20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types
20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types
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Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types;-The 20 Best Offers on Small Colleges for Athletic Types are ranked below. The colleges on this list were chosen after comparing their net prices to those of other colleges with comparable enrollments and athletic facilities. The presence of cutting-edge training facilities, a large selection of sports teams to join (both competitively and socially), a healthy mix of sports and liberal arts academics, and any other aspects that enhance value for the student athlete were taken into consideration while determining points.

The 20 colleges analyzed below had the top ratings among institutions with a maximum enrolment of 6,000 students and a net price of $30,000 USD or less (according to College Navigator). The following is a guide for students who are interested in sports and are looking for the

20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

1.Adelphi University

Garden City, New York

17 points
Registrants: 5,071
Total cost: $25,441

Small liberal arts university Adelphi University has routinely received accolades from periodicals including the Princeton Review, Forbes, Money Magazine, and Fiske Guide to Colleges. With 385 players and 23 collegiate teams on campus, this school’s athletic program is particularly noteworthy. Since 2001, Panther Athletics at Adelphi has claimed six national titles. Adelphi makes sure that its student athletes achieve a minimal GPA and excel in their other academic subjects. A three-court gymnasium, running tracks, and other amenities are now part of the 76,000 square foot building that houses the on-campus athletic facilities.

2.Castleton University

Castleton, Vermont

16 points
Student body: 2,183
Net cost: $16,168.

The first higher education facility in the state was Castleton University, located in Vermont’s picturesque Lakes Region. A 96% scholar-level faculty oversees the more than 30 academic programs offered by this college. Any of the following sports—skiing, field hockey, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or basketball—could pique the curiosity of incoming athletes. Teams from Castleton finished the 2013–14 season with an overall record of 205–134–9, which includes a 129–36-7 record in conference action. This university’s athletic facilities are state-of-the-art and have just undergone renovation to accommodate more participants and spectators.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

3.Fort Lewis College

Durango, Colorado

16 points
Students: 3,791
Finished Cost: $16,631

The educational setting of Fort Lewis College emphasizes individualized instruction and practical, active learning opportunities. A wide range of competitive varsity teams in sports like basketball, cross country, soccer, lacrosse, softball, golf, football, and cycling are available on campus. Ft. Lewis features intramural teams for anything from badminton to kickball for student athletes who want to participate for enjoyment with a little less commitment. The college’s Outdoor Pursuits department is also in charge of a 3,000-foot climbing wall that is accessible to all students.

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4.Newberry College

Newberry, South Carolina

16 points
Student body: 1,093
Total cost: $20,253

Newberry College, which is situated in a charming South Carolina town, has developed a reputation that is frequently praised by publications like U.S. News and World Report. There is a wide variety of sports available for both male and female student athletes, including basketball, baseball, cross country, tennis, volleyball, cheerleading, and tennis. The South Atlantic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II are both organizations that the Newberry athletic department competes in (SAC). When it comes to alumni with the least amount of student debt among all southern universities, this one is in fifth place.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

5.Alfred University

Alfred, New York

16 points
Student body: 2,310
Total cost: $20,306

More than 40 degree programs are available at Alfred University, a prestigious academic institution in western New York, under the direction of instructors with doctoral degrees. With 22% of current undergraduates participating in a varsity sport, this college has a lot to offer the student athlete. The athletic department participates in women’s volleyball, women’s softball, track and field, swimming, equestrian, tennis, basketball, football, and other sports. In the most recent U.S. News and World Report annual college guide, AU was rated as a “Great School at a Great Price.”

