15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

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Best Places to Visit in Burundi;-Even though Burundi is one of the smallest nations on the continent of Africa, it manages to cram a lot of breathtaking natural beauty into its little borders. The country is divided into 16 provinces, each of which has an area of just more than 28,000 square kilometers—roughly the same size as Maryland, one of the smallest states in the USA.

The main natural features in Burundi are hippopotamuses and birds, whose habitats range from shrubland and forest to vast lakes. Burundi doesn’t have a coastline, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any beaches there. In fact, the country has some fantastic inland beaches where visitors can escape the heat by taking a cool, secure dip in one of the nation’s lakes.

Burundi’s culture is diverse for such a small country, and it is important to grasp both the indigenous and colonial influences in order to fully comprehend this tiny but intriguing nation.

Travel to the country is not recommended at the time this article was published due to recent events including a military coup and the country’s unfortunate present political situation. Hopefully, the political events won’t have a significant negative impact on the nation’s people, culture, or nature. Here is a list of Burundi’s top tourist destinations.

15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi


The decades-long violence in the area has mostly prevented this relatively tiny city from developing much during the previous few decades. The city, also known as Buji, is still recognized for its great cuisine, libations, and nightlife, which it acquired during its time as a French colony. French food is served in a variety of city eateries, with costs and quality ranging widely.

The city’s landmarks include the lone university in Burundi and the Independence Monument, which honors the nation’s struggle under French, Belgian, and German rule. One of the best museums of its kind in Africa is The Living Museum, which is also in Bujumbura. It displays both traditional and contemporary Burundian crafts.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

2.Rusizi River National Park

The interesting Rusizi River National Park is located outside of Bujumbura. Numerous animals congregate around the river because of the occasional flooding of the plains surrounding it. One of the many animals that frequent the region is the hippo, which is why tourists are so interested in seeing them. With its clear skies, the park is a real haven for birdwatchers. Sand pipers and plovers are two examples of the rare and exquisite migratory bird species that frequent the park from both Asia and Europe.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

3. Ruvubu National Park

With a land size of more than 500 square kilometers, Ruvubu National Park is Burundi’s biggest. Animals like hippos, buffalo, and crocodiles may be seen at the park, which was established in 1980 and is home to some of the most magnificent and spectacular wildlife in the nation. The park is renowned for its assortment of uncommon flora and flowers as well as the birds that migrates to the area all year long. People have been evacuated from the region because preservation of the park is one of the top issues in the nation. The campground has all the amenities and is close to the highway.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

4.Lake Rwihinda Natural Reserve

Another place in Burundi where a remarkable variety of flora and animals can be found is a popular tourist destination. Over 8,000 hectares of shrubland, forest, and grassland make up the reserve’s total land area. Another location that birdwatchers will appreciate is the lake. Too many unusual and beautiful birds frequent this lake to list them all. Despite preservation efforts, agriculture and falling water levels are having an impact on the reserve. For the time being, however, tourists to Burundi must make the trip to the reserve.

5.The Kibira National Park


A wonderful setting between 1,500m and 2,600m in elevation is where the Kibira National Park is located. The park, which is primarily made up of ancient rainforest, was originally a sacred hunting ground for the nation’s former monarchs. However, it is now another protected area in Burundi, where a huge variety of species has made it its home. Baboons, chimps, and more than 200 different bird species are supported by the forest and the rivers and streams that flow through it. Tourists frequently enter the park after passing through Teza’s expansive tea plantations, which are also popular tourist destinations in and of themselves.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

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6.Kigwena Natural Forest

The more than 3,000-hectare Kigwena Natural Forest is conveniently situated on National Route No. 3 in the Rumonge commune of Burundi. Just stepping foot in this deep woodland feels like an adventure. Numerous baboons, monkeys, as well as different types of butterflies and birds, live in the forest. The nation’s Environmental and Conservation Institute offers a narrated tour of the forest.

