50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs
50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs
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Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs;-There are many different job types in the immensely vast topic of criminal justice. When thinking of criminal justice, the three main professions that come to mind are probably law enforcement, corrections, and parole. But the system also includes the law, the courts, victim advocacy, prisoner advocacy, and rehabilitation. Organizations that generate, develop, and advocate criminal justice policy are also included.

The institutions listed in this ranking of the least expensive online criminal justice As well as degrees, bachelor’s degrees frequently offer minors and concentrations that can assist you narrow your focus on the area of the criminal justice system you wish to work in. There are degrees with a law enforcement specialization if you desire to work in that field. In order to work,

Not every program concentrates on every one of these topics. But among these 50 schools and institutions, you will find degrees that do concentrate in your area of interest. These institutions are all four-year, non-profit colleges and universities with regional accreditation. This guarantees that you will find a high-quality, reasonably priced online criminal justice degree regardless of the school you select.

We used an easy algorithm for this ranking. The schools are listed in order of lowest to highest cost. However, the tuition for even the most expensive program on our list is just a little bit over $15,000. When you take into account that out-of-state tuition at public universities in 2019 was more than $40,000 per year, and the cost of tuition at private colleges and universities was over $40,000 per year

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50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

1.Amridge University

The program at Amridge also provides a solid basis for those interested in pursuing graduate degrees in leadership and management, marital and family therapy, ministerial leadership, and professional counseling, in addition to the diverse vocations open to criminal justice graduates. Management intervention, an introduction to public safety and security, criminal investigation, criminal justice, criminal law, criminal evidence, criminal procedures, and constitutional law are just a few of the classes that students will attend.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Fees: $6,950

2.Wayne State College

Online and on-campus options are available for Wayne State College’s criminal justice program. Emergency management, Spanish, sociology, psychology, political science, public administration, and pre-law are among of the program’s most popular minors. All WSC recent alumni are either employed or enrolled in graduate school. When pursuing a traditional or online criminal justice degree at Wayne State College, law enforcement personnel enjoy a 30% tuition reduction.

$7,202 in fees

3.Drury University

A bachelor’s in criminal justice is available online from Drury University. Research methodologies for the behavioral sciences, statistical foundations for the behavioral sciences, victimology, white collar crime, advanced criminology, principles of criminal justice, and law and society are just a few of the courses that students will take. Students who aren’t sure if they want a bachelor’s degree might begin with the associate degree offered by Drury and then decide.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$7,238 for tuition

4.Elizabeth City State University

Graduates in criminal justice have several different job options. State trooper, community development expert, U.S. marshal, crime analyst, correctional officer, postal service investigator, fish and game warden, ATF agent, park ranger, and other positions are just a few of them. Juvenile justice, violent crime, American constitutional law, an introduction to homeland security, crime myths and moral panic, directed study in criminal justice, and police in American society are just a few of the topics that students will study.

$7,260 for tuition

5.University of North Carolina at Pembroke

A criminal justice degree completion program is available online through UNCP. To transfer into the program, students must make sure they have all of the necessary general education credits. Criminal justice writing and rhetoric, social statistics, social research, criminal process, criminology, criminal law, and introduction to criminal justice are among the subjects covered in the BA in criminal justice degree program.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$7,490 for tuition

6.The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin’s online criminal justice bachelor’s program is intended primarily for students who are employed full-time, have employment with irregular hours or shifts, or live too far from the university to attend in person. Probation officers, forensic science technicians, private investigators, crime scene investigators, state troopers, and police officers are among the jobs held by program alums.

$7,506 for tuition

7.Minot State University

Both on-campus and online criminal justice degree programs are available at Minot State University. Law and legal studies, criminal justice, and offenders, risk assessment, and correctional are minors available to students. Students will have the chance to complete an internship or fieldwork with a real criminal justice agency or group while pursuing their degree.

$7,592 for tuition

8.Peru State College

Peru State College will accept up to 90 credits from four-year institutions in addition to the regular 66 credits from community colleges. Because of this, the university is a top choice for students who want to finish their criminal justice degree on-campus or online. Courses for the criminal justice degree are available online and on campus. In addition, there are no application fees.

