Why Study a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2022?

 Study a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design;- Ever made a fool of yourself by attempting to push a door open when the sign clearly states to pull?

You shouldn’t feel bad because we have all done that, to start. Second, you’re not to blame. It should have been obvious from the design of the door’s creator whether it should be pulled or pushed. A bachelor’s degree in industrial design might have been helpful in this situation.

Why Study a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2022?

Industrial design teaches students how to integrate the theoretical notions of materials and processes with the practicality of design and patterns in order to produce items that can be both attractive and useful.

And for that reason, a bachelor’s degree in industrial design is, in a nutshell, a fantastic degree.

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Where to study a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a field that changes depending on the nation where it is taught. From the straightforward, Ikea-like designs of Northern European nations to the colorful, heat-resistant materials and patterns of the Oriental East, choosing the right nation is crucial.

You won’t misstep by selecting:

  • Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degrees in Turkey
  • Industrial design bachelor’s degrees in the US
  • Industrial design bachelor’s degrees in China
  • UK industrial design bachelor’s degrees
  • Australia offers industrial design bachelor’s degrees

What will you study during a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design?

Don’t picture industrial design as only mixing the same three components while sitting at a table to produce innovations like “the grill-table” or “the retractable shovel.”

You would have to take part in theoretical classes, projects in the classroom, and computer laboratories. These are all intended to foster your abilities to solve problems, appreciate beauty, and be creative.

Additionally, some of the required core courses for your bachelor’s degree are as follows (full disclosure here, as you will see that several fields begin with the letter “D”):

  • Design representation
  • Drawing
  • concept prototypes
  • design heritage
  • Design with dimensions

Top universities yo study a Bachelor in Industrial Design

Yes, you can always go at the most popular Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design foreign students choose if you don’t want to sift through hundreds of Bachelors. Here are these:

  • Istanbul’s Bahcesehir University in Turkey
  • The University of London South Bank in London, United Kingdom
  • Netherlands’ University of Twente is located in Enschede.
  • University of Ozyegin, Istanbul, Turkey
Why Study a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design in 2022?
Why Study a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2022?

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Industrial Design careers after graduation


If you create a network beforehand, earning a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design can lead to many opportunities. Given that you must blend creativity and utility, it is no surprise that you will work in positions like:

Art Directors

You can grasp what “Art Directors” do if you picture Tim Burton’s work, which features black and white stripes, gloomy colors, shadowy people, and Johnny Depp.

You will get to create and organize all the artwork and layouts for the project you are in charge of, from finding the ideal image and design for something to knowing where to place photographs in a magazine to choosing the look of a movie or a package.

In addition, you can anticipate receiving a yearly income of about 53.500 EUR. Cool, huh?

Desktop Publishers

Desktop publishers have the exciting task of capturing and sorting through images of semi-naked individuals cuddling for the cover of a romance novel or discovering the right image of a happy teacher, surrounded by happy students, acting as though they are glad to be in a textbook.

I’m trying to convey the point that desktop publishers create page layouts for books, brochures, or anything else that is printed, and their annual income is roughly 42.200 EUR.

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Drafters serve as the intermediaries who convert engineering blueprints into technical drawings or turn designs into 3D pictures.

While your artistic mind will urge you to decorate more, you will still need to communicate and comprehend what the builders want. Nevertheless, your compensation of 38.200 EUR per year will make up for this.

Fashion Designers

Defining a fashion designer may not need to be done. In essence, you will mix patterns, fabrics, and shapes to create footwear, apparel, and accessories.

As a fashion designer, you may make roughly 53.400 EUR each year.

You should definitely think about and try for this degree after seeing how enjoyable and full of lovely things an undergraduate program in industrial design would surround you with.

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Of course, you have to like coming up with original ideas, having creative freedom, and getting compensated to make the world more attractive. You might be able to get used to it, I bet!

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