UDSM Online Application System-UDSM Admission 2022/2023

UDSM Online Application System-UDSM Admission;- Undergraduate and graduate applications for admission to UDSM in 2022–2023

UDSM Online Application System-UDSM Admission 2022/2023

The student information system includes an online application system that can control the entire admissions process, from first contact through full enrollment. If you don’t already know, a student information system, also known as a student management system (SMS), student information management system (SIMS), or student record system (SRS), is a software program created to assist schools in keeping track of and managing all of their student data, including records of grades, attendance, behavior, and more. SIS serves as the main database for all operations at the institution.

The University of Dar es Salaam’s UDSM Online Application System is a game-changer since it provides a wide range of functions and can handle a large number of applications in a single day. Following, we examine the benefits and drawbacks.

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Advantages of University Of dar es salaam Online Admission

UDSM Online Application System
UDSM Online Application System

Applicants Convenience

The ability for applicants to submit their applications at their convenience is one of the best features of the online application method. Access to a Smart phone or computer with an internet connection is all that is necessary. Messy handwriting, late delivery from a courier, lost postal connectivity, etc. won’t stop the online admission procedure.


There’s no need to worry about running out of paper applications, selecting the correct ink pen color, unintelligible printed material, or whether your application was even received. Candidates for the University of Dar es Salaam have a standardized platform to complete application forms thanks to the online application process. Because the confirmation comes practically immediately, the system is straightforward.

An advantage to UDSM Staff

The administration of the University of Dar es Salaam gains greatly from the online enrollment process. The online application procedure allows for quick and simple access to student databases and information, a productive method for screening applicants, and application processing.

How to apply with UDSM Online Application System 2022/2023

Click this link to visit the UDSM Online Application System website. UDSM APPLICATION PORTAL, then adhere to the subsequent steps.



By selecting the REGISTRATION button under the POSTGRADUATE page, you can create an account in our system.

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Note: The following information must be provided in order to register for an account in the admission system:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Contact Email
  • Cellular Phone Number
  • You must provide a password of your choosing to complete registration.
  • that you will use to access the admission system at all times.
  • Finally, complete the captcha characters as they appear on the page, i.e.
  • After entering the captcha, click the register button at the bottom to create an account.
  • If your registration is successful, the system will email you to let you know.
  • To activate your admittance account, please sign into your email account and click the link there.

Note that at this time

  • Your email address serves as your username.
  • The password you provided is Your Password.



When you log in successfully, a message stating that your account has been activated will appear (please open the notification). To begin an application, click the My Application button.
Four[8] stages will be provided for you to complete the application.

First step: MY PROFILE

Application category picked:
Write names exactly as they appear on your academic credentials. Include your sex, country of citizenship, and, if applicable, your disability type.

Step 2: Paying the application fee

Application fee that is not refundable is:

  • Students from the area: TZS 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand only)
  • foreign students fifty dollars (Fifty US Dollar only)

Utilize the reference number displayed to pay the application cost via Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, or Airtel Money for Local Students. The application fee for international students is due at the University of Dar es Salaam, NBC Bank, Samora Branch, using the account number 012105005554.

The following details the application fee payment processes for local students utilizing mobile money services:

Vodacom Phone
To access your MPESA, dial *150*00#.

Next, select 4 to pay with M-Pesa (Lipa kwa Mpesa)

Select option 5: Government Payment (Malipo ya Serikali)

Next, select 1: Reference Number (Weka namba ya kumbukumbu)

The Reference number is 99143XXXXXX (Ingiza number ya kumbukumbu ya malipo).

NB: Your admission system account reference number should be entered at the “the make payment” button, which is highlighted in red, for example, Reference no. 99143XXXXXX

Vodacom Phone
To access your MPESA, dial *150*00#.

Tigo Account

Dial *150*01# to access your Tigo-Pesa number.

Option 4: Pay the bill (LIPA Bili,)

Malipo ya Serikali, option 5.

Enter the following Reference number: 99143XXXXXX (Tafadhali ingiza namba ya malipo).

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NB: Your admission system account reference number should be entered at the “the make payment” button, which is highlighted in red: for example.

Identifier: 99143XXXXXX

Number for Airtel

Call the Airtel Money Number at *150*60#.

Select 5: (Lipia bili)

Malipo ya Serikali, option 5.

Enter the following as your reference number: 99143XXXXX

NB: Your admission system account reference number should be entered at the “the make payment” button, which is highlighted in red, for example, Reference no. 99143XXXXXX

When you pay, the system will update immediately, allowing you to move on to step 3.

Step 3


Choose a college or school
choose intake
Select the program you want to apply for at that intake, then the program category, and finally the delivery mode.
Next, choose Sponsorship Type.
When asked “How did you learn about the Postgraduate Programs at the University of Dar es Salaam?” check the appropriate item.

Step 4


To finish your employment records, click the “Add” button.

To add the necessary academic records, click the “add your academic records” option.

6th step:  REFEREES

To fill out the necessary information for the two (2) referees, click the “add referees” option.
then choose “create”

7th step: DOCUMENTS

To choose and upload the necessary papers, click the “upload attachments” option.


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