourself and waste your time.

Attending Traditional College Or University

Enrolling in a four-year bachelor’s degree program at a construction management college or university is the most conventional path to take. This will entail attending classes at the school you’ve selected to meet your needs. All of your classes will be on campus, and you might be required to complete an internship or an apprenticeship with a local construction firm. You can arrange them through some institutions, but at others, you must independently apply for internships with construction firms.

While physically attending a college or university is still the more common option, new learning options have evolved that are probably lot more cost-effective and adaptable for your schedule, especially if you are someone who is working full-time for your schedule, especially if you work a full-time job in the construction sector and want to advance by obtaining your bachelor’s degree in order to advance to a management position.

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What You’ll Learn In Your Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Program

More than merely overseeing your crew of construction employees is involved in construction management. A construction manager must also be able to manage a budget, plan and oversee the project’s activities from start to finish, comprehend building codes, blueprints, legal concerns, surveying, construction methods and materials, various construction techniques, mechanical systems, and will likely need some proficiency with industry-specific computer programs. As a result, the business, technical, and legal aspects of construction and the construction process will be covered in-depth in the curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in construction management.

Economics, cost estimation and analysis, statistics, and financial accounting may all be included in business courses. Courses in law may cover topics including ethics, building law, and safety. The software and technology used in construction as well as surveying layout are examples of technical courses.

You’ll get knowledge of the building process from a business standpoint. Your ability to manage a building construction project as well as construction professionals, contractors, and subcontractors will be improved as a result of these managerial skills. Aside from your employees, you’ll also need to know how to run your work site’s budget, timetable, quality, and safety.

Graduates of the construction management bachelor’s degree program will be able to use their understanding of structural systems analysis, computer programs to address engineering problems, and field inspection procedures when they enter the workforce.

Construction Contracts and Papers is one possible subject at NewSchool of Architecture & Design where students will learn about a variety of construction documents, such as contracts, subcontracts, bidding forms, and bonds. The knowledge gained by the students will help them resolve disputes, determine wage rates, determine whether or not a bid is lawful, and understand liability, tax exempt status, and even warranties.

Construction project planning teaches students in construction management how to schedule and plan every step of the building process, including how to use critical path techniques, computer scheduling software, and time schedules for construction materials. Another course that is frequently included in degrees in construction management is construction estimation. The emphasis will be on the costs associated with bidding and estimating a building project, such as overhead, unit prices, takeoff estimates, and cost management mechanisms.

Any bachelor’s degree program in construction management will undoubtedly include a significant amount of project management coursework. Students will learn strategy planning, project staffing, methods and tools for managing projects, managing costs, managing risks, and using the software here.

The reading and research assignments, group and individual projects, tests, including open-book and open-note exams, and some interactive, hands-on learning will all be part of each construction management program, despite the fact that each one will be unique. By allowing you to put the skills you’ve gained in the classroom to use on real projects with genuine professional organizations, programs with internships will best prepare you for the workplace.

What Are The Requirements Of A Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Program?

Learning about construction technology, project management, contracts, estimates, specifications, quality assurance, and other topics are frequently included in bachelor’s degrees in construction management. In general, between 120 and 180 credits are needed to complete a bachelor’s degree program. You must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and finish all of the program’s major and prerequisite courses. You can also be required to work an internship or an apprenticeship with a nearby construction company, depending on the curriculum.

You can frequently decide to focus your studies in a certain field at some time during your program if you wish to specialize in a particular industry. If you wish to focus on residential building, for instance, You might concentrate your course work on this particular area of construction management. Commercial building, substantial civil work on roads, and facility management are further specialties.

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Potential Construction Management Career Paths

The easiest way to get a job in construction management is to have a bachelor’s degree, although there are other well-liked career options in this industry, such as general contractor, cost estimator, facilities engineer, construction supervisor, superintendent, and construction or building inspector. Therefore, employers for graduates in construction management could range from architectural firms to building contractors to engineering firms to specialist trade contractors. Some graduates in construction management may even choose to launch their own company.

All professions now have strong earning potential and are expected to experience good job growth in the upcoming years, particularly if you hold a certificate from a construction degree program. You may only need a high school diploma, some on-the-job training, and perhaps a certification to get started, but because more and more construction managers are acquiring bachelor’s degrees, getting one can increase your competitiveness on the job market for the sector.

If you have a master’s degree in construction management, it is even more evident that you have the managerial abilities and business understanding required to succeed in the field and be a significant asset to a construction company. It demonstrates your ability to successfully lead a team and cooperate to complete a task on time and effectively.

The appeal of the construction management field is currently extremely strong, regardless of your higher education path. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the sector is expected to increase by 11% between 2016 and 2026. The BLS also reveals that the median annual compensation for construction managers in the U.S. was $89,300 in 2016, demonstrating the high earning potential of this industry. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in construction management are qualified for better pay, and those who want even more can return to school to obtain an online master’s in construction management.

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Apply To Your Construction Management Bachelor’s Degree Program Of Choice

If you’ve selected the program that best suits your needs and availability and you meet the eligibility conditions, submit your application and, if you’re accepted, get ready to go on the path to a fulfilling career.

To find out more about our undergraduate construction management program and how we can support you in achieving your academic objectives, contact NewSchool right away!


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