10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees
10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees
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Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees;-There are numerous chances to further one’s education in biblically oriented academics in the pursuit of a life dedicated to serving God. Online theology and Christian studies degrees are becoming more and more accessible to distance-based students for individuals who lack the time to complete traditional classroom-based degrees. The top 10 offers for online theology and Christian studies degrees are shown below.


Starting with a group of 40 institutions that offered Christian education online, we assigned points based on the availability of a variety of online curriculum based on biblical studies, a faculty of reputable religious authorities, contemporary online classroom portals, readily available technical support, schedule flexibility, and any other special features that enhance the value of an online Christian education bachelor’s degree.According to College Navigator, among accredited institutions with tuition costs of $33,000 USD or less, the 10 colleges profiled below received the top ratings. In the event of a tie in points, the schools with the lower net price are rated higher. These schools are listed in the order of points obtained.

10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

1.Grand Canyon University


13 points
Student body: 62,304
$17,050 for tuition

Grand Canyon University, which was established in 1949, is becoming more and more well-liked among students looking for online degrees with a Christian focus. Theology, philosophy, Christian history, and biblical studies form the foundation of Grand Canyon University’s BA in Christian studies curriculum. Online theology students have the option of concentrating their bachelor’s degree in either worship leadership or biblical studies. With a sizeable teaching faculty that allows for intimate, participatory class sizes, GCU consistently obtains good marks from reputable sources like Online Education Database and Fortune Small Business, among others.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

 2.Regent University


12 points
Students: 5,914
$16,880 in total.

Regent University, one of the leading schools for online degrees in Christian studies, equips its students for a variety of theological jobs. The curriculum for RU’s bachelor of arts in biblical and theological studies includes courses in apologetics, systematic theology, church history, the Psalms, biblical literature, and other subjects pertinent to a degree in Christianity. Exceptional technological elements at Regent University include live video broadcasting and online teaching. Additionally, Regent professors are frequently available for academic counseling.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

 3.Saint Leo University


12 points
Student body: 16,349
$20,830 for tuition

Florida-based Saint Leo University is a reputable university that has earned a reputation for excellence in online education. A bachelor of arts in religion is one of SLU’s undergraduate distance learning degree programs that prepares students for parish ministry or doctoral theology study. The Old and New Testaments, Christian morals, other world faiths, the tenets of the Christian faith, and other topics are all covered in Saint Leo’s Christian online degree program. Online students also benefit from 24-hour technical help should any issues emerge.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

4.Southwestern Assemblies of God University


11 points
Student body: 1,984
Fees: $19,180

Students looking for a top-notch online bachelor’s degree in theology and Christian studies frequently choose Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Bible and theology, biblical studies, youth and student ministries, church leadership, planning and revitalization, and pastoral leadership are just a few of the Christ-centered majors that SAGU offers. Online students at Southwestern Assemblies of God have constant access to academic resources, and they highly praise the technical interface. Experiential Learning Credit is a three-hour course that can be used to earn up to 45 hours of undergraduate credits because SAGU believes that life experience is a significant asset.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

5.Crown College


11 points
Student body: 2,933
$23,740 for tuition

Crown College, known for its cutting-edge research database and online library, is beneficial for a liberal arts education that is centered on Christ. The bachelor of science in either biblical studies or Christian ministry is one of the online Christian degrees offered by this university. While the online Christian ministry curriculum is created to prepare future leaders of local churches, social service organizations, or mission agencies, Crown students of online biblical studies take courses that enhance their personal commitment to God’s word. In addition, Crown College provides a five-year accelerated online ministry curriculum that allows students to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

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6.Liberty University


10 points
Student body: 81,459
Fees: $20,109

The largest evangelical university in the world, Liberty University, is a pioneer in offering online degrees in Christian subjects. Christian ministries, biblical and theological studies, biblical and educational studies, Christian leadership and management, Christian counseling, and evangelism are among the areas in which LU provides online bachelor of science degrees. Courses for Liberty’s online Christian degrees are offered by reputable religious leaders. Online students at LU have the choice to take one-week intense classes on campus. They are also welcome to join the university’s graduating ceremony. All prospective students at Liberty University are given free transfer evaluations; these evaluations are based on both prior academic performance and life experience.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

7.Saint Joseph’s College of Maine


10 points
Student body: 2,933
$32,620 for tuition

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine has been dedicated to upholding the Roman Catholic doctrine and ministry upon which it was founded ever since 1912. People associated with parishes, hospitals, diocesan agencies, spiritual centers, and other Christ-centered organizations are best served by the online theological studies degree offered by this college. For students pursuing a theology degree online, there is no on-campus requirement; however, a summer resident intensive is a possibility that speeds up the program. Accepted applicants from all backgrounds can choose from a variety of generous, flexible financial alternatives at Saint Joseph’s College.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

8.Brescia University


9 points
Student body: 1,056
Fees: $20,440

Brescia University offers a reputable online Christian degree and is recognized as the “Best Online School in Kentucky” by Accredited Schools Online. The curriculum for this online degree is founded on Catholic theology and strictly guided by the National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons. Brescia’s bachelor of arts in theology program emphasizes pastoral studies. This college offers flexible schedule choices, such as expedited and slower-paced degree programs. Online theology students at Brescia University often finish their degrees in two years.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

9.Apex School of Theology


8 points
Student body: 770
Payment: $5,000′

Apex School of Theology, which was established in 1995, is a very cost-effective choice for earning an online degree in Christian studies. The admissions procedure at this college makes sure that all applicants are committed to pursuing future careers in Christ-centered leadership. The biblical languages, the creation of the Bible, church history, and a variety of electives are just a few of the subjects covered in Apex’s online bachelor’s in theology program. In addition to its academic program, ASOT emphasizes the value of forging a solid moral foundation.10 Best Deals in Online Theology and Christian Studies Degrees

10.Holy Apostles College and Seminary


8 points
Student body: 378
$7,750 for tuition

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is a prestigious college that grants Catholic theology degrees both on-campus and online. Its objective is to “cultivate lay, consecrated, and ordained Catholic leaders for the cause of evangelization.” The bachelor of arts in theology at Holy Apostles offers a comprehensive education in biblical studies, theological research and writing, evangelizing, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. With tuition that is 72% less expensive than the national average for private colleges, this college and seminary is renowned for being a great value and a top choice for online theology and Christian studies degrees.

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