Best Pizza in Pretoria-South Africa 2022

Best Pizza in Pretoria: Pizza Box is a pizza spot based around a food truck and it’s brilliant. It’s in the Pretoria environs, close enough to make a 30-minute trip from just about anywhere in the city. Set outside, it feels as if you’re in the countryside. With Pretoria’s mostly mild weather, it makes for the perfect spot. But even in the rain or too-sharp sunshine, there’s some shelter.

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Best Pizza in Pretoria-South Africa 2022


It’s of course all about pizzas here, toppings served on deliciously healthy and thin bases made with wholegrain sourdough and stoneground flour. The base is essential, made by sourdough specialists. According to the owners (and personal testing) the naturally occurring yeast and bacteria makes it easier for your body to absorb all the healthy ingredients in bread without triggering the symptoms of gluten intolerance. Best Pizza in Pretoria

Naturally fermented pizza bases are first topped with a tomato base and then filled with options ranging from pork belly and beef short rib to pepperoni and pork crackle. And of course a lot of cheese. From the classic margherita to des mousses millais (with creamy sweet corn, cheddar cheese, peppers, arugula, avocado, and sour cream) or the bra (with blue cheese, Parmesan, mozzarella, and arugula), the options are imaginative and plentiful.

Best Pizza in Pretoria
Best Pizza in Pretoria


If you want something sweet, check their baked goodies on the day and buy some of the city’s best artisanal bread to take home. The variety is spectacular.


They don’t have a licence, but you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol. The usual cold drinks and the best coffee are available.


It’s a small contingent of staff, but they’re warm, friendly and help you with anything you need. This is a smart and experienced operation that runs smoothly – they’ve clearly thought of everything.

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The Ambience

The atmosphere complements the food perfectly. It’s an intimate setting where the wood-burning oven is part of the whole experience. Everything is outside, but there are tables and chairs, as well as a brick and mortar structure with seating. You can also turn it into a picnic by bringing blankets and pillows, or you can go all out and ask them to host and organize a party. Limitless imagination is their powerful suit.

Best Pizza in Pretoria
Best Pizza in Pretoria