20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers
20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers
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Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers;-We looked at 79 selective small universities in the US that only take top students in order to create this ranking. The following criteria were taken into account when making our decision: acceptance rates (0–30%), scores on standardized tests (SAT & ACT), majors offered, awards, recognition on a national and international scale, graduation rates, campus location, and clubs and organizations. By comparing total costs (sticker price) to the average net price as provided by the institution on College Navigator, we choose the 20 universities out of these 79 where you might be able to obtain the best value. The ultimate list of colleges, which includes those that serve the largest percentage, is presented here.

20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

1.Scripps College — Claremont, CA

Total Expenses: $63,740
Net Price: $35,037 \sPercent Covered: 55%

28% acceptance rate

Women’s liberal arts college Scripps College was established in 1926. The 32-acre Scripps campus is a National Register of Historic Places listing. This university, which has roughly 1,000 students enrolled and a 27% acceptance rate, is highly selective and is ranked 7th among American bachelor colleges that are credited with producing the most Fulbright students. The average class size of 16 enables academics to provide each student with focused attention.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

2.Rice University — Houston, TX

Costs in total: $40,566
$20,512 percent as the final cost 51% are covered.

15% acceptance rate

Private research university William Marsh Rice University was established in 1912 and is situated on a 295-acre campus in Houston, Texas, the fourth-largest city in the US. The University has a 15% acceptance rate and is well known for its entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2013 and 2014, the Stockholm UBI Index named the University as the top business incubator in the world. The varsity teams for 14 NCAA Division I sports that Rice participates in include crew, jiu jitsu, and water polo.

3.Carleton College — Northfield, MN

$62,465 in expenses overall
Cost after tax: $32,017 % 51% are covered.

23% acceptance rate

The fourth-oldest private institution of higher learning in Minnesota is Carleton College. Carleton University’s 1,040-acre campus in the storied river town of Northfield is dedicated to promoting its students’ broad knowledge and critical thinking. It seeks to equip students with the knowledge they need to pursue fulfilling professional lives of study. 24 NCAA Postgraduate Scholars, 21 Watson Fellows, 13 Goldwater Scholars, 104 National Science Graduate Fellows, 91 Fulbright Scholars, two Rhodes Scholars, and 91 Goldwater Scholars have all come from Carleton.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

4.Harvey Mudd College — Claremont, CA

$66,627 in expenses overall
Cost after tax: $33,137 % 50% is included.

14% acceptance rate

The 1955-founded Harvey Mudd College offers 11 undergraduate majors. Harvey Mudd, which has roughly 800 students, received the top spot on the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges list for the Best Undergraduate Engineering College, as well as the Princeton Review’s Colleges That Pay You Back and The Best Career Placement lists. High achievers who aim for achievement will thrive at Harvey Mudd.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

5.Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering — Needham, MA

Total costs: $63, 801
Cost after tax: $29,979 % coverage: 65%

12-percent acceptance rate

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (Olin College), a private undergraduate engineering school, was established in 1997. Olin College, which has a high level of selectivity, is rated #2 in Best Classroom Experience by The Princeton Review, #3 in Best College Dorms, #4 in Professors Get High Marks, #11 in Best Quality of Life, and #19 in Happiest Students. This university was ranked first in “The Best 20 College Campuses in the US” by Business Insider as well.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

 6.California Institute of Technology — Pasadena, CA

Costs in total: $60,990
$26,910 in net price 44% are covered.

9% acceptance rate

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a private institution that was established in 1891. The main campus’s 124 acres are located 11 miles outside of downtown Los Angeles. Given the success of its alumni and staff, Caltech is generally referred to as one of the top universities in the world. 34 Nobel Prizes, 7 Crawford Laureates, 58 National Medal of Science recipients, 13 National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients, 75 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 9 members of the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine, and 15 faculty members of California Scientist of the Year recipients are among these accomplishments.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

7.Lafayette College — Easton, PA

$61,905 in expenses overall
Cost after tax: $27,019 % coverage: 65%

30% acceptance rate

Located on College Hill in Easton, Pennsylvania, Lafayette College is a private liberal arts school with a 34% acceptance rate. The school and surrounding area encourage a free interchange of ideas to develop students’ academic, interpersonal, and other skills. Lafayette College inspires and provides its students with the professional skillset they need to contribute to our expanding economy, with 95% of all graduates either finding job, continuing their education, or interning within 6 months of graduation.

