Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay

Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay
Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay, pub-5413329544040947, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay;-Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America, bordered by Brazil to the south and west, Argentina to the north and east, and Bolivia to the northeast. It has an estimated population of nearly 9 million people and is home to some of the world’s most unique ecosystems.

Paraguay’s economy is polycentric, with a diversified manufacturing base that includes automobile and aerospace products, appliances, food production, textiles and clothing, fertilizers, petroleum products, and wood products. This article focuses on the top 9 economic activities performed in Paraguay. From agriculture to business services and beyond, read on to find out more about what makes Paraguay such an attractive destination for businesses of all types.

Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America with a population of just over six million. The country has an area of 423,540 square kilometers and is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Argentina to the south, and the Triple Frontier with Bolivia and Chile to the west. Paraguay’s top economic activities are agriculture, tourism, forestry and fishing.

Agriculture: Paraguay is one of the world’s leading producers of soybeans, coffee beans, wheat and beef. The main crops are grown in the north and central regions while sugar cane is cultivated in the northeast. The sector employs about 40% of the workforce and provides employment for about half a million people.

Tourism: Tourism accounts for about 20% of Paraguay’s GDP and employs about 350,000 people directly or indirectly. The country has many attractions including landscapes ranging from subtropical rainforest to snow-capped mountains; cultural sites such as ruins from colonial times; archaeological sites; thermal baths; lakeside resorts; small villages with their traditional architecture; wildlife reserves such as Lago Corrientes National Park; beaches like Bahía Blanca which have fine sand and crystal-clear waters; etc.

Forestry: About 30% of Paraguay’s territory is covered by forests which provide wood products (furniture, construction materials), environmental services such as watershed protection and carbon sequestration, biofuels production, hunting concessions.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


Agriculture is the backbone of Paraguay’s economy. The country has a long history of agriculture, and it is still an important sector today. The main crops grown in Paraguay are soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, and cotton. There is also some cattle farming and fruit production. Paraguay exports food products to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. There are also small amounts of dairy farming and logging done in the country.

The main agricultural products exported from Paraguay are soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, and cotton. Soybeans are the most important crop in Paraguay. It is used for biodiesel production as well as animal feed. Corn is also a major crop in Paraguay. It is used for ethanol production as well as food products such as tortillas and tamales. Wheat is another major crop in Paraguay.

It is used for flour milling and bread making. Barley is also grown in Paraguay. It is used for beer making as well as livestock feedstock. Cotton represents a small part of the Paraguayan agricultural sector but it has growing importance due to increased demand from China and other Asian countries. Cotton grows best in warm climates and so cotton cultivation has become increasingly popular in recent years in countries such as Brazil where cotton production accounts for almost 20% of annual GDP growth.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay

Other important crops grown in Paraguay include citrus fruits (mainly oranges), tobacco, mangoes, pineapple/tangelo (in Mend


One of the most promising economies in Latin America is Paraguay. With a GDP growth rate of 5% in 2016, Paraguay is poised for continued economic growth. The country’s strengths include its fertile agricultural land, abundant water resources, and favorable climate. Paraguay also has an efficient infrastructure and skilled labor force.

The manufacturing sector is one of the strongest in Paraguay. It accounts for 27% of GDP and employs about one-third of the workforce. Manufacturers produce goods that are exported to other countries in Latin America and beyond. The main sectors involved in manufacturing are food products, clothing, transportation equipment, machinery, and pharmaceuticals.

Some of the top economic activities done in Paraguay are agriculture (especially soybean production), textiles and garments manufacturing, engineering (including construction), food processing, winemaking/merchandising, telecommunications/information technology services, banking/finance/insurance services, tourism/hospitality services, and mining/energy production.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


Paraguay is blessed with fertile land, abundant natural resources and a climate that allows for agriculture and livestock production. The country has developed into an important agricultural producer and exporter. Paraguay also has considerable mineral wealth including gold, silver, copper and other minerals. Additionally, the country is endowed with vast forests that provide timber and other forest products. In recent years, the Paraguayan government has focused on developing tourism as an important economic activity.

The following are some of the top economic activities in Paraguay:

Agriculture/livestock production: This sector accounts for around 50% of total GDP. Major crops include soybeans, maize, wheat and cotton. Extra-virgin olive oil is also produced in large quantities. There are several meat processing plants and several small dairy farms. Poultry farming is also becoming increasingly popular.

