20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts
20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts
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Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts;-Massachusetts, home to some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, offers opportunities for higher education for almost any career objective. Students can discover a top-notch small college education with investment-worthy tuition rates anywhere, from rural to urban campus life.

The top 20 small colleges in Massachusetts are listed in the table below. This list of 20 reasonably priced institutions is the product of careful study that targeted features that students seeking a minor college degree would find appealing.

Points were assigned for affordability, tuition return on investment, student-to-faculty ratio, faculty expertise, alumni engagement, public recognition, career placement accessibility, and any other distinctions that added distinctive value to the college’s degree offerings in the process of ranking Massachusetts’ top small colleges.

Out of over 85 schools, these top 20 Massachusetts small colleges received the best scores. With a total student enrollment of around 8,000 and a net price of approximately $34,000 USD, this initial pool of 85 students. The primary sources of this information were Payscale, Niche, and College Navigator.

The schools profiled below are ranked according to the number of points they received. The institutions with the lower net price are rated higher if there is a tie in the points.

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

1.Wellesley College

Wellesley, Massachusetts

18 points
Enrollment overall: 2,510
Total cost: $22,138

Wellesley College, a prestigious institution west of Boston, is regarded as one of the best women’s colleges in the nation. The 56 majors offered by WC, some of which are taught in conjunction with other departments, are available. Undergraduates most frequently choose to study the biological sciences, psychology, social sciences, and foreign languages, as well as cultural and gender studies. Wellesley has remarkable retention rates of 95% and total graduation rates of 93%, and recently gathered data has shown that the tuition return on investment is upwards of $221,000 per student.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

2.Brandeis University

Waltham, Massachusetts

18 points
Number of Students: 5,752
Total cost: $30,383

Brandeis University draws the best and brightest in academia due to its staff of experts and top-notch education. This university has turned out Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy winners, and most recently, a Nobel Prize winner. Creative writing, language and linguistics, European cultural studies, and physics are some of its most well-liked majors. By allowing students to design their own degrees with concentrations in the fields of their choice, Brandeis supports autonomous, free-thinking thinking. With approximately $51 million invested in scholarships, grants, and other forms of tuition help, Brandeis is regarded as one of the best little colleges in Massachusetts.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

3.Amherst College

Amherst, Massachusetts

Count: 17
1,795 students in all.
$16,861 in total.

A selective, forward-thinking liberal arts institution that values independence, Amherst College. For students who want to create their own degree program, this top small college bargain in Massachusetts is best. Instead of having a set core curriculum, Amherst uses an educational paradigm where students choose the classes that are most pertinent to their future professional objectives. Amherst University provides a Pathways alumni mentorship program, which includes one-on-one meetings with AC grads, to help students maximize their career options. This institution’s first- to second-year retention rate is 98%, and its total graduation rate is 95%.

4.Smith College

Northampton, Massachusetts

17 points
Enrollment overall: 2,874
Total cost: $26,318

Smith College, one of the most prestigious women’s colleges in the world, offers exceptional academics with instructors having doctoral degrees.

With collaborative resource relationships with neighboring prestigious colleges including Amherst College, Mount Holyoke, the Hampshire colleges, and the University of Massachusetts, this top Massachusetts small college is dedicated to fostering the intellectual growth of its students. Both conventional and unconventional fields of study are included in Smith’s distinctive curriculum catalog, which also includes subjects like Africana studies, comparative literature, biological sciences, women and gender studies, government, media, and many more. The average return on investment for Smith College is $124,000, and more than 70% of graduates start working in a career-related field almost away.

5.Bentley University

Waltham, Massachusetts

17 points
Number of students: 5,552
Cost after fees: $33,133

Bentley University, one of the top business schools in the country, provides its students with a challenging academic program. The technical expertise, creative thinking, and ethical awareness that BU’s educational program aims to foster in its students’ graduates has been shown to result in leaders who are self-assured and prosperous in their careers. Based on the average earnings of recent graduates, Bentley has one of the greatest small college deals in Massachusetts, with a staggering $580,000 tuition return on investment. According to Bentley University’s 95% retention rate for freshmen to sophomores, the campus is friendly and interesting for students.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