8.Kenyon College — Gambier, OH

Total Expenditures: $62,160 Net Price: 26% 43% are covered.

25% acceptance rate

The oldest private liberal arts college in Ohio, Kenyon College was established in 1824 and is renowned for its architecture and rural location. The curriculum of Kenyon College, which has a 25% acceptance rate and is grounded in the classical liberal arts and sciences, challenges students to study more and do better. Additionally, Forbes magazine placed Kenyon 42nd overall and 5th in the Midwest, while U.S. News & World Report ranked Kenyon 25th among Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

9.Grinnell College — Grinnell, IA

Costs in total: $59,317
$24,896 percent of the net price 42% are covered.

28% acceptance rate

Grinnell College is a private, coeducational, residential liberal arts and sciences institution that was founded in 1846. It is renowned for its demanding academic standards and history of civic engagement. 95 percent of the 150 voting faculty members at Grinnell have a doctorate or the equivalent professional degree.

The open curriculum at Grinnell allows students to take the lead and take charge of their own educational paths. According to U.S. News & World Report, the institution is ranked 17th among all liberal arts institutions in the US and third highest for economic diversity. To make sure that their students are inspired and enthusiastic about their studies and the future, Grinnell has an acceptance rate of 28%.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

 10.Claremont McKenna College — Claremont, CA

$64,215 in total expenses; net price: 23.982 percent 37% are covered.

11% acceptance rate

The independent, coeducational, private Claremont McKenna College was established in 1946 with an admittance rate of 11%. It focuses on economics, politics, and public affairs. The 69-acre facility is ideal for high achievers who want warm weather because it is 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. In addition, Claremont McKenna was named by Forbes Magazine as the 18th best college in the US, the 6th best liberal arts college, and the 3rd best college in the West for 2015.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

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11.Davidson College — Davidson, NC

Costs in total: $60,921
Total Cost: $22,457 % 37% are covered.

22% acceptance rate

One of the most prestigious colleges in the country, Davidson College was established in 1837 and works hard to help each of its students reach their full potential. The acceptance rate is 22%. According to U.S. News & World Report, the private liberal arts college is one among the top 10 liberal arts universities in the nation. Personal attention between teachers and students is greatly encouraged in small classes. In order to foster a culture of diversity and cultural understanding, 80% of the student body studies or works abroad.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

12.Hamilton College — Clinton, NY

$61,770 in expenses overall
$22,392 percent of the net price 36% are covered.

26% acceptance rate

The third-oldest institution in New York State is Hamilton College, which was established in 1793 and granted its charter in 1812. The high location of the 1,350-acre property provides a view of Clinton Village. Hamilton College is renowned for training its students for meaningful, active lives. The institution teaches its students how to think for themselves and approach problems in an ethical and original way. High achievers are given individualized attention at Hamilton, which has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1, enabling them to fulfill their full potential.

13.Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Cambridge, MA

$61,770 in total expenses.
$22,392 percent as the final cost Covered: 36%

Rate of Acceptance: 26%

Hamilton Institution is the third-oldest college in New York State. It was established in 1793 and granted a charter in 1812. The hilltop campus, which is 1,350 acres in size, has a view of Clinton Village. Hamilton College has a reputation for educating its students for active, meaningful lives. Students are taught to think for themselves and to approach problems in an ethical and original way at the school. High achievers are given individualized attention at Hamilton, which has a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

14.Swarthmore College — Swarthmore, PA

Costs in total: $62,405
Total Cost: $22,557 % 36% are covered.

