Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023
Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky;-Students worldwide are looking for any and all ways to save money as college degrees become more and more expensive. The cost of living, which includes off-campus housing, food, transportation, and medical care, is one of the best areas to make savings.

Kentucky is significantly more economical to live in than many other regions of the country, with a cost of living that is around 13% lower than the national average. For students enrolled in any of Kentucky’s 54 colleges and universities, this is fantastic news.


Our editors compiled a list of every college town in Kentucky using information from Wikipedia before ranking them according to general affordability using information from Sperling’s Best Places. We analyzed housing, food, health, transportation, and utility costs to the national average in order to determine which college towns are the most cheap. Before reducing our list to the top 20 college towns in Kentucky for 2023, we also took into account aspects like amenities, crime rates, public transit, and general quality of life.

Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


college of the cumblands
Cost of living: 16.8% less than the state average and 27.3% less than the national average.
University of the Cumberlands, one of the biggest private universities in the state, is located in picture-perfect Williamsburg. Williamsburg provides its citizens with a high standard of living at an affordable price. Indeed, there always appears to be something going on in Williamsburg’s close-knit neighborhood:

sports activities
Old Fashioned Trading Days, an annual celebration
A water park worth millions of dollars makes cooling off simple. The best free entertainment in town may be found at Cumberland Falls State Park, which is home to dozens of hiking trails and the “Niagara of the South,” a 125-foot wide cascade.


Christian University of Kentucky
Cost of living: 13.5% below the state average and 24% below the national average.
Kentucky Christian University is located in Grayson, a little hamlet tucked away in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. In this close-knit neighborhood, housing expenses are less than half of the national average. The cost of utilities, transportation, food, healthcare, and entertainment is less than the national average. Students and locals alike are drawn to Grayson because of the area’s stunning natural surroundings and plenty of outdoor activity options. The boundaries of three state parks encircle Grayson. Popular activities are:

climbing mountains

3.(tie) Columbia

Lindsey Wilson University
Cost of living: 12% below the state average and 22.5% below the national average.
Lindsey Wilson College, a private liberal arts university connected to the Methodist faith, is located in tiny Columbia. There are about 4,000 people living there. With a charming walking downtown area and an excellent array of historical structures and buildings, Columbia is a peaceful neighborhood.

The most common pastimes here are outdoor ones. People may easily access recreational lakes and top-notch fishing areas thanks to Columbia’s strategic location between Green River Reservoir, Dale Hollow Lake State Park, Barren River State Park, and Lake Cumberland State Park.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

4.(tie) Morehead

Greater Cincinnati University
Cost of living: 12% below the state average and 22.5% below the national average.
The Morehead State University campus is located in one of the three officially recognized Kentucky Trail Towns. As a result, it’s a well-liked vacation spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sheltowee Trace, the longest route in Kentucky, flows directly through Morehead’s charming downtown. This implies that a leisurely hike may be readily finished with a beverage or supper at one of the town’s independently owned restaurants. More than 100 miles of trails near Cave Run Lake are particularly well-liked by mountain bikers and horseback riders. Lexington, which is close by and offers access to big city facilities and a day at the races, is a convenient vacation.


College Union
Cost of living: 11.5 percent lower than the state average and 22% less than the national average.
Barbourville is perfect for college students who enjoy the great historical traditions of their home towns. The legendary Daniel Boone Festival is held every year in the little town. It’s also where the first log cabin ever constructed by a pioneer in Kentucky was located.

Union College students will adore Barbourville’s walkable and picturesque downtown district. Some of the most stunning natural scenery in the state surrounds shops and dining establishments. The Living History Days Festival is another enjoyable perk of returning to school each September. The first Civil War battle to occur in the state of Kentucky, Barbourville’s battle of 1861, will be reenacted as part of the festival.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


Campbellsville College
Cost of living: 8.8% below state average and 19.3% below national average.
Campbellsville, a village in the center of Kentucky, has been dubbed the state’s “best kept secret” and is a haven for outdoor adventure. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy more than 40 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding paths in the nearby Green River Lake State Park.

