20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges
20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges
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Best Deals on Small Art Colleges;-For the purpose of compiling this ranking of the 20 best deals on small colleges for budding artists, we looked for small art colleges that offered a wealth of opportunities and had net prices that were lower than those of comparable institutions of this size and focus. Scholarship availability, faculty and student diversity, advanced fine arts learning environments, a progressive curriculum, opportunities for international exchange, experiential learning, frequent exhibition opportunities, degree track flexibility, and any other unique features that improve the small arts college experience were all factors considered when determining points.

The 20 best art colleges, which are highlighted below, received the highest scores among institutions with a maximum enrolment of 6,000 students and a net price of $31,000 USD or less, according to College Navigator. Schools are listed here in the order in which they placed in our ranking; in the event of a tie,

20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

1.Colby College

Waterville, Maine

14 points
Student body: 1,847

Total cost: $18,447

A tiny, diversified liberal arts college providing an engaging BFA degree choice is Colby College, which is situated in picturesque central Maine. The studio and art history courses that make up the fine arts department’s curriculum are all intended to develop artists become critical thinkers. The Colby College Museum of Art, a cultural center that supports both student artists and the local community, is one of the campus’ highlights. Students are encouraged to work on independent research projects right away in order to present them at a symposium that is open to the entire institution.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges


2.Bard College

Annandale-On-Hudson, New York

14 points
Student body: 2,469
$25,275 in net price

Newsweek and the Princeton Review regularly list Bard College as one of the top liberal arts colleges. Although Bard’s main campus is 90 miles north of New York City in a small town, it has a vast learning network that is expanding both domestically and internationally. Before beginning their specialized studies, all first-year students must complete the Language and Thinking Program, First-Year Seminar, and Citizen Science. Art history, film and electronic arts, several studio art disciplines, and photography are among the BA degrees offered by this college’s art department.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

3.Montserrat College of Art

Beverly, Massachusetts

13 aPoints
Students: 402
$25141 as the final cost

Near Boston, Massachusetts, Montserrat College of Art is a visual arts college that develops its BFA students into disciplined career artists. Technical skill improvement, intellectual awareness, and a critical appreciation of art theory are all combined in this college’s curriculum. Animation, book art, graphic design, interactive media, printing, and other BFA degrees are offered at this institution. Additionally, Montserrat provides study abroad opportunities in fascinating nations like Japan, Spain, and Italy.

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4.Laguna College of Art and Design

Laguna Beach, California

12 points
Student body: 566
Total cost: $26,980

Private fine arts school Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) is situated in California on a stunning site next to the ocean. This is a college dedicated to strict admission requirements for personalised instruction, with a total enrollment of under 600 students. Since leading gaming firms like Walt Disney Animation and Microsoft often hire alumni, a BFA from LCAD has shown to be very marketable for graphic and game arts. Additionally, Nike executives have stated publicly that LCAD is “one of the top four design schools in the world.” a good selection of West Coast private art schools.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

5.Emory and Henry College

Emory, Virginia

11 points
Student body: 1,038
$18,661 in total.

Emory & Henry College, which is situated on 335 acres in the Appalachian Highlands of Southwest Virginia, offers a wide range of cost-effective BA programs in fine arts. The Woodrow W. McGlothlin Center for the Arts has undergone a substantial enlargement, which has only increased the learning facilities at this college. Fine arts students will enjoy new gallery exhibition options, cross-disciplinary arts education, and enhanced instructional facilities in this cutting-edge building for their best development. Through a number of need-based financial aid programs and merit-based scholarships, Emory and Henry College further expands the accessibility of acquiring a BA. The most common gratifying careers for graduates of this college are in graphic design, art instruction, photography, and other fields.