$7,704 for tuition

9.Bellevue University

127 credits are required to complete Bellevue’s online criminal justice degree. The American criminal and civil legal systems, criminal procedure and public policy, justice and modern social issues, criminal justice problem analysis, professional responsibility and ethics in criminal justice, and justice and contemporary social issues will all be taught to students.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$7,851 for tuition

10.Western Carolina University

Both on-campus and online criminal justice degree programs are available at West Carolina University. Administration of justice is a specialization available to online students. The program’s course offerings include cybercrime, geographic information systems and criminal justice, statistical analysis for criminology and criminal justice, social justice and the law, criminal procedure and the judicial process, theories of crime, and social justice and the law.

$8,277 for tuition

11.Colorado State University-Global Campus

The Colorado State University’s entirely online campus is called CSU-Global. The fact that all students at CSU-Global pay the same tuition regardless of domicile is one of the factors contributing to its low cost. The applied social sciences, criminal forensics, criminology, emergency management, and intelligence and homeland security are some of the specializations available to students in this online criminal justice program.

$8,400 for tuition

 12.Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus

You must finish your general education requirements before you can enroll in ENMU’s online bachelor’s in criminal justice program because it is a degree completion program. Graduates of the program have gone on to work in the legal system, corrections, victim advocacy, and local, state, federal, and worldwide law enforcement.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$8,448 for tuition

13. Bemidji State University

Bemidji University’s online criminal justice degree program gives students the option to concentrate their studies in one of four areas: victimology, prisons, law enforcement, or tribal justice. To enroll in this program, students must be able to transfer at least 24 credits. It should be noted that certain of the courses required for the tribal justice specialization cannot currently be completed online; instead, they must be taken on the Bemidji campus.

$8,940 for tuition

14.Granite State College

Courses on crime prevention and control, the criminal justice system, victim rights and advocacy, constitutional law, integrative criminal justice, and corrections, probation, and parole are among those taken by students in Granite State University’s online bachelor’s program in criminal justice. The goal of the curriculum is to give students a solid foundational understanding of the various criminal justice-related institutions operating in the US.

$9,015 for tuition

 15.Youngstown State University

A criminal justice degree completion program is offered online by Youngstown State University. For students interested in continuing their education in criminal justice, Youngstown also offers a master’s degree in the field. Policing, corrections, crime and delinquency, criminal justice management principles, and race, ethnicity, and crime in America are among the topics covered in the online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program.

$9,270 for tuition

16.Jackson State University

Graduates of Jackson State University’s online criminal justice degree program have had positions in various law enforcement capacities, including those with federal organizations like Homeland Security, the U.S. Marshals Service, and TSA. Social statistics, criminology, introduction to the penitentiary system, and introduction to law enforcement are just a few of the courses that students will take.

$9,445 for tuition

17.West Texas A&M University

Both the bachelor of science and the bachelor of arts in criminal justice with a specialization in administration are offered online by West Texas A&M University. The curriculum offers courses in public personnel administration, writing and research for criminal justice, women in the criminal justice system, accused persons’ constitutional rights, and principles of emergency management.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$9,541 for tuition

18.Trine University

There is a chance that students will finish their online criminal justice degree rather fast thanks to Trine University’s 8-week course schedule. The degree can be achieved more quickly by granting early learning credits for experience as a police officer, emergency medical technician, firefighter, or military trainee. The Trine program provides specializations in police enforcement, agency management, forensic/correctional psychology, addictions, and academy training/professional training.

$9,576 for tuition

19. Franklin University

Franklin’s already exceptionally low tuition is reduced by $148 per credit for students who are active duty members of the military. Corrections, homeland security, law enforcement, public administration, and special populations are among the concentrations available to students. Courses cover juvenile prisons, cybercrime, victimology, current policing techniques and concerns, probation and parole, terrorism and intelligence analysis, and sociology of deviant conduct.

$9,577 for tuition

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20.Indiana Wesleyan University-National & Global

Indiana Wesleyan strives to meld the academic applications of criminal justice theory and practice with the school’s Christian worldview. Forensic science (with lab), introduction to corrections, crisis intervention, and criminology are just a few of the classes that students in the online criminal justice degree program will complete. In disciplines like sociology, political science, psychology, business, history, or addiction treatment, some students decide to double major.