Back in town, there are plenty of things to do, including a Civil War battle site and a charming downtown filled with shops, restaurants, and a relaxing spa. Here, the standard of living is good and the cost of living is among the lowest in the world. Other costs, such as: are significantly lower than the national average.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

dwelling and utilities


Louisville State University
Cost of living: 7.5% higher than the state average and 18% lower than the average for the state.
Frankfort, Kentucky’s lovely small capitol, is tucked between the state’s two largest cities. Kentucky State University is located in the town. It provides easy access to all that makes Kentucky what it is for its student population. For an enjoyable day away from school, prestigious horse farms and the iconic Keeneland racetrack make the ideal hosts. The renowned Bourbon Trail of Kentucky winds through and around Frankfort. Students have access to museums, stores, dining options, and art studios downtown. All the advantages of a big metropolis are easily accessible.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


Berea University
Cost of living: 6.7% below the state average and 17.2% below the national average.
The little hamlet of Berea will appeal to artistic students at Berea College. The undeniable “Folk Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky” is renowned for its rich cultural diversity, politically engaged locals, and proud heritage.

The first multiracial institution to be established in the South was Berea College. Berea’s charming downtown district is dotted with more than 40 arts and crafts shops, galleries, and studios in addition to the typical retailers and eateries. The metropolis of Lexington is a quick 45-minute drive to the north if students desire a break from rural life.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


University of Murray
Cost of living: 6.2% below the state average and 16.7% below the national average.
Murray is a charming and vibrant town that is consistently recognized as one of the “Best Communities for Young People” and a wonderful location to call home. Murray State University students have it all:

a close-knit neighborhood
moments of live music and theater
local spots for fishing and hunting
fine art galleries
green parks
alternatives for dining and shopping at various price points
The cost of living is astonishingly 17% lower than the national average, which is the best part.

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Brescia University, Kentucky Wesleyan College
Cost of living: 4.6% below state average; 15.1% below national average
One would be shocked to learn that Owensboro is one of Kentucky’s most visited small towns, given that its cost of living is so much lower than the country as a whole. There are several well-liked attractions in this vibrant city, which is home to two prestigious institutions, including:

a museum dedicated to bluegrass music
Regional Performing Arts and Civic Center, a premier venue
the Fine Arts Museum of Owensboro
the Science and History Museum of Owensboro
a botanical garden in Western Kentucky.


College of Pikeville
Cost of living: 4.3% below state average; 14.8% below national average
The University of Pikeville is located in Pikeville, which has repeatedly been named one of the best little towns in America. The downtown area is where most students spend out off campus. It provides a wide range of services, including affordable dining alternatives, independently owned stores and boutiques, and historical walking tours.

Since the Appalachians are so close to Pikeville, outdoor enthusiasts frequently go hiking and engage in other outdoor pursuits. The Hatfield/McCoy Feud took place mostly in Pikeville, and tourists are frequently spotted walking along the line of monuments that describe the sad events of the protracted conflict between the two families.

12.(tie) Highland Heights

North Carolina State University
Cost of living: 3% below the state average and 13.5% below the national average.
Northern Kentucky University is housed in Highland Heights, a peaceful community in the northern Kentucky hills only seven miles south of Cincinnati. It is among the universities in the state with the quickest growth.

Highland Heights has managed to preserve a small-town, close-knit vibe despite its proximity to the big city (the community is also an hour and a half to both Louisville and Lexington). Additionally, it’s one of the safest towns in the country. Due to the effectiveness of its Community Relations Team and its efforts to keep the community and its residents safe, the local police department has received acclaim on a national level.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

 13.(tie) Danville

College Center
Cost of living: 3% below the state average and 13.5% below the national average.
Centre College, a renowned liberal arts institution, is situated in Danville, a lovely college town with a distinguished past. The downtown’s winning features include:

important historical locations
locally run eateries and coffee shops
affordable boutiques and stores
buildings with exquisite painting
Danville is a terrific (and reasonably priced!) alternative to the rush and bustle of the major city since it has a notable arts culture that offers plenty of local entertainment.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