17% acceptance rate

Swarthmore College, which was established in 1864, is renowned for providing its students with the education, perspective, expertise, and experience they need to become leaders in our economy. Swarthmore is a great choice for ambitious people who like being outside because it is located on a campus with a 425-acre landscape that includes rolling lawns, a brook, wooded hills, and hiking trails. In fact, Garden Design magazine named Swarthmore’s campus “The Most Beautiful Campus in America.” In order to provide individualized attention, Swarthmore has an admittance rate of 17% and an 8-1 student-faculty ratio.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

15.Haverford College — Haverford, PA

$64,226 in expenses overall
22,409% of the net price Included: 35%

25% acceptance rate

This private coeducational liberal arts college, which is located in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, has a 23% acceptance rate. The 9-1 student-faculty ratio and nearly all of Haverford’s 1,200 students living on campus create a close-knit community where each student may receive individualized attention. For students to establish a balance between job, education, and life, Haverford also offers more than 140 clubs and organizations and 200 acres of award-winning architecture and landscaping.

16.Colgate University — Hamilton, NY

Costs in total: $62,405
Net Price: $21,649 % Included: 35%

26% acceptance rate

Colgate University, which was established in 1819, is known for being a selective institution that only accepts 26% of applicants. Colgate University is a great choice for individuals interested in careers in the financial services, business, technology, education, and health because it offers 54 majors and numerous minors to its 3,000 students. Graduate students have attended Columbia, NYU, Harvard, Cornell, Boston University, and other prestigious universities.

There are around 180 student organizations at Colgate, and there are 54 undergraduate programs. Colgate University was the only non-Ivy League institution to place in the top 5 on Forbes’ ranking of the Top Colleges for Getting Rich in July 2008.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

 17.Barnard College — New York, NY

$63,220 in total expenses; net price: 21.791 percent 34% are covered.

20% acceptance rate

About 2,500 female students attend Barnard, which is in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Barnard cultivates and strengthens brains for professional achievement with a 20% acceptance rate and graduates who have become leaders in business, government, the arts, and science. Due to Barnard’s location in New York City, students can also experience the city’s rich cultural diversity by traveling to places like Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Wall Street, the Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall, Central Park, other boroughs, countless restaurants, and numerous other locations.

18. Middlebury College — Middlebury, VT

$61,160 in total expenses; net price: $20,903 34% are covered.

17% acceptance rate

A private liberal arts college with a 17% acceptance rate is Middlebury College. For students who prefer being outside, the Champlain Valley in Vermont, with the Green Mountains to the east and the Adirondacks to the west, is a wonderful location. Middlebury, known for its exclusivity, was named the fourth-best liberal arts college in the country in the 2016 edition of the U.S. News & World Report rankings. Middlebury is an excellent school for high achievers who like studying, sports, and the outdoors since its students thrive in both academics and athletics.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

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19.Washington and Lee University — Lexington, VA

Costs in total: $60,084.
20.700% of the net price 34% are covered.

19% acceptance rate

The ninth-oldest institution in the country was founded in 1749 and is known for accepting bright students. It is located in Virginia’s Great Valley, halfway between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. Washington & Lee University is one of the finest liberal arts universities in the US, offering two undergraduate programs with 37 majors and 29 minors as well as a graduate program. Its admittance rate is 19%. The university also offers a professional development center, cafeteria options, and a wide range of student organizations and clubs for students to engage with one another.

20.Dartmouth College — Hanover, NH

$65,133 in expenses overall
Net Price: $21,277 % 33% are covered.

12-percent acceptance rate

Ivy League Dartmouth College, founded in 1769 and with a 10.3% acceptance rate, is regarded as one of the greatest educational institutions in the world. This university is an excellent option for open-minded high achievers because it provides undergraduate and graduate programs, a school of medical, a school of engineering, and a school of business. It is located on a 269-acre campus in the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire. Students at Dartmouth also benefit from an outstanding athletics and recreation program, a multicultural student body, and 27,000 acres of New Hampshire’s north country for balancing school, work, and life.20 Best Deals on Colleges for High Achievers

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