$9,743 for tuition

21.University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands’ online criminal justice bachelor’s program offers specializations in forensics, police enforcement administration, criminal profiling, and chaplain/prison ministries. Students can enroll in classes on police work, parole and probation, white collar crime, victimization by criminals, death investigation, and comprehending child abuse.

$9,875 for tuition

22.Indian River State College

Each online course for the criminal justice degree from Indian River State College must include at least one proctored exam. Police and society, juvenile justice, the American court system, criminal and delinquent conduct, law and social control, criminal justice administration and management, and criminal justice ethics and culpability are among the topics covered in the courses.

Fees: $10,201

23.Indiana Institute of Technology-College of Professional Studies

Administration, crime analysis, and rehabilitative services are available as specialities in Indiana Tech’s online criminal justice program. Students majoring in criminal justice will study classes in understanding criminal behavior, the American police force, mathematical underpinnings, abnormal psychology, comparative criminal justice systems, and juvenile justice systems.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$10,224 for tuition

24.Dalton State College

Students can take courses like crime and the media, juvenile delinquency and justice, white collar crime, criminal justice research methodology, special topics in criminal justice, deviance, social control, and collective violence, the law of criminal evidence, and race, ethnicity, and criminal justice through Dalton State College’s online criminal justice degree program.

Fees: $10,589

25.Los Angeles Pacific University

A Christian university, Los Angeles Pacific University (formerly Azusa Pacific), blends the study of criminal justice with its Christian philosophy. Clinical psychology, criminal behavior, cultural psychology, forensics, human services, and public administration are among the concentrations available for the online criminal justice degree. Criminal justice research methods, criminal justice ethics, and crime and delinquency are among the courses offered in the curriculum.

$10,800 for tuition

26.Charter Oak State College

For its online bachelor’s in criminal justice program, Charter Oak State College offers both general criminal justice and victim advocacy concentrations. Urban youth in American society, social issues in the workplace, criminal law, abnormal psychology, mental health/substance abuse in criminal justice, victimology, domestic and sexual violence, and victim’s rights and services are just a few of the specialization courses available.

Fees: $11,166

27. Park University

The online criminal justice administration program at Park University includes specializations in law enforcement, security, and correctional. The required courses in the core curriculum include criminology, agency administration, criminal justice research, and introduction to criminal justice administration. Courses in community corrections, probation, parole, and security administration are among the concentrations.

Fees: $11,190

28.Wilmington University

Wilmington University also provides free undergraduate certificates in crime scene investigation, human trafficking awareness, and conflict mediation in addition to its online criminal justice degree program. Community corrections, multicultural concerns in criminal justice, ethics in criminal justice, research methods in criminal justice, and administration of criminal justice organizations are just a few of the courses that students will take.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Fees: $11,480

29.Polk State College

For people who are already working in the criminal justice field and want to advance their careers, as well as for people who want to be eligible for entry-level jobs in law enforcement, probation/parole, security, and the courts, Polk’s online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program is a good choice. Courses including Critical Issues for the Criminal Justice Professional, Corrections and Penology, and the American Court System will be offered to students.

$12,272 for tuition

30.SUNY College of Technology at Canton

The availability of this option may be constrained depending on the location of the online student. SUNY Canton’s online criminal justice degree in law enforcement leadership is one of the few in the United States that allows students to complete their degree at a recognized police enforcement academy. Students majoring in criminal justice will take courses including introduction to forensic criminology, criminal process, criminal law, and important topics in criminal justice.

School costs: $12,330

31.University of Maryland Global Campus

Although this degree is only available online, students who live close to the campus can benefit from the hybrid format and the school’s convenient location near Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the FBI, CIA, and NSA headquarters. Law enforcement administration, introduction to security management, criminal law in action, ethical behavior in criminal justice, drugs and crime, and correctional administration are just a few of the classes that students will take.

