10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023

Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado;-Colorado has long drawn college students eager to spend four years living in one of America’s most attractive states because of its breathtaking environment and recreational lifestyle. Colorado is unfortunately one of the most costly states in the nation, which is bad news for students on a tight budget. In fact, the entire cost of living in Colorado is 31.5% higher than the national average as of October 2019. Because of this, we conducted research to identify the ten Colorado college towns with the lowest cost of living, taking into account both cost of living and quality of life.

Colorado College Town Ranking Methodology
Our editors compiled a list of all Colorado’s college towns using Wikipedia, and then utilized Sperling’s Best Places to rate them according to overall affordability. We analyzed housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and utility expenditures to the national average in order to determine which college towns are the most cheap. Before reducing our list to the top 10 college towns in Colorado, we took into account aspects including amenities, crime rates, public transit, and general quality of life.

10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


Adams State University

Cost of living: 43.7% less expensive than the state average and 12.2% less expensive than the national average.
The population of Alamosa is 28 years old on average. As a result, Adams State University students will feel perfectly at home in this charming little town close to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

College students will value Alamosa’s affordable cost of living because there are so many historical and outdoor attractions here. In comparison to transportation, housing prices are just 83% of the national average on average. The cost of utilities, entertainment, and food tends to be somewhat in line with the national average.10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


Colorado State University – Pueblo, Pueblo Community College, Academy of Medical & Health Science

Cost of living: 41.9% less expensive than the state average and 10.4% less expensive than the national average.
Whatever your passions, Pueblo is a fantastic and reasonably priced Colorado college town. Pueblo is a great area to enjoy the outdoors due to its frequently bright weather and high desert environment.

When they’re not studying, of course, a lot of Pueblo residents in their 20s and 30s like hiking, cycling, kayaking, fly fishing, golfing, and skiing. A staggering 42% less is spent on living expenses than in a normal Colorado town. Students may utilize their hard-earned money for much more enjoyable things by spending less on items like accommodation, which is 20% less expensive than the national average..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023

3.Grand Junction

Colorado Mesa University, Western Colorado Community College

Cost of living: 29.5% less expensive than the state average; 2% more expensive than the national average.
Students who live in Grand Junction, Colorado may take advantage of all the city has to offer while being surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes the state has to offer.

A peaceful study location is the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. Some of the best hiking trails and scenic vistas in the Centennial State may be found near Colorado National Monument. The finest part of Grand Junction may be its affordable cost of living. Despite being a whooping 30% less expensive than the Colorado average, this enjoyable outdoor paradise is just on level with the national average..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


Western State Colorado University

Cost of living: 23.9% less expensive than the state average; 7.6% more expensive than the national average.
Pretty Gunnison, Colorado is a wonderful spot to be in both the summer and the winter. Gunnison, which is home to Western State Colorado University, has a cost of living that is 24% below the state average but just slightly above the national average. Given everything there is to do in this place, that is pretty astounding.

The numerous trails can be explored by students on foot, bicycles, 4×4 vehicles, or even horses during the summer. Several nearby rivers and lakes offer fantastic opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and water skiing during the warmer months. Despite having slightly lower winter temperatures on average than some of its neighbors, Gunnison offers excellent skiing options..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023

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University of Northern Colorado, Aims Community College, Academy of Natural Therapy

Cost of living: 19.3% lower than the state average; 12.2% more expensive than the national average.
Greeley is home to University of Northern Colorado, a community college, and a school for natural therapeutic techniques. It is only a short hop from Fort Collins and Boulder and may require an additional hop to get to Denver. The town has a number of recreational opportunities, including a mall and various parks.

However, the majority of locals concur that Greeley’s biggest perk is its affordable cost of living. Greeley offers a 19% cheaper cost of living than the rest of Colorado. Due to its location close to important landmarks and tourist destinations, Greeley is a handy place to reside..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023

 6.Colorado Springs

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado College, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Technical University

Cost of living: 18.6% below state average; 12.9% more than the national average
Colorado Springs has a longstanding reputation as one of the best military communities in the nation due to its status as the location of the famed U.S. Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs has become quite a college town in recent years as well. Students in Colorado Springs have a wide range of options for entertainment.

Excellent golfing may be found at the opulent Broadmoor Hotel, while world-class trekking can be found at Garden of the Gods and Seven Falls. Given that Colorado Springs is a great college town and a popular tourist destination, the cost of living there isn’t that awful either. Here, the cost of housing for students is a staggering 46.6% lower than in many other Colorado communities. Prices for entertainment, utilities, healthcare, and food also average less than the norm..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023

7.Fort Collins

Colorado State University

Cost of living: 2.3% below the state average; 29.2% more than the national average
One of the most desired communities in the entire Centennial State is where students attending Colorado State University will reside. Fort Collins is frequently listed as one of the “Best Places to Live in the U.S.” by Money magazine. CSU students can go skiing or hiking in the adjacent Front Range when they’re not in class. They can also participate in any of the several annual events held in Fort Collins.

These include the “Tour de Fat,” a bicycle race around the city during which visitors from all around the world dress up. Such a high standard of living is frequently considered to be worthwhile for college students.Although Fort Collins’ cost of living is 29% higher than the national average, this is primarily because to the town’s expensive housing. However, thankfully, prices for food, healthcare, utilities, transportation, and entertainment are all roughly typical..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


American Sentinel University, Ecotech Institute, Platt College – Aurora, Colorado Technical University – Greenwood Village, Community College of Aurora

Cost of living: 1.3% lower than the state average; 30.2% more expensive than the national average.
Even the most diligent college students are bound to be impressed by Aurora, known as “The Most Active City in America.” More than 100 parks and 5,000 acres of open space are present here. Therefore, there is a lot of space to enjoy:

boating in the Aurora Reservoir in a kayak and sailing
golfing at one of the more than 10 courses while walking or cycling along the numerous pathways.
Aurora also has a striking Cultural Arts District with a theater and orchestra for people who value more culture. The best part is that Aurora is still among the least expensive municipalities in Colorado. Average prices for utilities, food, healthcare, and entertainment are all lower than or right on par with the national average.

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Fort Lewis College

Cost of living: 2.5% more expensive than the state average; 34% more expensive than the national average.
The cost of living in Durango is 34% higher than the national average, yet it’s still a great location to live! One of Colorado’s most distinctive towns is home to Fort Lewis College’s student body.

Durango, which is perched on the edge of the San Juan Mountains, offers fantastic ski slopes, a quaint historic center, and simple access to Moab’s rock climbing areas. When it comes to pricing, Durango’s high housing costs—which are more than double the national average—are the key factor driving up living expenses. But for students who choose to live on campus, this could be excellent news. All of the costs of food, entertainment, and utilities..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


Colorado School of Mines

Cost of living: 31.6% more expensive than the state average and 63.1% more expensive than the national average.
Similar like Durango, Golden’s general cost of living is a little deceptive. Golden’s living expenses are reportedly 63% more on average than the national average because to high housing costs. They almost triple the American average! Living in Golden is absolutely quaint, but it’s getting more and more congested. The historic downtown is a great spot to meet people.

Outdoor activities abound at Lookout Mountain, South Table Mountain, and Clear Creek White Water Park. And if the housing expenditures don’t scare you away, the other of Golden’s expense categories are fairly approachable. Food costs 4.5% less on average than normal, while utilities and healthcare are similarly significantly below average..10 Most Affordable College Towns in Colorado 2023


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