6.College of the Holy Cross

Worcester, Massachusetts

16 points
Enrollment overall: 2,729
Total cost: $24,728

College of the Holy Cross is an outstanding option for higher education and is ranked as one of the top four-year liberal arts colleges in the country. With its well-established mentor-based learning model, CHC makes sure that every student is treated as an individual with specific objectives. The majority of new students declare majors in the social sciences, humanities, English, math, and psychology. Alumni salary data for CHC show an excellent $475,000 return on investment, and the overall graduation rate for this top small college deal in Massachusetts has consistently been 92%.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

7.Mount Holyoke College

South Hadley, Massachusetts

16 points
Enrollment as a whole: 2,215
Total cost: $26,082

Mount Holyoke Institution is a highly selective liberal arts college for women and is situated in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Future leaders, including Pulitzer Prize winners and medical champions, are well-educated at Mount Holyoke. There are 51 majors offered at MHC, 29 of which combine coursework from other departments; the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, and humanities subjects are the most popular choices. In general, within six months of graduating, 84% of Mount Holyoke students enroll in master’s or career-related work programs. MHC offers a number of merit-based scholarships that are among the best small colleges in Massachusetts, keeping tuition costs low for everyone.

8.Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Weston, Massachusetts

15 points
Enrollment overall: 1,674
Total cost: $13,673

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a well-known institution in its field, is situated near the Cape Cod Canal. The goal of MMA is to offer students who want to join its cadet program a top-notch education in the fields of marine engineering, energy systems, math, science, emergency management, and international maritime trade. These fields of study also include environmental protection and emergency management. Massachusetts Maritime Academy has an astounding $787,000 tuition return on investment, making it a standout small college deal in Massachusetts. Graduates of MMA do incredibly well financially and professionally.

9.Babson College

Wellesley, Massachusetts

15 points
Enrollment overall: 3,057
Total cost: $27,597

Babson College, recognized for educating businesspeople, is a university in Greater Boston’s historic Wellesley neighborhood. Students can choose to specialize in one of more than 25 specialization areas through the bachelor’s in business administration program. Babson is a fantastic option among Massachusetts’ tiny universities because Babson guarantees that its students will be steeped in business culture even outside of the classroom.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

10.Gordon College

Wenham, Massachusetts

15 points
Enrollment as a whole: 2,045
Total cost: $28,414

Gordon College, which is in the Boston-area to the north, made Forbes magazine’s list of the top 9% of all colleges. This Christian-based institution places a strong emphasis on its students’ academic and personal development because it recognizes the importance of educating the full person. In order to provide a more mentor-based learning environment, Gordon maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1. The top small institution in Massachusetts offers majors in areas like early childhood education, Christian ministries, business, chemistry, music, and art. An 80% retention rate from freshmen to sophomores at Gordon College indicates that entering students are very satisfied with the school.

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11.Framingham University

Framingham, Massachusetts

14 points
Enrollment overall: 6,398
Total cost: $18,027

Framingham State University is an interesting higher learning option for many subjects of interest. It is a reasonably priced small institution located just west of Boston. FSU offers undergraduate programs in a variety of subjects, including biology, communications, consumer sciences, and psychology. It also provides graduate-level MBA, MEd, and MS degrees for advanced study. The student-to-faculty ratio at this institution is 16:1, and 89% of the instructors there hold terminal degrees. Framingham State awards more than $10 million in grants and scholarships each academic year, making it one of the greatest college offers in Massachusetts.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

12.Bay Path University

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

14 points
Enrollment overall: 3.107
Total cost: $21,549

The 1897-founded Bay Path University provides coed undergraduate and graduate degrees for women only. The eight-campus “Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield” consortium, which BPU is a member of, considerably extends the resources available to its new students. BPU is a top small college in Massachusetts. The rigorous academic program at Bay Path University includes courses in business, forensics, writing, neuroscience, legal studies, and psychology. BPU offers graduate degrees in fields including occupational therapy, cybersecurity, and fine arts for students wishing to advance their education. The first-to-second-year retention rate at this college is an excellent 80%, and 98% of students obtain financial aid packages.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

13.Simmons College

Boston, Massachusetts

Total: 14
5,662 students in all.
$30,232 as a net price.

Simmons College, which is situated in the heart of Boston, is a pioneer in the liberal arts field. By reputable magazines including U.S. News & World Report, the Princeton Review, and Forbes, this women’s college is consistently rated as one of the “Best Colleges.” Health-related programs, education programs, data science programs, economics programs, library science programs, media arts programs, and many more are all included in this school’s extensive curriculum offerings. Simmons is one of the finest small colleges deals in Massachusetts based on recently gathered salary statistics, with a $300,000 return on investment.