6.Otterbein University

Westerville, Ohio

11 points
Student body: 2,791
Total cost: $26,200

For aspiring artists looking for a well-rounded degree in both fine arts and arts administration, Otterbein University, situated on a rural campus in Ohio, is a fantastic choice. This college has been able to offer internship and community service opportunities that help to enrich the BFA degree experience because of its close proximity to the city of Columbus. Three art galleries, roomy studio spaces, a wealth of tools for multimedia design, and many other amenities are all located in the freshly refurbished Art and Communication Building, which is ideal for the developing art student.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

7.Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

Old Lyme, Connecticut

11 points
Students: 80
Total cost: $26,998

The exclusive Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts was established in 1976 and has an enrollment of no more than 80 students on average. As a result of its merger with the University of New Haven, which became its sixth associated college, the Academy’s arts resources were increased in 2014. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, Lyme Academy grants BFA degrees in art-related fields like painting, sculpture, illustration, and drawing. This close-knit artistic community offers a wholly individualized learning setting where one can hone their artistic abilities. 96% of BFA students receive financial aid in the form of federal, scholarships, grants, or awards based on merit. Among New England’s smaller art schools, an intriguing choice.

 8.Alfred University

Alfred, New York

10 points
Student body: 2,310
Total cost: $20,306

The School of Arts and Sciences at Alfred University has continuously been regarded as one of the top BFA options for those interested in the arts. It is situated in the picturesque foothills of western New York’s Finger Lakes region. Fine art mediums covered by the university’s qa include sculpture, expanded media, painting, photography, ceramic art, and drawing. Modern galleries and facilities, a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, and a large variety of fine arts student organizations are all found on the campus of Alfred University, which fosters extracurricular innovation. More than 98% of new students receive financial aid, further establishing this arts college as a cost-effective BFA option.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

9.Flagler College

 St. Augustine, Florida

10 points
Student body: 2,782
Total cost: $21,914

Flagler College takes pride in transforming its fine arts students into well-rounded career artists by providing cutting-edge facilities and a rigorous academic program. Graphic design, fine art, and art history are all offered as BA specializations. The highly competitive BFA program is open to BA students who want to pursue a more challenging and competitive degree path. On the Flagler campus, there is a beautiful gallery where both student artwork and the work of visiting well-known artists is frequently displayed. This college has a strong commitment to the neighborhood, presenting a huge number of vibrantly cultural public activities.

10.Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas City, Missouri

10 points
Students: 660
Total cost: $28,098

Missouri’s renowned and extremely selective private art institution, Kansas City Art Institute, is well situated in the city’s cultural district. A rigorous curriculum is followed by BFA students in a variety of areas, including animation, interactive arts, ceramics, filmmaking, art history, graphic design, and more. For artists looking to improve their skills, KCAI provides a variety of internship and extra credit possibilities. Additionally, this college offers substantial career planning aid to help prepare students majoring in fine art for life after graduation.

11.Maine College of Art

Portland, Maine

10 points
Student body: 459
Total cost: $28,997

Maine College of Art, which was founded in 1882 and is located in the heart of Portland’s arts district, offers an affordable BFA/MFA program. A wide selection of art degrees are available to incoming students, but they must first establish their fundamental artistic skills. Digital media, graphic design, drawing, jewelry, painting, photography, and fashion are a few of these employable majors. This modest art institution has established an agreement that grants open access to resources in four other local colleges in addition to its own campus amenities.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

12.Reinhardt University

St. Waleska, Georgia

9 points
Student body: 1,422
Net Cost: $17,934

A solid, structured foundation for the artist’s creativity is implemented through the BFA program at Reinhardt University. The small student body at Reinhardt, which is located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, benefits from both the tranquil countryside and the bustle of the adjacent city’s arts scene. Both fine art and digital art are available as BFA degrees at RU. Both of these programs provide specialties in areas like digital art, photography, print media, web design, sculpture, and ceramics. With a $41.5 endowment at the moment, the university can provide considerable financial aid to new students from all backgrounds.

13.Memphis College of Art

Memphis, Tennessee

9 points
Student body: 1,288
Net Cost: $19,123.