Eastern University of Kentucky
Living expenses are 10.6% less than the national average and.1% less than the state average.
Richmond, one of Kentucky’s fastest-growing cities, is a wonderful place for Eastern Kentucky University students to live. Even as it expanded, the 20,000-person town in the center of the country managed to maintain its laid-back, college town atmosphere. Students continue to frequent a charming and welcoming downtown to enjoy its cafes and stores. Here, outdoor recreational activities are incredibly popular. This is not surprising given how close Richmond is to lakes, mountains, and hiking routes.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University
Cost of living:.6% higher than the state average and 9.9% lower than the national average.
A theological seminary and a small liberal arts institution are located in Wilmore. It’s a cute, peaceful small town. Fortunately for Asbury University students, Wilmore’s charming downtown is literally directly across from the university. Students like to hang out in the nearby book stores, movie theater, and little businesses that offer anything from cheap essentials to antiques. Asbury University students frequently travel to bigger cities like Lexington and Nicholasville for more shopping and entertainment options, even though prices there are unlikely to be any lower.

16. Bowling Green

Wesleyan University in Kentucky
Cost of living: 3.8% over the state average; 6.7% lower than the national average
Although Bowling Green was recently named one of the “25 Best Places to Retire” in America by Forbes magazine, you don’t have to be retired to enjoy this lively college town. Bowling Green now has a downtown that is geared toward the needs of the student population, replete with:

modern apartments
art museums
There are plenty of lakes, a sizable performing arts complex, and the world’s largest cave system to enjoy. Nashville and Louisville, two larger cities, are both easily accessible. The majority of significant cost of living categories are below the national average, whereas housing expenses are higher.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023


Kentucky University and Transylvania University
Cost of living: 5.5% more than the state average; 5% less expensive than the national average.
Despite being the second-largest city in Kentucky, Lexington has a small-town atmosphere, in part because it is dispersed among a series of lush, rolling hills.

In this place, the two most significant things are horses and the University of Kentucky Wildcats. There are images of both throughout the city. Lexington is surrounded by a variety of neighborhoods, from modest and affordable to historic, opulent, and out of reach for all but the wealthiest of the wealthy. (We’re talking about wealth on par with Saudi royalty.) In spite of this, Lexington’s housing expenses are on average 7% lower than those in the nation.


Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Bellarmine University, and University of Louisville
Cost of living: 6.8% more expensive than the state average; 3.7% less expensive than the national average.

Louisville is a great, laid-back city where you can live for four years or longer. Its cost of living is lower than that of most other cities its size, as well as the national average. Also within a 10-hour drive of Louisville are about 60% of the cities in the contiguous United States. Areas of the city featuring a concentration of student-friendly stores, eateries, clubs, and pizzerias include Frankfort Avenue and Bardstown Road. Additionally, there is always something going on, whether it’s the renowned Kentucky Derby in May or the world’s biggest fireworks display, Thunder Over Louisville, in April.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

19.(tie) Georgetown

Georgetown University
Cost of living is 7% more than the state average and 3.5% lower than the national average.
Students at Georgetown College have access to one of Kentucky’s most attractive and historically significant downtowns, which is located in the quaint and affluent Georgetown, which is widely known as the “Horse Capital of the World” and is only 10 miles north of Lexington.

They frequently meander through the assortment of distinctive boutiques, coffee shops, and locally owned eateries on peaceful weekends or evenings. Due to Georgetown’s high demand, housing costs are often a little more than in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly affordable possibilities for college. Some of these are even found in places with a rich history and beautiful Victorian buildings.Top 20 Most Affordable College Towns in Kentucky 2023

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20. (tie) Midway

Midway College
Cost of living is 7% more than the state average and 3.5% lower than the national average.
The location of numerous stunning and prominent horse farms is arguably Midway’s best-known claim to fame. Midway is a little town nestled between Frankfort and Lexington. However, it is also a lively college town with lots of historical interest and entertainment to offer its citizens in addition to being the location of Midway College.

The charming downtown of Midway is protected on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a good area to go for an afternoon of shopping or dining at nearby establishments. Equestrian sports are the main pastimes in this area, which is perhaps not unexpected. A typical weekend activity is visiting the storied Keeneland racecourse.

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