14.Worcester State University

Worcester, Massachusetts

13 points
6,306 students in all.
$14,275 in net price

Worcester State University is a liberal arts institution founded on excellent academic standards and one of two Massachusetts universities on the Princeton Review’s list of “Best Value Colleges.” Students get the chance to collaborate closely with teachers on advanced subjects pertinent to their future careers at this school, which is renowned for its creative research programs. Most of this school’s alumni are local residents who frequently serve as mentors for undergraduate students. WSU’s tuition return on investment of $344,000 is only one of the many factors making this a fantastic Massachusetts small college value.

15.Clark University

Worcester, Massachusetts

13 points
Enrollment overall: 3,485
Total cost: $25,982

The little college Clark University, a renowned liberal arts research university, has a significant influence on the academic world. Students are encouraged to work both individually and collaboratively, choosing the curriculum and projects that keep them interested. Clark offers a progressive education that challenges convention in higher learning. For people who enjoy advocating for the community, Clark has a growing number of alliances with various nearby groups. CU ranks well on the list of the finest college deals in Massachusetts with a tuition return on investment of around $300,000.

16.Eastern Nazarene College

Quincy, Massachusetts

12 points
Enrollment as a whole: 1,101
$19,512 in total.

Eastern Nazarene University, a Christian institution, is one of the “50 Most Affordable Private Colleges” according to Money magazine. Every freshman is given a scholarship at Eastern Nazarene. The principle of ENC’s educational strategy is that students should take care of both their intellectual and spiritual growth. The most popular degrees at this prestigious tiny institution in Massachusetts include education, business administration, biology, law, and sports management. It offers over 50 majors and minors. 100% of ENC graduates get accepted into law school, and 94% get accepted into medical school. Due to Eastern Nazarene’s close proximity to Boston’s downtown, post-graduate career and internship opportunities are constantly available.

17.Lasell College

Newton, Massachusetts

12 points
2,160 students in total; cost, net: $26,189

Lasell College of Newton provides more than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, all of which are based on the “Connected Learning” educational philosophy. For children that learn best when given material outside of the classroom, LC is a terrific option. Lasell is dedicated to providing students with active learning opportunities, such as volunteer work, service learning, internships, and other special occasions. This small, reasonably priced college in Massachusetts offers programs in a wide range of subjects, including English, environmental studies, fitness management, communication, and art. All accepted students are given consideration for merit- and need-based aid packages at Lasell College.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

18.Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

11 points
Enrollment as a whole: 6,598
Total cost: $12,833

One of the greatest college deals in Massachusetts is Fitchburg State University, which offers a top-notch education at a reasonable cost. More than 30 liberal arts majors are offered at FSU, with human services, science and technology, communications media, geographic science, and Earth systems science ranking among the most popular. Numerous academic and professional services programs have been established by this college with the aim of assisting each student in realizing their full potential. Recent salary data show that FSU has a tuition return-on-investment of over $240,000; this return is partly attributed to the $40 million in grants, work-study awards, and scholarships that are now available.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

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19.Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Boston, Massachusetts

11 points
Enrollment overall: 1,990
Total cost: $21,277

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design, also referred to as “MassArt,” is a school of art with cutting-edge degree options. Students at MCAD can major in animation, jewelry, metalsmithing, painting, graphic design, or photography, among other disciplines. All graduates from this university will have the abilities required to be employable in the arts because it is known for having the most cutting-edge technical resources accessible. This university, which ranks among the best small universities in Massachusetts for the money, claims an out-of-state graduate return on investment of $134,000 and an in-state graduate return on investment of $210,000.

20.Regis College
Weston, Massachusetts

11 points
Enrollment overall: 1,954
Total cost: $26,560

In the suburbs of Boston, Regis College was established in 1927 and is a prestigious college. The academic divisions at this catholic university are schools of nursing and health sciences, advanced studies, and arts and sciences. A tiny but incredibly varied campus community at RC welcomes students from all around the country and 30 other nations. Cross-registration options are available between Regis and surrounding institutions like Babson College, Bentley University, Boston College, and Brandeis University. With individualized financial aid packages granted for over 90% of applicants and recent alumni surveys showing a $151,000 return on investment, Regis is one of the best small colleges in Massachusetts.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges in Massachusetts

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