Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023

Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023
Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best International Schools In Thailand;-Bangkok is more than just a hub for high-rise structures and shopping malls. The top international schools can be found in this city as well. Bangkok is becoming a popular destination for both locals and visitors who want to experience the best education available in Thailand. If you’re looking for reasons to relocate to this city with the intention of furthering your education and professional development, you may want to take into account the Private International Schools and the State International Schools. Here is your guide to determining which school is available to you.

1.NIST International School

I studied at NIST for five years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am the man I am now because of it. The fact that NIST’s schools are neither too big nor too small is its strongest feature. Like other international schools, it offers pupils the chance to participate in a variety of ECAs and extracurriculars, but because the school is small, nearly every student gets a chance to do so. The school has a wonderful family environment and the classes are tiny. The teachers are always willing to assist and are all very excited about what they do. Excellent college counselors are on staff, and everything is ideal.

NIST is distinct from other international schools because it was the first and

2.Wells International School (WIS)

Since kindergarten, I have spent 14 years at Wells, and I adore this institution. It is hard to not know a kid at this school because it is so small in comparison to other schools in Thailand. It offers a surprising amount of options for students to work both inside and externally for a school that only opened ten years ago. Without exaggeration, the entire school feels like my second family; the professors couldn’t be more compassionate, the activities couldn’t be more enjoyable, and the pupils couldn’t be more considerate. I appreciate my parents sending me to Wells for their wise choice!

Your children will feel at home at Wells International School thanks to the great instructors and support staff there. This offers great value for the money,Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023

3.Bangkok Patana School (BPS)

Your education plays a significant role in your life; if you began attending school in kindergarten, you have been in school for 15 years. When you arrive at school at the beginning of the academic year and see a new building, canteen, or upgraded equipment for the students to use, you know your money is being put to good use. The environment in which you are raised affects your concentration, behavior, and attitude toward learning. Patana is truly a great school; it has everything to offer. People are concerned about size and being too big, but in my opinion, bigger just means more opportunities and space. To me, home is always.

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4.International Community School (ICS)

I cherish our school’s feeling of community very much as a teacher. The word “community” is included in the name for a reason. I’m thankful for the chance to work here, and as I stay longer, I notice that I’m constantly being pushed to advance both professionally and personally.

I once thought about switching careers, but after working at ICS for a while, I’ve discovered that I’m growing increasingly passionate about teaching and in particular about having a positive impact on my students’ lives. This is not only because of the inspiration I receive from the wonderful administrators I work for, but also because of my friendships with coworkers, some of whom have grown into some of my closest friends, Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023

5.Concordian International School

I attended Concordian my entire academic career and thoroughly enjoyed it. In actuality, it shaped who I am now. I felt like my pals were my brothers and sisters because they were so kind and helpful. I am very happy to be a CONCORDIAN dragon!

This school is undoubtedly among the top five in Thailand, but because to the additional “Thainess,” the students here don’t turn into the obnoxious foreign students that we occasionally encounter in other schools.


This school represents a tremendous commitment on the part of the founder, principals, instructors, and personnel. They give the pupils their all while still maintaining a polite Thai demeanor. The structure and the color scheme of this school make it the most attractive in Thailand.Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023


6.International School Bangkok (ISB)

After visiting 4 schools, ISB is by far the finest. The academics are extremely difficult, and the facilities are of the highest caliber. Everyone in this place is really different. Each of them has a unique background and a unique story to share. They are among the most encouraging individuals I have ever encountered, not to mention among the smartest and most gifted. Many of the kids here are absolute geniuses, which will either increase your level of competition or simply make you doubt yourself. However, whichever one it is, you will always receive assistance from them.

I’m graduating this year and haven’t even regretted forgoing an entrance exam for a different institution I applied to. It’s graduated in 1995, a time when there were few other foreign schools. Back then, it set the standard for other foreign schools to aspire to, boasting top-notch faculty (the most of whom were expats, with a few truly exceptional local hires), an advanced placements curriculum (IBs, APs, etc.), cutting-edge facilities, and cutting-edge educational technology (probably one of the reasons it abondoned the 30 year-old campus in Soi 15).

After 18 years, and after hearing from friends whose kids attend different schools, it is believed that ISB is still at the forefront of educational advancements (but the gaps are closing in as developments from other top schools are catching up). Visit each school and contrast the tuition costs with the investments made in the establishment (tutors,

7.Harrow International School (HIS)

I’m proud to state that this is the best school because I’m a Harrovian. Since first grade to eighth grade, I attended Harrow. Then, at the start of year 9, I departed Harrow in order to move to America. Because I learned the most of what I needed to know from Harrow, my first year in America was fairly simple for me.

I excelled academically during my eighth grade/year nine by earning As in every subject. However, I was in set 2 for math and set 3 for English when I was a year 8 student at Harrow. I was struck by the realization that, although not being the smartest student at Harrow, I was still far more intelligent than the local youth. Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023

8.KIS International School Bangkok (KIS)

KIS outlines the ideal qualities of a top international institution. The pupils are accepting of all ethnicities and cultures in the loving community. I know practically every student at the school and feel quite accepted as a student there. With relatively small classrooms, the professors are able to help the students succeed, and this allows for interaction learning between the students and the teachers. Due to the graduates’ achievement with the IB curriculum from the Primary Years Program to the Diploma Program, there are incredible colleges all around the world where they can study. We offer fantastic sports teams, including football (soccer), swimming, basketball, table tennis, and track, that welcome any student who wants to participate.

9.Shrewsbury International School (SHB)

I was given the best education I could have hoped for, from basic through secondary school instruction, thanks to mostly top-notch instructors and first-rate facilities. Contrarily, the student body isn’t as interesting or diverse as rumors would have you believe. 90% of it is entirely and only Thai, which can be monotonous, confining, and suited to a particular personality type for a “foreigner.”

The advantage of this system is that one is always encouraged to exceed everyone’s expectations by the Asian culture’s tangible emphasis on academic excellence. I enjoyed a wonderful six years and achieved fantastic outcomes to show that I had found my expertise. To be honest, despite a few flaws, I heartily suggest SHB.Top 10 Best International Schools In Thailand 2022-2023

10.St. Andrew International School Bangkok (STA)

fantastic international middle school of medium size. The other pupils, many of whom are mixed Thai/Foreign, make up the remaining 15%. A pleasant school with a terrific atmosphere that still manages to achieve remarkable academic outcomes is driven by the extremely approachable head (Mr. Paul).

St Andrews succeeds well with what it has, especially in swimming and football, despite lacking the enormous sports facilities and playing grounds of large schools outside of Bangkok like Patana and ISB. On the other hand, its location is highly convenient for parents who reside in the Bangkok neighborhoods of Ekamai, Thong Lo, and Sukhumvit. As for us, we personally prefer a school that is closer to home than one that is more than an hour away.

Following her relocation from the UK, my daughter is currently enrolled here. According to what I hear, it has been under bad leadership for a while, and the new Head has been appointed in an effort to raise the standard to where it should be. My criticisms would have to be directed towards the badly run after-school programs! The school dinners are absurdly costly and offer no other options.

Despite there being a “international” area, everything seems to be in Thai. This is garbage! Additionally disgusting is the school’s communication. You’re lucky if you receive a week’s notice of an event, such as a sports day, etc.

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