11 best legal ways of making money online without hustle

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If you are looking for the legit ways of making money online without hustling, then this is the best article to learn everything.

Nowadays, the world turned into a single village, where by you can work even far from your country with no limits.

There are many legit ways of making money online, but many of them aren’t legit that’s why I’m going to share with you. The following are the best based on my experience;


Becoming a publisher or site or blog owner is the best way of earning handsome income from different sources such as, direct advertisement or third-party companies such as Google and many others. This is the top best way of earning money online without investment, all you need to do is getting enough time to learn it and put enough effort at work.


This is current simplest way of earning online income without investment. Vlogging is all activities concerning publishing videos on tubes such as YouTube, TikTok or others. The content could be skills, ideas, or anything which is either buzzing or viral to get more attention from viewers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing consist all online networking selling of either staffs, eBooks, accessories and much more as third person or network. This one is more complicated at the begging but it is more profitable than above ones if you understand the market structure and much more.

Become a tutor

You can also earn by sharing ideas online through blogging or other resources to share knowledge to many audiences. Nowadays, there are many e-learning facilities to help many learners than schools with different levels of knowledge and materials. W3School is among of e-learning facility.

Online Gambling

Gambling is another way of making money online with less effort but high risk than above one due to nature of the activity. Unlike above one, this doesn’t require intermediate knowledge to complete the task. You might earn more or loose more, this require investment as many networks accept low initial saving.

Sell your staffs online

This is the best option if you have your own store to goods, or best for programmers especially web developers. You can either sell the staffs through your own store or another store such as Amazon, eBay and others to get more lead.

Become a Freelancer

Many companies around the world use advanced technology to increase productivity, increase awareness and getting enough reach. So, these companies tend to employ freelancers to work for short activities for party time on home. Programmers, web developers, customer cares are getting these opportunities than other job categories.

Web Hosting Reselling

As you know, now days media visibility turns into web which gives web hosting a loop-hole of getting earnings, which is also a chance to other as third people or company. Reselling web is the best online source, and also a chance to start your own hosting. CloudWays, Kinsta, 10WEB are some of reselling companies which are very popular of providing web hosting from third parties companies such as DigitalOcean, Google Cloud and others.

Online Trading

Online trading needs investment but also it requires enough time to understand the nature of market and other aspects relating to finance. Unlike gambling, this one requires enough time to understand the whole activity, practices and much more. Just like gambling, it requires enough effort with higher risk than any other business.

Become social media star/ Influencer

There are many people especially women and influencers getting handsome income from social media with just pictures or posts. As you know, many spend much time on social media which lead to another marketing hole. So, many advertisers tend to use these people we call social media stars or influencers to advertise their businesses and much more. CR7, The Kardashians are some of the top media stars who accumulate a lot of money on social media.


This is another trending activity of earning both online income and direct one through tubes, broadcasts and direct advert. Even some celebs also doing podcasting as extra time of either interacting with others or getting extra earnings. Lil Wayne, Nick Cannon are some of celebs doing podcasting.

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