$12,336 for tuition

32.Brandman University

Both online and hybrid criminal justice degrees are available at Brandman University. The subjects of gangs and gang activity, immigration and national security, local, state, and federal law enforcement, forensics, courts, evidence, corrections, and current concerns in criminal justice will all be covered in the courses that students take. Minors can also take criminal justice.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$12,440 for tuition

 33.University of South Dakota

Law enforcement, private investigation, child welfare, and the legal fields have all employed graduates of the University of South Dakota’s online criminal justice program. The option to double major in criminal justice and political science is available to students who choose to finish either a four-year program or a degree completion plan. Courses for the degree include criminology, criminal law, and criminal process.

School costs: $12,807

34.University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

Numerous criminal justice organizations, including local law enforcement agencies, the DEA, the U.S. Probation Office, and wildlife conservation organizations, offer internship opportunities to students enrolled in the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith’s online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program. Students will enroll in classes on police systems and procedures, juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice, and professionalism and ethics in criminal justice.

$13,026 for tuition

35.Union Institute and University

A criminal justice management degree is available online through Union Institute and University. Applied ethics in criminal justice management, supervision in the field of criminal justice, criminal justice management and administration, current issues in criminal justice management, criminal justice management information systems, and forensic science management are among the courses offered in the program.

Tuition: $13,256

36.Western Illinois University

The online law enforcement and justice administration degree program at Western Illinois University also offers minors in prisons, homeland security, criminalistics, CSI, security administration, legal studies, fire administration, and fire science. Students will enroll in courses including Organization and Administration in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, and Survey of Criminal Justice.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$13,256 for tuition

37.National University

Both on-campus and online options are available for National University’s criminal justice administration degree. Online students enroll in four-week courses and complete their degrees one course and one month at a time throughout the year. Under this program, students who are already engaged in law enforcement are eligible for up to $16,500 in scholarships over four years, and their families are also eligible for $6,500 in scholarships over the same period of time.

$13,320 for tuition

38.Western New Mexico University

Although minors are not needed in this online criminal justice degree program, it is suggested that students consider political science, psychology, sociology, chemical dependence, computer science, Spanish, accounting, and public administration as complementary minors. Corrections and police departments both provide criminal justice training programs.

$13,539 for tuition

39.Missouri Southern State University

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is available online from Missouri Southern, while minors are available in juvenile justice, criminal justice administration, crime scene investigation, and corrections. Courses on international terrorism, asset protection, professional writing in criminal justice, crime scene investigation, and crime scene photography will all be offered to students. Students who want to work in law enforcement can use their elective credits to enroll in basic law enforcement academy I and II, a school that prepares new law enforcement officers for their licenses.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$13,606 for tuition

40.University of Memphis

The University of Memphis offers an on-campus and online bachelor of arts in criminology and criminal justice. Criminology and criminal justice are accessible as a concentration for students who are interested in the university honors program. Law and society, constitutional and criminal process, advanced applications in criminal justice, and ethical conundrums in criminal justice are just a few of the classes that students will take.

$13,752 for tuition

41.Austin Peay State University

The criminal justice program with a focus on homeland security at Austin Peay State University is 100% online. Graduates of this curriculum from APSU are currently employed as sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, state police officers, U.S. Customs agents, and FBI agents. Along with many electives focused on homeland security, students will study courses including “Understanding Terrorism,” “Research Methods in Criminal Justice,” “Courts and Law,” and “Crime and Deviance.”

$13,847 for tuition

42.University of Nebraska at Kearney

One of the main features of this particular online criminal justice degree is the internship. It is completed at a place convenient to the student, and has seen students placed in internships across the criminal justice field from the state police to the National Security Agency. Students will take courses like fundamentals of research in social welfare, community based corrections, technology in criminal justice, and theories of crime and criminal law.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

  • Tuition: $13,854

43.Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

The online campus of this top-tier public university is called Penn State University’s world campus. The international campus started providing online courses way back in 1998, making this one of the most seasoned colleges in the online degree sector. The courses are delivered by the same professors that teach the on-campus courses. Minors in subjects including homeland security, political science, psychology, sociology, and human development and family studies are available to criminal justice degree online students.