Industry: This sector accounts for about 25% of GDP. Major industries include aluminum production, textiles (including clothing), food processing (especially ice cream), metalworking (including aircraft parts) and construction materials (including marble). Other important sectors include mining (gold, silver, copper) , telecommunications/information technology and banking/finance .

Tourism: This sector accounts for nearly 20% of GDP. Major attractions include Iguazú Falls , Encantada National Park , Asunción colonial district , Ciudad del Este high-rise condos , La Chorrera wine region etc.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay

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The Paraguayan economy is mostly based on agriculture and livestock. Paraguay has a number of fertile agricultural land, which is used to produce corn, rice, sorghum and other grains. However, the country also has rich mineral reserves, including gold, silver and iron ore. The government also exports timber and leather products. Paraguay’s main trading partners are Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


Mining is one of the most important economic activities in Paraguay. The country has a rich mineral resources, including silver, gold, tin, and uranium. The mining sector employs about 10% of the country’s workforce. The main mines include the Reserva Minera El Abra, which produces silver; Cerro Colorado, which produces gold; and El Tambo, which produces tin and uranium.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


The Paraguayan economy is based on agriculture, cattle ranching and forestry. The country exports agricultural products, such as soybeans, beef, corn and cotton. The manufacturing sector is small but growing, with the main products being cars and motorcycles. Tourism is also a important source of revenue for the Paraguayan economy.

There are a number of top economic activities to be done in Paraguay including adventure tourism, golf tourism, eco-tourism and relaxation tourism. Adventure tourism includes activities like mountain biking, rafting and hiking. Golf tourism is based on the popularity of golf courses in the country. Eco-tourism focuses on visits to natural areas like forests and lakes. Relaxation tourism includes activities like spa treatments and horseback riding tours.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay

8.Banking and Financial Institutions

Banking and Financial Institutions

Paraguay has a well-developed banking system with more than 100 commercial banks. The country’s banking sector is among the most stable in Latin America, with only 2% of banks deemed “problematic” by the IMF in 2015. Paraguay boasts the lowest level of consumer credit delinquency in the region, and its financial sector provides essential services to both small and large businesses.

The Paraguayan Treasury operates a comprehensive fiscal system that promotes transparency and sound financial management. The country has one of the lowest levels of public debt to GDP ratio in Latin America at 27%. Thanks to strong budgetary discipline, Paraguay has been able to maintain macroeconomic stability despite economic slowdown experienced in other countries in the region.

In 2016, Paraguay was ranked 10th out of 190 economies in terms of ease of doing business according to World Bank’s “easeofbusinessindex.” This reflects positive strides made by the government on improving regulatory environment, fighting corruption, and strengthening rule of law provisions.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay

9.Health and Medical sectors

Paraguay is a country with many natural resources, such as fertile land, lakes, and rivers. The country also has a well-educated population that is in need of jobs. Paraguay’s top economic activities are agriculture, forestry, fishing, and livestock raising.Top 9 Best Economic Activities Done in Paraguay


  • What is Paraguay known for producing?

Paraguay is known for its intensive agricultural production and forestry, which account for almost a third of GDP. The country also has significant mineral resources, including gold, silver, copper, iron ore, and coal. Manufacturing includes textiles, food processing, and construction materials. Paraguay’s main exports are agricultural products (mainly soybeans), minerals (copper and iron ore), manufactured goods (textiles and footwear), and tourism.

  • What does Paraguay export the most?

Paraguay is one of the most economically diverse countries in Latin America. In terms of GDP per capita, it ranks 17th in South America and 55th in the world. The following are the top economic activities done in Paraguay:

Manufacturing: Paraguay has a strong manufacturing sector, with exports accounting for 28.9% of GDP in 2013. Major export products include automobiles, textiles, agricultural products, and electrical equipment.

Agriculture: Paraguay is one of the largest producers of rice in South America and also has significant cotton, soybean, cattle, and poultry production sectors. The country also exports citrus fruits, coffee, and tobacco.

Services: Paraguay’s services sector is growing rapidly and makes up 43.5% of its GDP. This includes tourism (especially around Iguazu Falls), financial services (including foreign direct investment), telecommunications, and software development.


Paraguay boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and an enviable economic stability that has allowed it to become one of the most prosperous countries in South America. In this article, I have compiled a list of the twelve best economic activities to do in Paraguay so you can explore everything the country has to offer. From adventure travel to luxury shopping, there is something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

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