7. Gitega

During the colonial era, this city—which is now Burundi’s second—served as the nation’s capital. The impressive Gitega National Museum, which houses a sizable collection of artifacts and antiquities from Burundi’s past, is one of the city’s many worthwhile attractions. The city has a good selection of lodging options for most budgets and is well-suited for tourists. The city frequently serves as an overnight stop on safari tours.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi


Gishora is proudly perched atop a hill that King Gisabo picked for its advantageous location seven kilometers from Gitega. The drum sanctuary is Gishora’s primary attraction and another frequent stop on safari tours. The drums have been a significant part of Burundi’s history and are frequently made for and played at significant occasions like royal ceremonies. The sanctuary is a wonderful place to experience this facet of Burundian culture as well as the replica royal palace’s architectural style.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

9.Mount Heha

The Burundi Highlands mountain range includes Mount Heha, the highest mountain in Burundi. The mountain is well-known for trekking, and at 2,864 meters, anyone attempting to reach the peak will find it to be a struggle. The closest place to use as a base before beginning the mountain climb is Bujumbura, which is relatively close to the mountain.

 10.Saga Beach

A visit to Saga Beach in Burundi will disprove the notion that a nation needs a coastline to have wonderful beaches. Although the beach, which is a portion of Lake Tanganyika’s shore, is not a sandy white beach like those in the Mediterranean, it is an excellent area to have a swim and enjoy the lake’s warm waters. The beach is close to the city center, is easily reachable, and is only a few kilometers away. The weekend is the best time to visit the beach because there are more locals around, making for a more lively and enjoyable atmosphere.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

11.The “Source du Nil”

This natural monument is nevertheless well a visit even though it is disputed whether it is the actual source of the Nile (there are actually numerous sources, not just one). What appears to be a small spring more than 100 kilometers from the capital is likely the Nile River’s southernmost source. The stone pyramids that mark the spring’s location make it more obvious where it is. Without your own mode of transportation or a willing local guide, getting here is impossible. The hot springs south of the Source du Nil are a further half-hour drive away.

12.Chutes de la Kerera

There are four lovely falls in the Chutes area near Rutana. The most attractive fall is really the one closest to the parking lot, but you should still wander around and observe the others. The smallest of the four waterfalls allows for short showers to cool off and can be reached by walking upstream. The Kerera Fall, the tallest waterfall and the area’s namesake, is especially terrifying during the wettest part of the year. The only way to go to the falls is by chartered car, as part of a tour, or, of course, by self-driving. There are no public transportation choices available to the falls, therefore a visit must be scheduled.

13.Vyanda Natural Reserve

The nearby village of Rumonge can readily access the Vyanda reserve, another of Burundi’s natural reserves. Despite the reserve’s lack of visitor amenities, a visit is nevertheless feasible with considerable advance preparation and coordination. For guided tours, there are typically two prices: the full price and a discounted rate if your guide is unable to show you any of the chimpanzees living here. Remember that the chimps are fully wild and unaccustomed to up-close interactions with people, so don’t anticipate the same kinds of photo opportunities that some of Africa’s other reserves provide.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

14.Bururi Nature Reserve

There are well over 100 different species of birds, among other creatures, that may be found in Bururi’s moist forests. Walking is a common pastime in the reserve, and there are a variety of circuits to accommodate all fitness levels. The reserves are at a high altitude and are therefore a cool place to visit in the summer heat. Although the distance between Roumonge and the reserve is only a short one, the drive offers some breathtaking views.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi

15.Rumonge Natural Reserve

The Rumonge Natural Reserve is one of Burundi’s newest preserves, having been established in 1980. Rumonge Reserve, like the other reserves in Burundi, has a variety of rare bird species that can be seen here all year long along with species of mammals and exotic plant life. A guided tour makes it possible to enter the park.15 Best Places to Visit in Burundi


Burundi is known for a variety of things, despite being a troubled and unstable nation. Along with its coffee and tea, it is renowned for its hospitality. But Burundi’s most notable asset is how many parks and reserves there are there.

Burundi is a welcoming country for visitors, with a warm climate, welcoming locals, and interesting places to see.

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