6.Barton College

Wilson, North Carolina

16 points
Student body: 1,035
$20199 as the final cost

Over 30 majors are available at small liberal arts college Barton College, which has a close-knit academic environment. With 18 teams and a diverse sports education curriculum, this college offers a well-regarded athletics program. Physical education, exercise science, health promotion, and sports administration undergraduate degrees are offered through the School of Allied Health and Sport Studies. Students that are athletically inclined have a wide range of possibilities to help them create a successful future in sports.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

7.Bowie State University

Bowie, Maryland

15 points
Students: 5,695
Total cost: $11,663

One of the first historically black universities in the nation, Bowie State University is a liberal arts college located in rural Maryland. The educational strategy used by Bowie combines rigorous academics with individualized, mentor-based learning. For students looking for a university with a thriving sporting program, this institution is a good option. The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association’s Division II is home to the Bowie Bulldogs. Basketball, football, cross country, bowling, track and field, tennis, and softball are just a handful of the several sports in which this college competes.

8.Cumberland University

Lebanon, Tennessee

15 points
Student body: 1,481
Net cost: $18,137.

A few miles east of Nashville, Tennessee, is a premier academic school called Cumberland University. It is renowned for its many degree possibilities, sports activities, and vibrant campus life. This college’s sports department creates its curriculum to support graduates who want to have a long and fruitful career in athletics. Sport ethics, sport finance, sport economics, sport marketing, and other topics are covered in depth in the Health and Human Performance degree program. For those who want to advance in their athletic expertise, Cumberland University now offers an MS in Sport and Exercise Science.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

9.Northwestern College

Orange City, Iowa

15 points
Student body: 1,205
Total cost: $21,390

Northwestern College, which has roughly 1200 students and 300 staff members, is a community located just outside Sioux City, Iowa. Despite being predominantly a Christian institution, this one promotes inclusion and diversity in its hiring practices. Northwestern University’s high-caliber sports program competes in the Great Plains Athletic Conference for student-athletes (GPAC). Since the college started competing in the GPAC in 2000, it has won over 20 national titles. Academics, athletics, and participation in an active campus life are encouraged in a healthy balance by Northwestern’s athletic coaches.

10.Wilmington College

Wilmington, Ohio

15 points
Student body: 1,200
Total cost: $21,715

The staff of Wilmington College in rural Ohio believes that successful jobs result from a specialized approach to education. Wilmington College is a vibrant and varied campus. There are numerous options for student athletes to participate in sports and study the business side of the industry. The broad curriculum offered by the sport management program here covers the business, legal, marketing, and financial aspects of the athletics industry. A increasing number of sports companies, such as the Cincinnati Reds, Columbus Clippers, Wilmington City Parks, and others, are offering fascinating internships via Wilmington College.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

11 Aquinas College

Grand Rapids, Michigan

14 points
Student body: 1,933
Total cost: $18,358


Catholic college Aquinas College was recently chosen by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Regional Universities – Midwest.” This college offers a competitive list of teams for athletes to join in ice hockey, women’s lacrosse, baseball, tennis, softball, dance, and many other sports. The business section of Aquinas University offers a degree in sports management, which is a fantastic way to broaden one’s athletic background. This university states that recent graduates have less debt than the national average because it works closely with students to create financial aid packages.

 12. North Park University

Chicago, Illinois

14 points
Student body: 3,185
$19,152 in total

North Park University has a vibrant campus life and a varied student body. More than 40 majors, minors, and pre-professional programs are available at this college. Physical Education is one of its degree options, and it trains students with all levels of athletic ability to be leaders in coaching, personal training, high school athletics, and other fields. Professionals in physical education who graduated from North Park work in elementary schools, colleges, recreation centers, and park districts. There are 17 Division III men’s and women’s teams that attend this university, all of which participate in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

13 .Lynchburg College

Lynchburg, Virginia

14 points
Student body: 1,093
Total cost: $20,253

For students who want progressive education and the beautiful outdoors, Lynchburg College, a private university in central Virginia, is a terrific option. A community that is especially active for athletes is the Outdoor Leadership Program, which offers planned outings like hiking, camping, boating, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, and more. Men’s and women’s sports teams from Lynchburg compete in events including rugby, field hockey, softball, track and field, soccer, and others. Since joining the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, the Lynchburg College Hornets have won 148 conference championships.

