9 Points to consider on choosing best web hosting

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There are many companies around the world provides web hosting with a lot of features, but choosing the best one will depend on preferences and other aspects that’s why I’m going to share with you details on opting better.

Before you purchase the best web hosting, you have to consider some points, as guides to give you a room on choosing the best one, which are;

Hosting Type

This is the main point which you have to consider depending on your project. There are four hosting types, which are; shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated one.

  • Shared hosting

The shared hosting is the cheapest one, which comprises a lot of space to host more than one website but with limited features which can handle all traffic depending on package capability.  The shared one is the best for web hosting beginners. Interserver, 1&1 IONOS, Hostinger, FastComet, Accuweb are some of the best shared hosting.

The VPS hosting is gives web owner a freedom to access advanced features with some semi-dedicated features which aren’t provided in shared one such as freedom of choosing OS, server software, Redis server, Advanced server-caching side and much more. The VPS is the best for growing sites and not for beginners due to pricing and intermediate knowledge needed to handle the package. InterServer, A2 hosting, Scalahosting, and Contabo are some of best VPS hosting.

  • Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting contains more than one virtual server with capability to handle different traffic which is currently got approve from many web owners around the world.  The best thing about this hosting is that scalability which is best to all traffic, low, growing and high traffic because the pricing is calculated based on uses. Google Cloud Platform, DigitaOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and AliBaBa Cloud are the best cloud hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting

This is pure isolated hosting with freedom of integrating anything relating to web hosting. In dedicated hosting, you will get dedicated server, RAM, and space which is the best for large projects such as forums, social media or sites which receive high traffic like Daily Mail, TMZ, and others. WordPress VIP, InterServer, I&1 IONOS, and Hostigator are the some of best dedicated hosting.

Hosting Management

There are two type of hosting management; managed and unmanaged one. Managed hosting is the best one than unmanaged one due to security and saving time for hosting maintenance as all task done by providers with special technicians. Not only that, there are some providers give the web owners the both managed and unmanaged service at one which is the best one than opting only one because you have no full control to hosting resources. Cloudways, WP Engine, Kinsta, InterServer, Godaddy, Nestify and Scalahosting are some of the best managed hosting. Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean and Linode are some of the best unmanaged hosting.


This is one of crucial aspect on opting the best web hosting because we care about our data. Managed hosting comes with this feature which is best to protect your web data from hacking attacks which is common on WordPress projects. InterServer, WP Engine, Kinsta, Cloudways, Nestify, Scalahosting, and FastComet are some of the best hosting win this aspect.

Customer & Technical support

The customer support is very important because not all the web owners have basic knowledge of web hosting, as well technical support when things not set as expected, or bugs or anything unusual. Many web providers offer free customer support but technical support is horrible. I&1 IONOS, and Godaddy are the worst hosting on providing customer support with limited tools which is only phone call compared to other hosting. InterServer, Hostigator, Namecheap and Kinsta are the best hosting win this aspect.

Hosting feedback

Before opting to any providers, you must conduct your own research to other web owners and not fake comments from others. Don’t gave a thumb to comment or review from sites which flooded with fake comments, do your own research from either a friend, yourself, forums or trusted web reviewers, unless otherwise you will make plenty of migration without the satisfaction. To be honest, Inmotion, Bluehost and Hostigator aren’t good like what others say.

Server Software

There are three popular server software for web hosting, which are; Apache, Nginx and Litespeed. The Apache webserver is used by majority of shared hosting, and it is old than Nginx and Litespeed webservers. To be honest, Litespeed is the best than Apache and Nginx for security, speed and much more. If you want to experience the best on web hosting, then choose the web hosting with Litespeed software like InterServer, Namecheap, Accuweb, Scalahosting and other relating providers. The second-best webserver is Apache + Nginx, the combination of these two is superb with a blazing speed, Cloudways, Kinsta and 1&1 IONOS are the some of hosting use this software.

Data center

You must consider a best user experience on opting the best web hosting to territory that you received large traffic. You must make sure your pageviews aren’t experience slow loading time by choose data center which is near to territories that you received a lot of traffic. If you receive a lot of traffic from Europe, Africa, and America, then you must choose data center from either United States or Europe to give your users the best experience. If you receive a lot of traffic from Asia especially cost Asia then you should consider data center from Asia or Europe to win this aspect. You must consider cloud hosting like Cloudways, Kinsta, Nestify, 1&1 IONOS and relating providers to win this aspect.

Guidance support

Not all hosting providers are relevant to web owners’ experience that’s why we need some of guidance to keep our web data under control. Kinsta, Cloudways, 1&1 IONOS, InterServer and Godaddy are the best web hosting win this aspect with a lot of guides to give beginners a room to learn and do whatever they want with free knowledge from basic to advance level.


We all care about satisfaction, but to win this it is important to start with small then opting higher when your project growing that’s why we have to consider pricing. InterServer, 1&1 IONOS, Namechaep, and Cloudways are the best hosting to grow your project from small to large due to pricing floor which is fair than other hosting. There are many we hosting with fair pricing with a lot of features even better than above one, the only thing to consider is satisfaction.

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