Memphis College of Art is a visual arts college in Tennessee that takes pride in its small-group, personalised instruction. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1 and an average class size of 17, MCA may implement this strategy. With cutting-edge fine arts facilities and a diversified faculty of internationally renowned artists, 92% of the teaching members at this private art academy hold terminal degrees in their fields. MCA offers further training in entrepreneurship, communication, networking, and self-promotion to help prospective artists with their careers.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

14.Knox College

Galesburg, Illinois

9 points
Student body: 1,399
Total cost: $23,642]

Students looking for a semester system that enables more focused study should consider Knox College in rural Illinois. This college uses a three-semester calendar, each with just three courses. A wide range of majors in the visual arts are accessible to students at Knox, including ceramics, printing, sculpture, painting, and photography. Additional classes in drawing, design, and other media are available to student artists. Each year, Knox College raises about $350,000, some of which is used to support individual fine arts programs.

15.Columbus College of Art and Design

Columbus, Ohio

9 points
Student body: 1,288
$25,945 in net price

The prominent fine arts college Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio, founded in 1879, is ideal for aspirant BFA students seeking a more metropolitan educational environment. CCAD is certain to offer a place for artists of practically any discipline, whether it be animation, photography, or interior design. The renowned Columbus Museum of Art is nearby, giving this institution additional visibility and motivation. The extremely selective, project-based MFA degree that this college offers is one of its most esteemed offerings and offers aspiring fine artists a really personalised opportunity.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

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16.Endicott College

Beverly, Massachusetts

Nine points
1,288 students.
$25,945 in total.

Ohio’s famed Columbus College of Art and Design, established in 1879, is the ideal institution for aspirant BFA students seeking a more metropolitan educational environment. CCAD is certain to provide a place for artists of practically every discipline, from interior design to photography to animation. For additional exposure and motivation, this institution is close to the renowned Columbus Museum of Art. This college is renowned for its extremely selective, project-based MFA degree, which provides advancing fine artists with a wholly unique and personalized experience.

17.Oregon College of Art and Craft

Portland, Oregon

8 points
Student body: 174
Total cost: $23,829

With a position in one of the most forward-thinking towns in the United States, Oregon College of Art and Craft is a highly selective institution among prestigious arts colleges. With fewer than 200 students enrolled overall, this unique mentor-based fine arts learning environment fosters one’s artistic abilities. A wide range of BFA possibilities are available at this college, including those in book arts, ceramics, drawing, painting, fiber art, metalworking, photography, woodworking, and more. Its faculty’s diversity of skills enables the best possible cross-disciplinary arts education. Additionally, OCAC’s recent graduates have an amazing 82% employment rate in the arts.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

18.Talladega College

Talladega, Alabama

7 points
Registration: 879
Total cost: $9,332

Talladega College is the oldest private historically black college, and it is situated on a charming, rural campus in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Alabama. The painting, pottery, and graphic arts BA degree options offered by this institution’s fine arts program. Due to its small student body and diverse faculty, Talladega College students benefit from mentor-based and cross-cultural learning. Ninety-eight percent of full-time students at Talladega receive financial aid, need-based scholarships, grants, loans, or participate in work-study programs, making it one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges in the country.

19.Art Academy of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

7 points
Student body: 209
$17,683 in total.

The Art Academy of Cincinnati, a reasonably priced art school with a small but active creative community, is situated in the center of the city. Students pursuing a BFA can specialize in design, drawing, illustration, painting, print media, photography, sculpture, and more. At this university, BFA graduates seeking an MFA can obtain their master’s degree in arts education. The Art Academy of Cincinnati takes pride in transforming its fine art students into cutting-edge, career artists.20 Best Deals on Small Art Colleges

20.Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

7 points
Student body: 622
Total cost: $23,707

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Wisconsin, which is located in the city’s artistic third ward, takes a systematic, laser-focused approach to postsecondary education in the fine arts. Before focusing on their particular major, all students must finish two levels of basic and cross-disciplinary courses. Communication design, illustration, interior architecture, and studio art mediums are among the fine arts degrees offered at MIAD. This college has connections with well-known cultural organizations like Discovery World Museum, where students can view exhibits and take advantage of other opportunities. The Institute stands out among Midwest private art colleges for students seeking a small-school atmosphere.

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