Messi matches Matthaus previous World Cup record 2022

Messi matches Matthaus previous World Cup record;- Up until Tuesday, German veteran Lothar Matthaus held the record for most World Cup appearances. He will now share that honor with Lionel Messi, whose goal total might surpass his if Argentina advances to the final.

Since 1998, Matthaus’ record of 25 games played on the largest platform has gone undisturbed, but Lionel Messi may be about to make yet another piece of history.

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Messi matches Matthaus previous World Cup record 2022

Curiously, Messi’s World Cup journey began in Germany in 2006, where the Albiceleste were defeated by the home team. He is now competing in his sixth World Cup and is attempting to reach a second final.

This World Cup is Messi’s finest to date, with four goals, two assists, and three MVP titles. A classic performance from a man who was committed to giving his enduring legacy the ideal finishing touches.

Putting Messi aside, Matthaus (25 games), Miroslav Klose (24 games), and Paolo Maldini are the other top World Cup appearance makers (23). For Klose and Maldini to reach those totals, only four tournaments were required.

From 1982 to 1998, Matthaus appeared, winning the trophy in 1990. Curiously, Maldini has played in more World Cup games than he has, making the distinction go to Maldini.

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