$13,988 for tuition

44.Louisiana State University-Alexandria

The criminal justice department at LSU Alexandria is committed to continuously updating and upgrading the degree and assesses it for ways to be improved twice a year. The judicial system, the prisons system, the police system, criminology, and juvenile delinquency are just a few of the topics covered in the criminal justice system courses that students will take.

$14,024 for tuition

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45.Herzing University-Akron

With specializations in management and leadership, homeland security and counterterrorism, and criminal justice, Herzing University provides an online criminal justice degree. Depending on a number of criteria, the program can be finished in 20–32 months, and students who have already taken some college courses can transfer up to 90 authorized credits into it. As of right now, enrollment costs are exempt till August 31st 2020.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$14,200 for tuition

46.Hodges University

The monthly course start dates for the online criminal justice degree program at Hodges University allow students to enroll in one class at a time. The modalities of their accelerated program are open to both full-time and part-time students. Criminal law, terrorism, criminal investigation, victims of crime, criminal justice and public policy, identity politics and the legal system, and principles of law are just a few of the subjects that students will study.

$14,300 for tuition

47.Missouri Western State University

Concentrations in juvenile justice, administration, law enforcement, and legal studies are available for Missouri Western’s online BS in criminal justice program. Introduction to Crime Theories, Understanding Research in Criminal Justice, Intermediate Criminal Law, Quantitative Analysis in Criminal Justice, Introduction to Mediation, and Criminal Investigation are just a few of the courses that students will take.

$14,135 for tuition

48.Purdue University Global

Online degrees from this esteemed state university are offered through Purdue University Global Campus. Criminal justice or corrections are also available as majors for those that are interested in the field. A second option is an accelerated program, which has a $2,500 flat tuition fee per term. Depending on the circumstances specific to each student, students can save money and graduate from college quite quickly. Due to their on-the-job experience alone, certified law enforcement officers can earn up to 25 credits toward their degree.

$14,358 for tuition

49.University of Central Missouri

In just five years overall, students can acquire their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice through the University of Central Missouri’s online dual degree program. Additionally, students have the option of pursuing a minor or certificate in criminal justice, juvenile justice, international justice, legal studies, or corrections. If they are local, students who enroll in the Central Missouri Police Academy can also earn 15 credits while there.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

$14,715 for tuition

50.Fort Hays State University

Additional online certificates in corrections, crime mapping and analysis, criminal justice leadership, law and the courts, law enforcement, and victim advocacy are available to students in Fort Hays’ online criminal justice degree program. Administration of justice systems, technical and report writing in criminal justice, digital and cybercrime, terrorism, and security administration are among the courses that students take.50 Affordable Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Fees: $15,360


  • What jobs can I get with a criminal justice degree?

This topic is frequently asked, and the answer is that one of the best things about a criminal justice degree is that it makes you eligible for a wide variety of employment! These include positions in federal law enforcement, as well as those of probation officer, forensic science technician, police officer, correctional officer, private detective, fish and game warden, fraud investigator, and postal inspector. Once you have the required degree or professional experience, you may also be able to apply for jobs with the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals Service, and NSA.

  • How much do jobs in this field pay?

The salary varies by position, degree, and amount of experience. However, in general, the jobs provide a median wage that is roughly equal to the annual income of the typical American worker ($48,672 per year). Here are some illustrations.

Private Investigator/Detective: $50,510
Bailiff/Corrections Officer: $45,300
Tech in Forensic Science: $59,150
Officer of Probation: $54,510
$65,170 Police/Detective
Legal fees: $51,740

  • Don’t people look down on online degrees?

Years ago, this might have been the situation. Previously, many of the institutions providing online degrees lacked regional accreditation. But as demand grew, regionally approved colleges and universities around the nation started to offer an increasing number of degrees online. Online education has gotten more and more popular during the last ten years. Additionally, a few of the top state universities and colleges in the US offer online degrees.

If you’re concerned, though, keep in mind that, in most circumstances, neither your certificate nor your transcripts will ever indicate that your courses or degrees were completed online. This is because the organizations who offer them are certain that the quality of their online degrees is equal to that of their on-campus equivalents, and they see

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