 14.Dowling College

Oakdale, New York

14 points
Student body: 2,453
Total cost: $22,931

A tiny, multicultural college known for its stunning campus and tight-knit academic community is Dowling College. There are many opportunities for participation for the student athlete. Dowling competes in lacrosse, cross country, golf, soccer, volleyball, softball, and hockey for the NCAA Division II East Coast Conference. With a variety of federal, scholarship, work-study, and other sorts of aid available, this college assists students in acquiring tuition funding. Within six months of graduation, 96% of recent graduates reported full-time employment or graduate school. Dowling is among the top 12% of universities where graduates earn the highest salaries.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

15. Aurora University

Aurora, Illinois

13 points
Students: 5,084
$17,178 in net price

Aurora University is a liberal arts college located just west of Chicago, Illinois, that strikes a balance between rigorous academics and chances for students to develop as people. With only 23 students in each class on average, degree seekers will find the instructors to be very attentive to individual professional goals. Nearly 40% of students participate on a team in the athletics program, which has a long history of success in a variety of sports. The Spartans of Aurora have won 103 Division III National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championships. Over 96% of new students receive financial help, and they are automatically eligible for scholarships awarded on the basis of merit.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

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16.Warner University

Lake Wales, Florida

13 points
Student body: 164
Total cost: $18,420

Warner University was established in 1968 as a school with a strong Christian foundation. Warner University offers more than 25 academic degree programs, as well as a Division II membership in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and a competitive athletics program (NAIA). Basketball, tennis, softball, football, soccer, track and field, volleyball, and more are just a few of the sports that students can join. For those who want to coach other athletes, Warner University also offers a degree in physical education and sport studies.

17.Baker University

Baker City, Kansas

13 points
Student body: 2,957
Total cost: $20,525

The first institution in Kansas was established in 1858 by United Methodist Church clergy called Baker University. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral liberal arts education are strong traditions at Baker University. There are 19 competitive sports teams to choose from at Baker, so students looking for athletics will feel at home. Men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, wrestling, coed spirit squad, cross country, and other sports are a few of these teams. The University is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), a group of universities dedicated to developing athletes who possess integrity, morality, and the capacity to reconcile their athletic careers with their academic studies.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

18.Georgetown College

Georgetown, Kentucky

13 points
Student body: 1,262
Total cost: $20,764

Georgetown College is a Christian liberal arts college that was established in 1787. For students seeking a low student-faculty ratio (11:1) and a lively campus environment, this college is a terrific option. With the Georgetown Tigers participating in over 17 varsity sports, a dance team, and co-ed sport opportunities, the campus athletic scene is constantly buzzing. Athletes from this institution and the administration participate in community events including youth camps and programming.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

19.Dominican College of Blauvelt

Orangeburg, New York

12 points
Student body: 1,980
$20,197 in net price

A small college town located a few miles north of New York City, Dominican College of Blauvelt has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1 and faculty with advanced degrees. Over 90% of the entering freshmen at this college receive financial aid packages to help with tuition costs, and extra aid may be available. Dominican University has 14 varsity teams that are equally split between men’s and women’s teams if a student is looking for sporting options. This university also competes in Division II of the NCAA.

20. Olivet College

Olivet, Michigan

12 points
Student body: 1,058
Total cost: $20,253
A small, private liberal arts college in suburban Michigan called Olivet College is dedicated to turning out well-rounded graduates with solid academic, interpersonal, and spiritual foundations. Olivet University has little over 1,000 students and a staff to student ratio of 17:1. The athletic program at this college is active. Baseball, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, golf, lacrosse, and other collegiate sports are played by the resident teams, known as the Comets. Scholarship opportunities are abundant at Olivet College for both new and continuing students.20 Best Deals on Small Colleges for Athletic Types

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